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Don’t take our word on how good we are…. “This is the single most impactive step forward in the protection of victims of domestic violence and their families. The speed at which orders can be secured, orders which are fair, necessary and proportionate, is unrivalled. These orders are the difference between a victim believing the police can help them, and knowing that not only can the police provide immediate response, NCDV will provide a professional, fair, and qualified service to protect our most vulnerable members of society. Thank you!”

Sussex Police

NCDV work with many police forces and agencies around the country.

We are proud to offer assistance to agencies that can no longer support a legal department of their own and to provide the police with civil protection information.

We have an extremely fast referral system. www.referdirect.org.uk

The National Centre for Domestic Violence is not funded by the government.

We create our own income.

We use our income to provide free legal support to help victims of domestic violence and abuse.

We only have one objective; to help obtain civil orders – Non Molestation Orders, Occupation Orders and Prohibited Steps Orders.

Orders that protect the vulnerable victims in society.

We are used by the police, by councils, by agencies, by IDVAs, by housing associations, the NHS and many others.

We train law students to be McKenzie Friends as part of their degree courses.

We train the police and agencies on civil orders.

We invented and run the only nationwide injunction database for the police. www.ASSIST.uk.net

We provide access to injunctions for protection within 24 hours.

We get one-third of all the injunctions granted in the UK.

We do all the above for free. We have never and we will never charge a victim to get protection from the vicious abuser.

If the law can help, NCDV can help. Civil injunctions help give power back to the abused and help them say “NO”.