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App Outstrips Telephone
App Outstrips Telephone

For the first time NCDV saw the number of app referrals overtake traditional referrals via the telephone during March.

Referrals by the app which is available on the iphone, Android and Windows phones have been increasing every month since its release in 2012 but never has NCDV seen the number outstrip the normal telephone referral channel.

Mark Groves Head of Operations said ” The police are the biggest user of our app with many forces now utilizing the technology through tablets and smartphones. To make a referral through the app is easier and faster than making a call to us.”

Mark further said “Time is extremely valuable and if an agency can find a faster way to communicate it is clearly more cost effective and with budgets being slashed it makes sense.”


Last year the app won the Mobile Innovations award and The Global Excellence award.