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    NameOrganisationContentRatingDate Submitted
    Ugochukwu Prince Emeka-ChiemenemBirmingham Children's Trust
    Ugochukwu Prince Emeka-Chiemenem Rating: 5
    Speedy, informative and always willing to assist.
    10th June 2024
    Peter JonesDevon & Cornwall Police
    Peter Jones Rating: 5
    The referral process was so simple, a delight in comparison to many others. I have had a really fast response letting me know where things are up to. The client has been contacted and initial paperwork completed in under 24 hours. From my point of view, a really good service. The client has had a great service which I hope will increase her confidence and empower her. All of my colleagues who have used NCDV have only good things to say about the service. Please keep going.
    10th June 2024
    Angeline WrightCastle Hill Community Primary School
    Angeline Wright Rating: 5
    My first ever contact with NCDV in supporting a vulnerable family seeking help. As a referrer, I was myself rather anxious. The service that was delivered however has been impeccable. The family felt heard and respected and as a consequence, a little safer. what a remarkable achievement. Thankyou. testimony I received has left me speechless, it was
    10th June 2024
    PC 9251 Maypolice
    PC 9251 May Rating: 5
    Very quick and efficient
    10th June 2024
    Diane MoretonDerbyshire WISH
    Diane Moreton Rating: 5
    As a Domestic Abuse support worker I have referred to your service several times and you never fail to impress me. You contact people immediately when I refer them and they are always so appreciative and feel supported. Thank you so much
    10th June 2024
    Jolanta UlanskaGDASS
    Jolanta Ulanska Rating: 5
    Great communication and very quick service. Highly recommend
    10th June 2024
    Julian CadwalladerDorset Police
    Julian Cadwallader Rating: 5
    Fantastic support and updates throughout the process. Really is a great service that is being provided to the some of most vulnerable people in our society.
    29th May 2024
    Raffaella ProuetRefuge
    Raffaella Prouet Rating: 5
    This is a great service that deals with queries efficiently and professionally. The staff is also approachable and very helpful. Thank you for the support you provide to survivors of domestic abuse.
    29th May 2024
    Lisa NewensThe Bureau
    Lisa Newens Rating: 5
    Amazing service- very quick for the client! Regular updates from the service too which is really helpful. Thank you
    29th May 2024
    PC HILLHumberside Police
    PC HILL Rating: 5
    NCDV are a 5 star service protecting some very vulnerable people. It is a very speedy service from start to finish. I have received several emails about how the referral was progressing which included an outcome for the victim at court.
    29th May 2024
    2670 ryannorthumbria police
    2670 ryan Rating: 5
    Very quick and easy service
    29th May 2024
    N.Csuffolk rape crisis
    N.C Rating: 5
    Great service- so easy to refer. Great outcomes for clients.
    29th May 2024
    Imogen AllanJuno Women's Aid
    Imogen Allan Rating: 5
    Always very quick to contact the survivors I support- thank you!
    20th May 2024
    HodgsonCumbria Constabulary
    Hodgson Rating: 5
    Vital service in the toolkit against domestic Abuse. I can have confidence when advising and directing a potential victim to NCDV. well done and keep up the good work. 👌
    20th May 2024
    Priscilla MgutshiniMarie stopeschoices
    Priscilla Mgutshini Rating: 5
    Very informative !
    20th May 2024
    Sharon Rating: 5
    Excellent service, very helpful and understanding.
    20th May 2024
    Asif Ali Ali ShahVictim
    Asif Ali Ali Shah Rating: 5
    They were absolutely brilliant in helping me structure my thoughts and get it down on paper. I felt so supported and actually that someone was listening and understood what I was going through.
    20th May 2024
    Sarah GYour Sanctuary
    Sarah G Rating: 5
    Excellent service. Whenever I call and ask for advice and/or updates NCDV have always been incredibly kind and helpful. Also the training that was run by Brian was great; really informative.
    20th May 2024
    PC 1210 MOFFATTWest Yorkshire Police
    PC 1210 MOFFATT Rating: 5
    NCDV referral made this morning, speedy fast replies and correspondence with the victim and officer receipts to show that progress is being made!
    3rd May 2024
    Julie LangstonNone
    Julie Langston Rating: 5
    Excellent. I am grateful to NCDV for their assistance in my case. My statement was taken, passed to a solicitor, court attending and order granted al within 4 weeks. THANK YOU.
    3rd May 2024
    Suzanne Lucinda laramanFortalice Domestic Abuse services ( Bolton)
    Suzanne Lucinda laraman Rating: 5
    Mr role is front line referral and assessment domestic abuse support practitioner. I am often the first port of call for a victim of DV. I refer into NCDV for non molestation orders on a continual basis. I find the service absolutely straightforward and time efficient to use. The service is second to none and i would recommend to any professional who is looking to minimise risk to any client.
    3rd May 2024
    PC 1248 WrightHumberside Police
    PC 1248 Wright Rating: 5
    Literally, with a few days of making a third party rereferral has the NCDV contacted the victim and involved their legal team in trying to safeguard her and obtain a non molestation order. Very efficient and victim focused.
    25th April 2024
    Adam Smith PCNorfolk Constabulary
    Adam Smith PC Rating: 5
    I have now made several referrals to NCDV, all of which have been positive experiences, referrals are made in seconds. Subsequent communication is ideal between NCDV and police; it is concise, relevant and includes all the necessary references, it may seem like a small point to raise but it does make safeguarding so streamlined. In addition, I have received positive feedback from those effected by domestic abuse who have been helped by NCDV. After making a few referrals, we arranged training with Mick which has given myself and the team a greater understanding, I can happily say that it is easy to recommend NCDV.
    25th April 2024
    PC Parkes 2445warwickshire police
    PC Parkes 2445 Rating: 5
    Very good and East
    25th April 2024
    PC Parkes 2445warwickshire police
    PC Parkes 2445 Rating: 5
    Very good and East
    25th April 2024
    PCDevon and Cornwall Police
    PC Rating: 5
    First time i have sent a request to the NCDV and found this really easy and straight forward. The speed that the case was dealt with was really impressive and feedback from the victim was positive.
    18th April 2024
    Jenny ShearsThe Next Chapter
    Jenny Shears Rating: 4
    Thank you for your very quick help with our client. The solicitor was quite abrupt with me on the phone (I am new to post and needed further information from him) but other than that it has been an excellent and very efficient service. Thank you very much.
    18th April 2024
    Amanda WATTSurrey Police
    Amanda WATT Rating: 5
    The speed in which you took on this task for a victim was impressive. The victim felt listen to and that someone was really able to help. This helped with their mental health and she felt some control over her situation. NCDV were a great support. Thank you
    18th April 2024
    Trina MealhamHome-start
    Trina Mealham Rating: 5
    Absolutely amazing service - well done! Made the referral within an hour victim had received a call and necessary arrangements made so quickly, very impressed
    18th April 2024
    Megan LathamCheshire Poilice
    Megan Latham Rating: 5
    Very quick response and kept updated throughout. Victim has informed me that she feels safer having an order put in place
    10th April 2024
    Megan BoothFortalice
    Megan Booth Rating: 5
    Thank you for your wonderful service and continued support of victims of domestic violence
    10th April 2024
    PC 662 MERCER Rating: 5
    Quick and effective service, adaptable and attentive to vulnerable victims.
    10th April 2024
    Emma JimmickAshfield District Council
    Emma Jimmick Rating: 5
    The service you provide is fantastic. I know that when I complete the very quick referral, that you will take it in hand and keep me updated. The support is essential to help make survivors and victims of domestic violence and abuse safe.
    3rd April 2024
    Ruth BourneLeicestershire County Council
    Ruth Bourne Rating: 5
    These views are mine as an individual and I am not representing views of Leicestershire County Council as an organisation. I have found NCDV support to be timely, effective and above all human. You listened to my service user, understood her experience and fears and acted quickly to put support in place. I am grateful for the professional and inclusive way that you have worked with us.
    3rd April 2024
    Stephanie SterlingSandwell Children's Trust
    Stephanie Sterling Rating: 5
    I did a referral for a parent I am supporting. NCDV contacted the parent and had arranged for solicitors to support her within the hour of making the referral. This is extremely efficient and how victims of DV should be supported. I am also being kept up to date with the progress made via email. Thank you NCDV
    3rd April 2024
    Sophie GregoryChildren's Help & Advice Team (Early Help), Herefordshire Council
    Sophie Gregory Rating: 5
    We have had a few training sessions provided from NCDV and they are really helpful and informative. I also appreciate receiving the updates on the referrals I complete.
    3rd April 2024
    Sarah HolmesMyself
    Sarah Holmes Rating: 5
    Very helpful company directed me to a solicitor and now have a court date due next week process was very fast but I finally feel like I’ve been listened to and validated
    25th March 2024
    JoshThames Valley Police
    Josh Rating: 5
    The services NCDV offer are fantastic. The process of referring a victim is quick and easy and the response to victims is fast and effective. NCDV have kept me up to date as the referring officer and the victim has had nothing but good things to say about the support she's recieved.
    25th March 2024
    PC 662 MERCER Rating: 5
    Very impressed as always. Quick and effective, very helpful in safeguarding victims. A vital, indispensable service.
    25th March 2024
    Laura BarryEarly help support worker
    Laura Barry Rating: 5
    Fast and easy referral, lots of updates.
    25th March 2024
    Julie KynastonHousing Options at Ipswich Borough Council
    Julie Kynaston Rating: 5
    Incredibly efficient service that empowers and support victims into feeling safe and secure. Thank you to all the amazing Team at NCDV.
    25th March 2024
    Stephen PEARTDurham Constabulary
    Stephen PEART Rating: 5
    Great service. At an early stage in the investigation, I rang the victim and asked if she would be interested in the NCDV referral service - which she was. Once I had dealt with the suspect in custody, I called the victim back that same day and she informed me that the NCDV team had already contacted her!. In a world of slow, laborious, legal process and red tape, this application took me less than two minutes to complete and the result was pretty much immediate. I will definitely use this service again. Thanks.
    25th March 2024
    Claudia O-BonsuSwale Borough Council
    Claudia O-Bonsu Rating: 5
    Very happy with the service I received for my client. Very easy to complete the form, very supportive and very safe.
    25th March 2024
    Susan KinnimontDWP and Achieving for Children
    Susan Kinnimont Rating: 5
    Thanks Brian....great presentation - definitely feel that a regular refresher. I have made referrals in the past by encouraging the individual to go direct via the website so they are fully aware of the support and this way they have fed back they feel empowered. If they ever need me to refer direct I will always do that if they feel they need me to and easier to move forward .
    8th March 2024
    PC Jack SullivanMet Police
    PC Jack Sullivan Rating: 5
    Firstly I like to say thank you, I was very impressed by the promptness of the NCDV in responding to the application I made on behalf of a victim of harassment, though a criminal investigation is ongoing, seeking a non molestation order immediately was necessary. Our organization had previously had an input from the NCDV and colleagues whom had referred before couldn't speak any higher of you. Highly recommend and keep you the amazing work you do to keep people safe and feeling safer
    8th March 2024
    Karina FosterComplex needs support worker
    Karina Foster Rating: 5
    Very impressed with the quick response, after completing the online application. The online application is short and simple.
    1st March 2024
    Sue LentonBlack Country Women's Aid
    Sue Lenton Rating: 5
    Very quick response to the referral made on 29/02/2024 - thank you as always.
    1st March 2024
    Sabrina Rating: 5
    The clients I have referred to your service, have been extremely thankful. You have an amazing service. Thank you for your support.
    1st March 2024
    Connor FMet Police
    Connor F Rating: 5
    A very quick and effective response. Such an easy form to make a referral for someone who needs it and the communication to the victim is amazing. I was still on scene when the victim received a call from NCDV to support them.
    23rd February 2024
    Edward John SALUSBURY-TRELAWNYBritish Transport Police
    Edward John SALUSBURY-TRELAWNY Rating: 5
    Very swift response and really good service.
    23rd February 2024
    Phil PrenticeDORSET POLICE
    Phil Prentice Rating: 5
    Outstanding at every level, having NCDV in our toolkit is invaluable when working with those who need that immediate protection. Without NCDV being there, I know that those at the greatest risk would be less protected and I cannot thank them enough for the swift response and easy to use service.
    23rd February 2024
    Cat Rating: 5
    I am absolutely astounded by the swift response from the NCDV! I referred one of my client's into the NCDV during a phone call with her; the form was so simple to complete and was done in a minute. I then received email notifications stating that my referral was made, and another explaining the process... Not 5 minutes later my client told me she was getting a call... We agreed to cut short our phone appointment so that she could answer. My client rang me back 30 minutes later, and you could hear the relief in her voice; she explained that she had spoken to someone at the NCDV and given all the information they needed; they had told my client that she would receive legal aid and that a nominated solicitor would contact her shortly to apply for a Non-Molestation order. This was the single most efficient process I have encountered (in my private and professional life!) My client has been living in fear, and knowing that she was getting the legalities in place to support her to live a normal life was quite literally life changing! We were both impressed and amazed with the response from the NCDV. Well Done NCDV! I shall forever sing your praises!
    23rd February 2024
    Jas BachuOrbit Housing
    Jas Bachu Rating: 5
    Excellent and efficient service for victims
    23rd February 2024
    DC WilliamsMerseyside Police
    DC Williams Rating: 5
    Very quick process helping a person in need put in place a Non-Molestation Order. Very impressed, thank you.
    14th February 2024
    Sarby LakhaniSlough Children First Early Help
    Sarby Lakhani Rating: 5
    Excellent. Response to referral and updates are prompt and provide information about each step of the process. Really impressed.
    14th February 2024
    Timothy CORNSMet Police
    Timothy CORNS Rating: 5
    Always helpful and I knbow itr is very valued by the victim's who we put through to your service. As an Officer working in domestcic violence this is an invaluable resource.
    12th February 2024
    lorraine suttonCharity
    lorraine sutton Rating: 5
    excellent service. supports victim and takes a lot of pressure of the V in a time of confusion and fear.
    12th February 2024
    PC Marcello Rocha (3707)Northumbria Police
    PC Marcello Rocha (3707) Rating: 5
    Excellent service provided by NCDV. In this instance, the victim was a lonely elderly female, who was coerced by an offender, promising her companionship but was ultimately exploiting her for economical and financial reasons. This speedy and professional service was crucial in seeking out an injunction/non molestation order to protect the victim from further harm. As a consequence, there are now conditions in place, that will allow the police to swiftly act, should the offender breach them. NCDV provided a crucial service and cannot be thanked enough. Highly recommended.
    12th February 2024
    Jon BennettGuardi Southwest
    Jon Bennett Rating: 5
    NCDV have provided an exceptionally fast service on a referral I made. The victim is now able to get her life back on track knowing she is now safe with support in place.
    12th February 2024
    Christina ColettiJuno Women's Aid
    Christina Coletti Rating: 5
    Amazingly quick service. Cant recommend enough!
    12th February 2024
    PC 21209 MORGAN Rating: 5
    Brilliant service once again, Cannot praise you enough.
    12th February 2024
    Chris harrissNCDV
    Chris harriss Rating: 5
    So far I’m happy with everything. Over the past year no one has cared about what I’ve been though, not even the police when I was begging for help so it’s been nice for people to actually want to listen to me. The only hiccup I’ve had in life and the only time in my life I’ve needed help and NCDV have listened and trying to help as much as they can. Thank you.
    12th February 2024
    Keith HollandMetropolitan police
    Keith Holland Rating: 5
    I used the app for the first time yesterday to make a referral to your organization. I was very impressed how easy it was to use and the updates which I received on how the process was going. I was pleased to get the updates and will use it in the future.
    12th February 2024
    PC 4546 JAMIESONNottinghamshire Police
    PC 4546 JAMIESON Rating: 5
    I have always used NCDV when dealing with victims of domestic abuse. Often taking the first step for them by using the referral system. NCDV usually contact them the same day or day after and I always receive updates on the progress of the case. Thank you NCDV.
    25th January 2024
    Joshua HowdenAvon and Somerset Police
    Joshua Howden Rating: 5
    Attended an incident this morning, NCDV made quick contact to the victim and have already sourced a solicitor. Fantastic work for the victim, another great service, thank you.
    25th January 2024
    Natalee Johnson Rating: 5
    I have made a few referrals to NCDV after my free training session. The training was very informative and has been extremely useful in my job role. NCDV are always extremely helpful & supportive with an immense amount of knowledge and advice. A 5 star service as always... Thank you NCDV 🙂
    19th January 2024
    Elizabeth PrescottSouth Liverpool Domestic Abuse Services
    Elizabeth Prescott Rating: 5
    19th January 2024
    kendra PickeringFamily Solutions Team
    kendra Pickering Rating: 5
    This service has been invaluable to my client. The service is fantastic, has communicated brilliantly throughout and has been of the upmost support for my client
    19th January 2024
    PC 600 PUGSLEYNottinghamshire Police
    PC 600 PUGSLEY Rating: 5
    This is a brilliant way to safeguard victims - NCDV are a great asset to the Police and are quick to act to prevent harm to victims of DV.
    5th January 2024
    JULIA OWENfortalice
    JULIA OWEN Rating: 5
    Super fast response for a non molestation referral, good at giving update to where the application is up too and giving vulnerable women peace of mind
    28th December 2023
    Andrew ThomsonDorset Police
    Andrew Thomson Rating: 5
    I have referred many people to the NCDV and I have been hugely impressed with the speed and efficiency of the service they provide. The NCDV app makes referring clients incredibly easy and time efficient. I cannot rate them highly enough for the work they do assisting vulnerable victims of domestic abuse.
    28th December 2023
    Dawn HolmesNot an organisation
    Dawn Holmes Rating: 5
    Very quick professional service
    28th December 2023
    Ammarah PeerbhaiP3 Charity
    Ammarah Peerbhai Rating: 5
    Thank you for the updates that you send out concerning referrals - they're very helpful and reassuring. Thank you also for how quickly you put things into place - it's very impressive!
    28th December 2023
    Simon WilcoxDorset Police
    Simon Wilcox Rating: 5
    An excellent service. Very quick at getting back to you and brilliant at keeping you updated. keep up the good work !!
    22nd December 2023
    Nicky RodbourneSouth Yorkshire Police
    Nicky Rodbourne Rating: 5
    Thus service is exceptional for the victim's of DV with the response being so quickly puts the victim's at ease and makes them feel safe. I can't praise you enough I shall continue to refer victim's to you due to the fabulous level of service you provide Thank you so much Nicky
    19th December 2023
    Caroline ORCHARD Rating: 5
    A great service for the victims of DA because sometimes they dont want to go down the criminal route thank you
    19th December 2023
    CharliePause, Wiltshire Council
    Charlie Rating: 5
    We recently used the NCDV to obtain a non-molestation order for a client and they were incredible. They were incredibly easy to use, were flexible with the needs of the client and very accommodating. They were compassionate, kind and understanding and made the client feel very supported, heard and at ease. The process was very fast and the NCDV team kept us well informed and up to date. Choosing to get a non-molestation order is difficult and takes a long a difficult road to get to that decision and the service NCDV provides makes the process that much easier. Thank you
    19th December 2023
    Ann-Marie DawsonNorthumbria Police
    Ann-Marie Dawson Rating: 5
    This is an excellent service. NCDV respond extremely quickly and keep me fully updated with the referrals that I submit for clients. The referral process is very quick and simple to complete.
    19th December 2023
    Joanne HoldsworthWest Yorkshire Police
    Joanne Holdsworth Rating: 5
    Prompt efficient service. Positive feedback always received from victims. Good advice given to the the victim applicant and regular, prompt feedback sent to myself.
    19th December 2023
    PC 2864 Mohammed MalikCleveland Police
    PC 2864 Mohammed Malik Rating: 5
    An excellent service provided as staff had kept me up to date in relation to the submission I put forward. A fabulous and vital service in helping victims of Domestic Incidents. Keep up the excellent work team.
    6th December 2023
    Sue DonovanNext Link
    Sue Donovan Rating: 5
    NCDV have always been responsive and professional and deal well with 'ditherers' - people who are anxious or frightened about putting an order in place. I've found NCDV to be patient and thorough with clients and a great resource for accessing information for professionals. Thank you NCDV.
    6th December 2023
    Donna Rating: 4
    I have always found your Service's response quick and courteous. I have always been kept updated with all my referrals. Thankyou
    6th December 2023
    Samantha MuirheadOldham Council
    Samantha Muirhead Rating: 5
    I recently referred a lady that I am supporting for help with a Non Molestation order. The case was dealt with really quickly and the order is now in place. the lady phoned me to tell me how happy she was with the service. She felt that everything happened really quickly and she was kept up to date with updates - she never had to chase for an update. Everyone she spoke to was really professional and friendly and she is much happier now and feels able to relax a little knowing she has some protection. As a professional, I also feel that I was kept up to date at every step. this is an extremely professional and efficient service and your work really does make a difference to peoples lives, thank you.
    6th December 2023
    Pc Emsden 1491HERTS POLICE
    Pc Emsden 1491 Rating: 5
    excellent speed of service, calling the victim within 24 hours of the referral, and already solicitors have been arranged for a non-molestation hearing. This has enabled a vulnerable victim of domestic abuse to be safeguarded as quick as possible
    6th December 2023
    Bridget TrevettRutland County Council - Children and Family Services RAIS
    Bridget Trevett Rating: 5
    NCDV are an excellent organisation and very proactive. From making my referral at 9am they has contact the person to discuss and support, completed all paperwork and sent this out to solicitor to make application for a non-molestation order by 1pm. This is all free. I highly recommend and value their support around domestic abuse. Thank you for everything you do.
    27th November 2023
    Josie Rating: 5
    Amazingly quick service from the start! Every phone call and email was done within hours of applying. I was given an emergency court hearing just 4 days later!
    27th November 2023
    Ruby GahanEngage Leeds
    Ruby Gahan Rating: 5
    Thank you for running such a quick and easy service. It's brought a lot of relief to the person I support.
    27th November 2023
    Michelle BoltonBasildon Council
    Michelle Bolton Rating: 5
    I find the referral process so quick and easy to do. The feedback regarding the referral is amazing and the whole process is rapid which is extremely beneficial for the client.
    13th November 2023
    Susan LindoHestia
    Susan Lindo Rating: 5
    The service is always professional and prompt. I have referred many satisfied service users. Highly recommended.
    13th November 2023
    Rhian LewisWandsworth Borough Council/ Domestic Abuse Practitioner
    Rhian Lewis Rating: 5
    Thanks so much for a speedy response.
    27th October 2023
    PC 2966 SKELTONHumberside Police
    PC 2966 SKELTON Rating: 5
    Prompt and efficient. Very grateful for the updates.
    18th October 2023
    Vicky BreakspearWest Berkshire Council
    Vicky Breakspear Rating: 5
    Very impressed at how promptly the referral was acknowledged, the client was contacted and details sent on to the solicitor to be able to apply for a Non-Molestation Order.
    18th October 2023
    DC TimmsMet Police
    DC Timms Rating: 5
    Prompt effective service to assist with the protection of victims of domestic abuse. Thank you for your kind help as ever.
    13th October 2023
    Michelle WheelerNIDAS
    Michelle Wheeler Rating: 5
    Extremely efficient service. It is also great to be notified where along the process the applications are, which is reasurring.
    13th October 2023
    Amanda PattersonAvon and Somerset Constabulary
    Amanda Patterson Rating: 5
    The referral form is quick and simple to complete and the response time is excellent.
    13th October 2023
    Rachel PriestleyBLGBT Centre
    Rachel Priestley Rating: 5
    Smooth process reassuring for the client
    13th October 2023
    Thelma TimothyBirmingham and Solihull Women's Aid
    Thelma Timothy Rating: 5
    Excellent Service. Very efficient and quick service for women. Referrer updated regularly.
    13th October 2023
    Joe WarnerKent Police
    Joe Warner Rating: 5
    I am incredibly impressed with how quickly I have been kept updated with the progress made on the referral I made thus far and equally happy that the last email I received promised further updates as the referral/case progresses. Thank you for all your hard work team!
    13th October 2023
    Simon WardleNorthumbria Police
    Simon Wardle Rating: 5
    Outstanding service - Presentation given by Julie Gatie was brilliant and very informative.
    5th October 2023
    PC 1831 BalogNorthumbria Police
    PC 1831 Balog Rating: 5
    This is a great service for victims of dv. Sometimes there is little to no evidence for police to charge however this service can give victims a different way of leaving a relationship and starting a new life. Thank you
    5th October 2023
    Tracey PriestnallHMP Peterborough
    Tracey Priestnall Rating: 5
    From start to finish was supported and made to feel validated, everyone we spoke with was friendly and empathetic towards us. Was a quick and easy process that has helped us feel safe.
    5th October 2023
    Ben Rating: 4
    As a police officer the service NCDV provides for victims can supplement that of the CJS and provides a fast and fantastic service to help protect and strengthen victims of domestic abuse.
    27th September 2023
    JurgaSERICC Rape Crisis
    Jurga Rating: 5
    Very helpful, friendly, quick service and always provides information when needed. Thank you for supporting other agencies.
    27th September 2023
    jonathan kirkhamdorset police
    jonathan kirkham Rating: 5
    as always a steller service and thankyou for your help when working with us to keep people safe
    27th September 2023
    Ivonna PaganuzziClarion Housing
    Ivonna Paganuzzi Rating: 5
    Very quick service and it is good to receive updates on a case.
    27th September 2023
    PC Ryan SCOTTThames Valley Police
    PC Ryan SCOTT Rating: 5
    Effortless and seamless service, which is especially important in these cases where victims are already anxious and distressed. An invaluable tool for keeping people safe.
    27th September 2023
    Emily faganGloucestershire Constabulary
    Emily fagan Rating: 5
    The work NCDV do is absolutely amazing! I referred a victim to their services and within a space of 2 hours I was informed that there had been a solicitor arranged and a court to hear their application for a Non-Molestation order. This gave my victim a lot of re-assurance and added support where I couldn't. I would highly recommend the NCDV to anyone and have informed my colleagues of the amazing work they do.
    27th September 2023
    gemma wookeySouth Bristol Childrens centre
    gemma wookey Rating: 5
    yet again a quick response to referral.. An amazing service which is so valuable to the clients we work with.
    27th September 2023
    Felicia SmithHestia Housing and Support
    Felicia Smith Rating: 4
    I have found NCDV to be quite helpful and supportive once I got through. It would be a much better service if there was more provision for clients who do not speak English as an additional language. Having to arrange a separate interpreter and arranging a 4-way call, was challenging.
    27th September 2023
    Stephen HiltonKent Police
    Stephen Hilton Rating: 5
    Quick response, regular feedback and good communication. Victim ultimately has been safeguarded with quick actions of NCDV charity. Thanks again for processing the non molestation so quickly.
    27th September 2023
    Laura MillsMPS
    Laura Mills Rating: 5
    Quick and effective service providing updates throughout the process. This is really necessary when supporting victims of domestic violence.
    27th September 2023
    R BSurrey Police
    R B Rating: 5
    Incredible service, the turn around time since making the third party referral have been nothing short of brilliant. I have been kept up to date throughout the process. The applicant I made the referral on behalf of is also very pleased with the service. This kind of work changes lives for the better. Keep up the great work.
    27th September 2023
    Jayne BaskervilleBreathing Space
    Jayne Baskerville Rating: 4
    Prompt contact with victim following referral Lots of useful information about Domestic Abuse availlable to share with parent to help her recognise that she is a victim of Domestic Abuse Helpful to be getting updates
    27th September 2023
    Jayne BaskervilleBreathing Space
    Jayne Baskerville Rating: 4
    Prompt contact with victim following referral Lots of useful information about Domestic Abuse availlable to share with parent to help her recognise that she is a victim of Domestic Abuse Helpful to be getting updates
    25th August 2023
    Jasmin ShreeveDA Practitioner Swindon Borough Council
    Jasmin Shreeve Rating: 5
    Very quick and regularly kept updated! This has been invaluable to ensuring our victim is provided with something to re-assure her safety (and children) and steps to penalise her perpetrator.
    22nd August 2023
    eddie bullenWest Midlands Police
    eddie bullen Rating: 5
    Brilliant Service
    22nd August 2023
    leanne taylorPSS
    leanne taylor Rating: 5
    Very easy to use and secured a Non Molestation order for the person that I referred.
    22nd August 2023
    Nicholas TremblinWiltshire Police
    Nicholas Tremblin Rating: 5
    I was very impressed with the rapid response regarding my referral. Also pleased with the updates I have received
    22nd August 2023
    Pete BainbridgeNorthumbria Police
    Pete Bainbridge Rating: 5
    Outstanding level of service. I have submitted several referrals over the past 12 months and have been updated throughout each one. I have spoke to victim and they have nothing but praise for the service they have received from yourselves.
    22nd August 2023
    Keith YoungThe Maple Team, Dorset Police
    Keith Young Rating: 5
    I've recently dealt with a male victim of DA who has so far spent over £90k in legal fees defending false allegations his Ex Partner has made at Family Court Hearings in order to formalise Child Contact arrangements. He's previously been assaulted by his Ex Partner who has now made further allegations which have both intimidated him and caused him a great deal of distress and worry. He is so grateful for the support he's received from yourselves in supporting him with an application for a NMO - particularly with the speed at which this is being done.
    22nd August 2023
    Wendy Harding-mannAnglia Care Trust
    Wendy Harding-mann Rating: 5
    Very good service, fast and efficient, always kept updated. Very helpful over the phone and email
    22nd August 2023
    DC DONNA EMILE Rating: 5
    Great response and work as usual
    22nd August 2023
    Sarah RileyDomestic violence
    Sarah Riley Rating: 5
    Excellent service
    22nd August 2023
    PC 3771 ParrisNorthumbria police
    PC 3771 Parris Rating: 5
    Great service. Staff work extremely quickly and efficiently to help protect victims when police have no further powers to assist. Great at keeping officers up to date on the progress of any applications. A very helpful tool in safeguarding victims of domestic abuse.
    22nd August 2023
    Sarah YoungIDVA Cambridgeshire County Council
    Sarah Young Rating: 5
    I always find the service from NCDV excellent, very quick at contacting clients and working through the NMO process
    22nd August 2023
    Imogen BrennanStop Domestic Abuse
    Imogen Brennan Rating: 5
    Amazing service! So helpful and quick my client found the whole experience great, thank you to the whole team!
    22nd August 2023
    Livia de AguiarN/a
    Livia de Aguiar Rating: 5
    Very fast and efficient. Amazing support on such a hard time
    22nd August 2023
    Joshua WrightEssex Police
    Joshua Wright Rating: 5
    Following attending a report of a DV harassment. The victim was very distressed by the incident and wanted to avoid police involvement, but due to the incident escalating, they felt they had no choice but to call police. Whilst on scene, the victim was given advice around placing a referral through NCDV. The referral was done this morning, and within a few hours I have had a number of responses updating me on the progress. From start to finish, I have been fully updated and the case is already being progressed, so i cannot rate the service any higher. From a police officers perspective, but also for victims as it can provide them with safeguarding and reassurance.
    7th August 2023
    M Rating: 5
    Excellent got my injuction
    4th August 2023
    Christopher WoodwardBedfordshire Police
    Christopher Woodward Rating: 5
    This is the first time using this service and i feel the response was very fast and i appreciate this as i feel that the victim will really benefit from this referral.
    4th August 2023
    eddie bullenWest Midlands Police
    eddie bullen Rating: 5
    Brilliant Service
    4th August 2023
    sue sladesafe to speak
    sue slade Rating: 5
    Excellent Service Prompt Service Just Excellent Thank you
    31st July 2023
    Andy THOMSONDorset Police
    Andy THOMSON Rating: 5
    I have to say the service and efficiency of the NCDV are second to none, add to this that you have the best app, makes making referrals so simple. I wish more organisations made it so simple to refer
    31st July 2023
    Andy THOMSONDorset Police
    Andy THOMSON Rating: 5
    I have to say the service and efficiency of the NCDV are second to none, add to this that you have the best app, makes making referrals so simple. I wish more organisations made it so simple to refer
    31st July 2023
    Andy THOMSONDorset Police
    Andy THOMSON Rating: 5
    I have to say the service and efficiency of the NCDV are second to none, add to this that you have the best app, makes making referrals so simple. I wish more organisations made it so simple to refer
    31st July 2023
    Oliver LindsayCumbria Police
    Oliver Lindsay Rating: 5
    Quick response and great support provided for the complainant.
    31st July 2023
    Oliver LindsayCumbria Police
    Oliver Lindsay Rating: 5
    Quick response and great support provided for the complainant.
    31st July 2023
    Jane OBrienNorthamptonshire domeatic abuse service
    Jane OBrien Rating: 5
    Excellent service, website is so informative, easy to use and referrals are dealt with speedily and efficiently
    31st July 2023
    Bertha GyameaHestia Housing and Support
    Bertha Gyamea Rating: 5
    The process of referral was very simple and straightforward, which makes my job easier. Client received a call back almost immediately and I have received update of the progress of the case. Client is very happy and I'm super excited about how fast things are going.
    31st July 2023
    Theresa WhitePersonal
    Theresa White Rating: 5
    At a time when I felt desperate with nowhere to turn NCDV helped me beyond anything I could imagine. They told me to tell my truth, made me feel so safe and gave me massive hope with a way forward. Now I am in such a better place and cannot thank them enough. Every one who works here understands the pain that you are going through and the support is immense. The biggest thank you to everyone who has helped me.
    31st July 2023
    Rachel DentBirmingham community Health Care trust
    Rachel Dent Rating: 5
    wow! such quick help for a vulnerable family, completely blow away by the efficiency and speed of my referral been actioned and a court date appointed. Amazing
    31st July 2023
    Annette AshbyDerbyshire Victim Services
    Annette Ashby Rating: 5
    The referral form is so quick and easy to fill out and I had a response the next day letting me know they were working with the victim to get an order. I've since had another update letting me know the paperwork was all complete and they would keep me informed. Such a good service
    31st July 2023
    Sarah YoungIDVA Cambridgeshire County Council
    Sarah Young Rating: 5
    NCDV have always been very helpful and successful in supporting my clients. This is my go-to for NMO's and I always recommend them to colleagues and clients
    7th July 2023
    Annette FrancisHastings Borough Council
    Annette Francis Rating: 5
    great service - really quick to contact client and keeping referrer informed
    4th July 2023
    Andrew PhillipsOne Housing
    Andrew Phillips Rating: 5
    Absolutely amazing service - matter referred to NCDV ay 9:56am - by 12:13pm I have been advised that solicitors have now been arranged to represent the victim and have associated a court to hear an application for a Non-Molestation order. Wow if I had blinked I would have missed this. Hence the reason I will always refer to NCDV as they provide an amazing service. Thank you so much. 😊
    4th July 2023
    JoThames Valley Police
    Jo Rating: 5
    NCDV provide an invaluable service. As a police officer I refer into NCDV often, they always contact the victim within a few hours and have injunctions in place very quickly. I always recommend this service to other colleges.
    4th July 2023
    LorraineBrigstock Family GP
    Lorraine Rating: 4
    Great service because the client was contacted the same day the referral was made. NCDV kept me update which was really helpful. The only downfall is that NCDV does not have interpreters, which is a disadvantage for other clients. However we were able to arrange a 3 way call with language line because we have access to their interpreting service.
    4th July 2023
    Mrs Si MajidCitizens Advice - Dudley and Wolverhampton
    Mrs Si Majid Rating: 5
    Excellent presentation. It was very informative and I learnt quite a lot on the service you provide and how you would support the victim of abuse. The trainer was very knowledgable and very passionate about the work she does. Excellent
    4th July 2023
    Isabel BeiboerRunnymede Family Centre
    Isabel Beiboer Rating: 5
    I was very impressed by the speed and efficiency with which the NCDV handled my referral. I have used the NCDV before and can only compliment them. It makes such a difference to know that everybody we refer is dealt with kindly and efficiently. Please keep up the excellent work!
    4th July 2023
    Helen TaylorsonKirklees children's social care
    Helen Taylorson Rating: 5
    Very impressed with the service provided by NCDV. It's a quick and easy referral form which is appreciated when I'm so busy. The email updates are useful and it's reassuring to know that mothers are getting prompt support to apply for non-molestation orders to safeguard themselves and their children
    16th June 2023
    Georgia MartinThames Valley Police
    Georgia Martin Rating: 5
    As a police officer, we can always rely on NCDV to help victims of domestic violence. I refer a lot of people to NCDV and they always go above and beyond. They are a very impressive organisation.
    16th June 2023
    HannahLocal Authority
    Hannah Rating: 5
    NCDV is one of the most efficient and communicative organisations I have referred to. Their ability to ascertain the need and implement the necessary orders, within a very short period of time is amazing. It is of such benefit to victims to have orders implemented within a quick time frame, and through a process which is straight forward and not overwhelming.
    16th June 2023
    AngelaVictim of DV
    Angela Rating: 5
    Thank you to Mandy for the support and advice given today 14/6/23. Just when I thought there was nowhere else to turn, I was provided with support and contacts of other agencies that I never knew existed to help me. Thank you
    16th June 2023
    Ayse AliGreenwich DVA Services / Housing for Women
    Ayse Ali Rating: 5
    I cannot recommend NCDV enough. Quick to respond to the client and in keeping professionals updated. Supportive of victims of domestic abuse.
    12th June 2023
    Charlie WhiteCleveland Police
    Charlie White Rating: 5
    Referring victims of domestic abuse has never been so accessible and efficient. Thanks for what you do and giving victims a better experience.
    8th June 2023
    Can BektasMet Police
    Can Bektas Rating: 5
    Quick, smooth process to help victim obtain nmo
    8th June 2023
    Can BektasMet Police
    Can Bektas Rating: 5
    Quick, smooth process to help victim obtain nmo
    8th June 2023
    Hannah BevanHaverhill Child in Need team
    Hannah Bevan Rating: 5
    I completed a referral for a mother I am support and the team responded to her extremely quickly, they where clear and supportive.
    8th June 2023
    Emilie ClarkeNext Link
    Emilie Clarke Rating: 5
    Your swift responses are always so appreciated by myself, colleagues and clients. You all must work incredibly hard and it doesn't go unnoticed.
    8th June 2023
    PC 78012 DixonEssex Police
    PC 78012 Dixon Rating: 5
    Rang the victim within an hour or two, listen to them and have helped and organised a solicitor within days. Kept myself updated throughout all. Very quick, professional and most importantly incredibly vital service
    8th June 2023
    Sue LentonBlack Country Women's Aid
    Sue Lenton Rating: 5
    Very quick response to the referrals made and informative in terms of your updates with the outcomes. Thank you.
    8th June 2023
    Jake BlackmoreNottinghamshire Police
    Jake Blackmore Rating: 5
    helpful, simple and offers something to victims we cannot.
    8th June 2023
    Michelle WheelerNIDAS
    Michelle Wheeler Rating: 4
    Very swift and professional service to date. Thank You
    8th June 2023
    Annette FrancisHastings Borough Council
    Annette Francis Rating: 5
    great service, really quick
    8th June 2023
    Mary DuffyNorthumbria Police
    Mary Duffy Rating: 5
    The service Is excellent, I not only speak from myself but have just spoken to a victim of domestic violence who is extremely grateful and was totally blown away at the empathic attention and the speed of how it was dealt with. Thank you so much for the support you have given to the Police and the victims we also work with.
    22nd May 2023
    Kaye WilliamsBCWA
    Kaye Williams Rating: 5
    Very efficient and discreet service. So valuable to our clients
    22nd May 2023
    PC 2284 Jackson HILLARYSouth Yorkshire Police
    PC 2284 Jackson HILLARY Rating: 5
    Great response time on emails. Great time in completing all paperwork and sending it off.
    19th May 2023
    PC ROWLANDLeicestershire Police
    PC ROWLAND Rating: 5
    NCDV offer an amazing service, within an impressively efficient timescale. We make a lot of referrals and the support they provide people is an essential safety measure in domestic abuse cases especially in times where a criminal prosecution is not possible. Thank you.
    19th May 2023
    Tom WallerKent Police
    Tom Waller Rating: 5
    Thank you very much for your help. I was concerned about this woman, who has taken a big step after years of abuse and didn't have the confidence to appear in criminal court. This is a very positive measure that will help her to see she is believed, and provide the support and protection she needs to break the cycle she has been subjected to for so long.
    19th May 2023
    Steve RolstoneChelmer Housing Partnership
    Steve Rolstone Rating: 5
    From making a referral on behalf of a customer, you receive an immediate acknowledgement of your referral and constant updates on how the case is progressing. I can't thank NCDV enough for all the help they have given to the customer I have referred to them, brilliant service.
    3rd May 2023
    Fantastic service to help Victims of Domestic Abuse. Quick, Vital and efficient.
    3rd May 2023
    Kerryanne WoodTelford & Wrekin Council
    Kerryanne Wood Rating: 5
    Brilliant and speedy responses. Thank you
    3rd May 2023
    Agnieszka LomnickaNIDAS
    Agnieszka Lomnicka Rating: 5
    very good and efficient service. I have been particularly impressed recently when a Polish speaking solicitor was involved to help a Polish client quickly. I have been using your service to support my DA clients for some time now and have noticed a great improvement lately! I will continue to use the service as the clients are very satisfied with the support. Thanks you very much for your assistance
    3rd May 2023
    PC 75645 PapaiacovouEssex Police
    PC 75645 Papaiacovou Rating: 5
    We have been aware of the NCDV for some time now, and your organisation has practically become part of our safeguarding measures for victims of domestic abuse. - The feedback that we have had from our victims on follow-ups have been very positive. Without question, the NCDV does provide an invaluable service. Thank you for the help and support you give, not just for victims, but also to frontline officers.
    17th April 2023
    Richard MacnamaraChange Grow Live
    Richard Macnamara Rating: 5
    I am really impressed by your quick and professional response and the support you have offered the referee.
    17th April 2023
    adama BanguraRoyal borough of greenwich
    adama Bangura Rating: 5
    Great fast service.
    12th April 2023
    Nicky PippenCGL-ESDAS
    Nicky Pippen Rating: 4
    NCDV are my 'go to' for clients requesting an emergency non-molestation order. I have just received notification that a non molestation order referral request that I submitted yesterday afternoon has been to Court this morning, which is brilliant! Thank you NCDV on behalf of myself and my clients
    12th April 2023
    Carol WilkesBirmingham Forward Steps -Northfield District
    Carol Wilkes Rating: 5
    I use the online referral system all the time when supporting my clients who have been victims of Domestic Abuse. The process is simple and quick, NCDV always acknowledge my referrals and keep me updated on the progress of my clients. At a time where victims are already feeling scared and overwhelmed it is brilliant to have a service that takes them by the hand and helps them through this difficult process. Thankyou NCDV!!
    12th April 2023
    Amy lambrakisN/a
    Amy lambrakis Rating: 5
    Spoke to a lovely receptionist this morning CC. What a wonderful lady she has a calming effect and I came away smiling and happy knowing that this lady will be the first voice these victims will hear. You can really tell she has a beautiful soul
    27th March 2023
    Reshma SharmaVictims First
    Reshma Sharma Rating: 5
    Great service being provided to Victims First in helping out the victims Keep up the good work !
    27th March 2023
    fantastic service all round - always prompt, keeping referrer updated every step of the process!
    27th March 2023
    Ivonna PaganuzziClarion Housing
    Ivonna Paganuzzi Rating: 5
    Very quick response following referral for a Non-Molestation Order. Thank you!
    27th March 2023
    David WallisNotts Police
    David Wallis Rating: 5
    Ive only recently started sending you these referrals and im so impressed by how quickly you've dealt with them, how simple it is for me, and im sure it will be a huge help to the victims we assist.
    27th March 2023
    Kim KnowlesImpakt Housing - Domestic Abuse Support Services
    Kim Knowles Rating: 5
    As always - very quick and easy way to obtain a non-molestation order for clients. Thank you!
    27th March 2023
    SueWycombe Womens Aid
    Sue Rating: 5
    Super service, very quick in supporting a client, and I have been kept informed at each stage of the process. Very helpful organsation, I would highly recommend to others.
    27th March 2023
    Jessica AngoveWest Cornwall Women's Aid
    Jessica Angove Rating: 5
    Quick and responsive service. Referral form takes less than 2 seconds and it's great to receive updates regarding how the case is progressing. Everything is happening so quickly its brilliant! Client is feeling relived that she is being listened to and can have something legal in place in order to restrict contact to protect herself and 5month old son. Will definitely continue to use NCDV moving forwards.
    27th March 2023
    Marina SaridakiWomen's Aid
    Marina Saridaki Rating: 5
    NCDV responded swiftly when a referral was made. The professional that dealt with my client was respectful during their communications. The professional was able to address my client's requirements and provide her with sustainable advice that helped her understand the legal process easy and decide of the type of order that will be suitable in order to help her stand up for her rights . NCDV in my opinion is one of the most ethical and genuinely professional organizations that I trust to make referrals to.
    27th March 2023
    andrew gentLancashire county council ,Children's social care
    andrew gent Rating: 5
    As a domestic abuse practitioner on a safeguarding team in Lancashire , i have found this service absolutely brilliant in supporting myself and more importunately supporting the people i support
    27th March 2023
    KIRSTY LOVATTstaffordshire police
    KIRSTY LOVATT Rating: 5
    I would like to thank you for you're rapid response in dealing with a domestic violence referral made this morning. I received an update stating that you had already contacted the victim within an hour of the referral and sent paperwork to the solicitor with a view of a non mol. this is great service and really reassuring for victims and ourselves that partnership working can be successful.
    27th March 2023
    Eileen YoungHTC Big Local
    Eileen Young Rating: 5
    We had Micheal Curtin do our talk today at our Hub. The information was perfectly executed was great to know that this service is available I wish this service was available many years ago
    27th March 2023
    Lara SmithRise
    Lara Smith Rating: 5
    Really easy to access - great service
    27th March 2023
    ClaireWirral Council
    Claire Rating: 5
    Excellent service. Easy access and great, timely support for people in extremely challenging circumstances. Your support and service is very much appreciated. Thank you!
    27th March 2023
    Kim WhiteSutton Transform/Cranstoun
    Kim White Rating: 5
    As always - quick and efficient 5 star service!
    14th March 2023
    Stacey ConnerIdva
    Stacey Conner Rating: 5
    I always find the referral process quick and easy and the communication from NCDV is always efficient and helpful when dealing with high risk victims. Thank you
    14th March 2023
    Michael FlynnSuffolk Police
    Michael Flynn Rating: 5
    Referred a very frightened victim to you and contact was made within 24hrs and a non-molestation was put in place. Great to see how quickly you were able to offer help and follow through.
    8th March 2023
    Rachael McleodCSC
    Rachael Mcleod Rating: 5
    Excellent service. Communication has been very good both with myself and the client. The service has delivered a fast response for support with non-molestation order. Thank you!!
    8th March 2023
    PC 15957 HIGGSkent police
    PC 15957 HIGGS Rating: 5
    Since making the referral, the victim has been given a non-molestation and offered continued support. I will be using and recommending this service to all victims were relevant. thank you for your support with this referral
    8th March 2023
    Sherree FordeGreenwich DVA - Housing 4 Women
    Sherree Forde Rating: 5
    This is a great service, very quick to response and keep you update on the process of the case.
    8th March 2023
    Jake BullardEssex Police
    Jake Bullard Rating: 5
    Would recommend to anyone i know struggling with any domestic incident whether it be at work attending a job or personal life
    23rd February 2023
    PC OLIVERNorthumbria Police
    PC OLIVER Rating: 5
    This service was exceptional when I placed a referral in online. The process was very quick and easy to do and the response was equally as prompt and I have been kept updated with every movement of the referral. Excellent service!
    23rd February 2023
    Zoe PevellerTLcCarers ltd
    Zoe Peveller Rating: 5
    Absolutely brilliant responsive effective and safeguard not only female but male victims too
    23rd February 2023
    Nicole Rating: 5
    The team are always so quick to respond and support our clients and we have had really successful outcomes. Thank you for the work you do and supporting our clients.
    15th February 2023
    Stephen EganPolice
    Stephen Egan Rating: 5
    Really helpful service and thoroughly understand what the victim is going through, please keep up the good work.
    15th February 2023
    Colin BrownDurham Constabulary
    Colin Brown Rating: 5
    The NCDV referral is so easy to do and the work they do and support they offer is great, in addition to all that the police can do. I have made several referrals and will continue to do so in order to help the victims in my investigations.
    15th February 2023
    Adam SmithNorfolk Constabulary
    Adam Smith Rating: 5
    I contacted NCDV in December 2022 to request police training on civil protection orders, by January 2023 me and my team had all been trained around the incredibly useful toolkit of civil orders and ASSIST database. I recently made a referral via email whilst I was with a particularly vulnerable lady. Within a few hours she had been contacted by NCDV, the next day I was updated that solicitors had been arranged to represent the victim, and the day after all of the necessary paperwork had been completed ready for hearing. I am so impressed to see the NCDV in action, as a police officer with over ten years experience I was amazed that this was such a streamlined process. No further work was required by me after my initial referral. You're doing an amazing service, safeguarding incredibly vulnerable people.
    10th February 2023
    Eddie BullenWest Midlands police
    Eddie Bullen Rating: 5
    Brilliant service
    10th February 2023
    PC 265 McNEILHumberside Police
    PC 265 McNEIL Rating: 5
    Humberside Police have been using this service for a few years now with absolutely no regrets. This service really does put victim's of Domestic Abuse at the centre of everything. The concept of the Service is remarkable and I take pleasure in saying that I am proud to work along side the NCDV, making referrals.
    6th February 2023
    Shareen AkhtarPanahghar
    Shareen Akhtar Rating: 5
    totally professional service. contacts the client in timely manner and provides quick referral to solicitors. would recommend to anyone for a great service.
    1st February 2023
    Chrissie GarretCitizesn Advice NOrth Oxfordshire
    Chrissie Garret Rating: 5
    Excellent service, immediate action and feedback to client and to referring agent- not only to apply for the non molestation order but also to attend court with client First time I have used and will use again
    1st February 2023
    Kate CatterallYour Housing Group
    Kate Catterall Rating: 5
    Outstanding service. Provides survivors with control over action they can take to protect themselves and their families, without having to wait for other agencies. Excellent feedback to referring agency.
    1st February 2023
    Charlotte BaileyNorth Staffordshire Combined Healthcare
    Charlotte Bailey Rating: 5
    Mick attended our workplace today and provided a wealth of information that will be used in our day to day practice. The service they provide sounds fantastic. All health services should be aware of this.
    1st February 2023
    Rich NewmanYour Housing Group
    Rich Newman Rating: 5
    Outstanding service, extremely fast and effective in assisting our customers who are victims of domestic abuse.
    25th January 2023
    Oliver Harding-EdgarBarking and Dagenham MASH team (social care)
    Oliver Harding-Edgar Rating: 5
    Great organisation whether it's simply calling the helpline for advice on how best to support survivors of DA / DV or the speed in which vulnerable adults are contacted and protected once a referral is made. Oh, and the referral process takes less than 30 seconds ... how many organisations can you say that about?
    25th January 2023
    PC SMITHNottinghamshire Police
    PC SMITH Rating: 5
    I have found all of my experiences with the NCDV extremely positive. All of the information provided for victims is extremely clear and easy to understand. It allows victims to gain a quick, positive outcome for a case when the police may be limited with actions that can be taken. I always sing the praises of NCDV to victims who are looking for external support.
    25th January 2023
    PC HodgsonCumbria Constabulary
    PC Hodgson Rating: 5
    Fantastic service, which have assisted a victim of mine going through a serious DV separation, offering support and facilitating a non molestation order prior to the case being heard at court. A*
    25th January 2023
    PC CRITCHLEY 27hertfordshire constabulary
    PC CRITCHLEY 27 Rating: 5
    brilliant service, within a week of the referral being made all documents have been passed to a solicitor for progression for a non-mol at court.
    12th January 2023
    Katie FitpatrickDART- Impakt Housing and Support
    Katie Fitpatrick Rating: 5
    Thank you for the support offered to my client, it has been quite a challenge accessing the correct legal support for my client and she was beginning to lose faith in the system however NCDV took the time to listen to the problems being faced and ensured that the outcome was successful.
    3rd January 2023
    SkyeMK Act
    Skye Rating: 5
    I frequently use NCDV to help obtain protective orders for the clients that I refer over. I cannot fault the service at all, the organisation is always so quick at making the first contact with my clients, and explaining the process of applying for protective orders provides the clients with much reassurance as I have often been told. I value email updates as the case progresses, and every time I have called the helpline to request an update or ask any questions, I feel comfortable doing so as the operators are polite and professional. Thank you for all the hard work you do as an organisation and for clients at risk every day. 🙂
    3rd January 2023
    Jacquie HollowayFoundations ESCC
    Jacquie Holloway Rating: 5
    Outstanding service. Made the referral and within the hour, my client had been contacted and the process under way.
    29th December 2022
    Heather TurnerThurrock Council
    Heather Turner Rating: 5
    Fantastic service, client is also very happy with the support that she has been offered
    22nd December 2022
    Pc 3814 Nick StevensonNorthumbria Police
    Pc 3814 Nick Stevenson Rating: 5
    Great service by the NCDV, our victim was issued with a Non Mol Order within weeks of making an application safeguarding him and his children from future issues from his ex wife
    22nd December 2022
    Vicky Rating: 5
    Fast, understanding and responsive service
    22nd December 2022
    Mollie ChapmanNorth Yorkshire Police
    Mollie Chapman Rating: 5
    very good, very easy and very happy.
    22nd December 2022
    A Rating: 5
    I called NCDV as i was in an abusive relationship i left with my dog, my child and the cothes on my back, i needed help but i didn't know what help i needed, i had no where to go but could not remain at home, with in 2 hours of making contact with NCDV they had contacted a solicitor and started non molestation order proceedings to safeguard my son and i, it helped us feel safer, the police have been rubbish i have been belittled, blamed and let down by them they are no where near being able to support DV victims. I got a non molestation order in pace for 1 year and have re located to an area away from my exhusband. Its been hard but leaving was the best decision i have ever made, i had to claim universal credit for the first time in my life with the help and support from my local DV support worker, my son and i are safe and happy now, we are trying to peice our lives back together, i was offered a refuge but i couldnt keep my dog with me i was offered foster care for my dog but that menat i would not be allowed to see her for 6 months i just could not give her up she is my baby thankfully i found somewhere to live with my son and dog. I cannot thank NCDV for supporting us at the most difficult time in our lives.
    22nd December 2022
    Karen TownsendGBNFC Childrens Centre
    Karen Townsend Rating: 5
    Excellent service. Within an hour or two my client was contacted and solicitors and court identified to apply for a non-molestation order. Wow that is fast. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
    22nd December 2022
    Clint WoolcockBritish Transport Police
    Clint Woolcock Rating: 5
    This service is absolutely amazing and has helped several of my service users when they are in crisis. These guys need to be sung from the rooftops.
    22nd December 2022
    Johanna MoloneySalvation Army
    Johanna Moloney Rating: 5
    Dealt with my referral speedly
    22nd December 2022
    amina begumFPS
    amina begum Rating: 5
    effective communication, very helpful, quick service
    22nd December 2022
    PC Laura NorrisAvon & Somerset Constabulary
    PC Laura Norris Rating: 5
    Incredible. I made the referral whilst sat with my victim of crime and by the time I got back to the station (30 mins maybe?) your team had been in contact and arranged a solicitor and court. I come in for my next shift around 24 hours after that first email and paperwork has been drawn up for a non-molestation order. A phenomenal service for a woman and her children who need your support . Thank you!
    22nd December 2022
    Irina HodkinsonWaveney Domestic Violence and Abuse Forum
    Irina Hodkinson Rating: 5
    Excellent service providing fast and helpful legal support for victims of Domestic Abuse. Acting very promptly and keeping everyone informed. Thank you. The referral process is uncomplicated and easy to follow.
    22nd December 2022
    PC 15 CharltonNorthumbria Police
    PC 15 Charlton Rating: 5
    Very happy with the service- a great tool to support victims of DV.
    22nd December 2022
    Simon LoweHumberside Police
    Simon Lowe Rating: 5
    NCDV are a fantastic organisation and the work they do genuinely saves lives. Good job 👏
    22nd December 2022
    Sharoh GriffithsPlymouth Domestic Abuse Service
    Sharoh Griffiths Rating: 5
    I am so pleased with the quick response and way in which cases have been dealt with for my clients that I have referred to your service.
    22nd December 2022
    safia ahmedCranstoun/domestic abuse Wokingham
    safia ahmed Rating: 5
    NCDV picked my referral very quickly . MY client was happy about the response and the support provided by NCDV Thank you so much brilliant team !
    12th December 2022
    Sharoh GriffithsPlymouth Domestic Abuse Service
    Sharoh Griffiths Rating: 5
    I am so pleased with the quick response and way in which cases have been dealt with for my clients that I have referred to your service.
    5th December 2022
    AlexanderHumberside Police
    Alexander Rating: 5
    As soon as a referral is filed it seems like a member of the team picks this up first thing the next morning and the process is in full swing. The service act very promptly and Safeguard Victims at the earliest opportunity.
    5th December 2022
    Carl ThomasLaw and Order
    Carl Thomas Rating: 5
    Brilliant service, and an Organisation who get things done!
    29th November 2022
    Constable JAMES HARRISMerseyside police
    Constable JAMES HARRIS Rating: 5
    Great updates regarding the progress of obtaining the order for the victim. I am always impressed by the NCDV
    29th November 2022
    Kim WhiteSutton Transform/Cranstoun
    Kim White Rating: 5
    Excellent service as always. Quick and efficient. Very effective communication! Thank you NCDV
    24th November 2022
    Ivonna PaganuzziClarion
    Ivonna Paganuzzi Rating: 5
    Received an update within the hour and a solicitor appointed. Brilliant service.
    24th November 2022
    Stewart BassESSEX POLICE
    Stewart Bass Rating: 5
    Thank you so much for giving my victim support, when I attended her address, she was terrified to even talk to police, she eventually gave a statement after I explained what help and support was available to her. Please keep up the amazing work you do!
    24th November 2022
    Constable 1747 AshtonMerseyside Police
    Constable 1747 Ashton Rating: 5
    Within 2 hours of the referral, I received notification that my referral had been allocated and my referee was being represented! Impressive response time.
    24th November 2022
    Yvonne WinstanleyCitizens Advice, Gosport
    Yvonne Winstanley Rating: 5
    Excellent, speedy service, as ever. Totally reliable in doing all you can for clients.
    14th November 2022
    S Rating: 5
    Felt very at ease. Very prompt and speedy response.
    10th November 2022
    F Rating: 5
    Very very helpful thank you a lot🙏
    10th November 2022
    Tom CullumAvon and Somerset Constabulary
    Tom Cullum Rating: 5
    quick and effective.
    8th November 2022
    Matthew MaddocksMerseyside Police
    Matthew Maddocks Rating: 5
    I made a referral through the NCDV app and whilst still on scene one of your staff contacted the victim via phone. From that point the process has been incredibly quick.
    2nd November 2022
    Vera JacksonThe Liberty centre
    Vera Jackson Rating: 5
    Excellent service quick to contact Client
    2nd November 2022
    Becky CurwenSafe2Speak
    Becky Curwen Rating: 5
    Really great service thankyou for helping my client. Really responsive and efficient. Thanks again, much appreciated.
    2nd November 2022
    PC QuinnNorthumbria police
    PC Quinn Rating: 5
    I have refereed number victims to NCDV and I am always amazed at how well the staff deal with these requests. All requests are dealt with in a timely manner and communication between advisors and victims is always fed back to me as consistent and clear. The work that NCDV do is second to none when it concerns victims of all types of violence and all referrals are dealt with professionally and as best as possible. Staff always communicate with myself to which I appreciate.
    28th October 2022
    Karen WorthingtonKirklees Children Social Care
    Karen Worthington Rating: 5
    The service provided by NCDV has been speedy and professional. The feedback they provide is also excellent. For my client this service has empowered her and helped to keep her safe.
    28th October 2022
    PC SHEARERMet Police
    PC SHEARER Rating: 5
    Fantastic for our victims
    28th October 2022
    Elizabeth PerrymanTenant advisory service
    Elizabeth Perryman Rating: 5
    I did a referral and within 1 hour the person I referred was contacted and supported. I couldn't ask for better service
    24th October 2022
    DC 2304 RobinsonHerts Police
    DC 2304 Robinson Rating: 4
    Good service for victims
    24th October 2022
    Julie KynastonIpswich Borough Council
    Julie Kynaston Rating: 5
    My first time completing a referral, (impressed no long forms), excellent communication and 100% efficiency. Thank you.
    24th October 2022
    A Rating: 5
    After applying on 17/10/22 I got a phone call by a lovely lady called Chloe who talked me through everything and gave me advice.
    19th October 2022
    Perveen KaurSandwell Children's Trust
    Perveen Kaur Rating: 5
    NCDV have bee absolutely brilliant in supporting one of the mother's I am working with. They completed a referral and paperwork for a non-molestation order in an extremely timely manner. Thank you so much for the invaluable work you do regarding victims of domestic abuse.
    19th October 2022
    tracey devinesouth west yorkshire partnership foundation trust nhs
    tracey devine Rating: 5
    I came across this service through my manager who had recently been on a safeguarding course and learnt about what you did. She was very impressed and passed on the information to me to use for one of my vulnerable clients. You have certainly been amazing. With my clients permission, I have been kept involved with what was happening and my client was treated with care and compassion. Thank you so much.
    19th October 2022
    Deborah WildFortalice
    Deborah Wild Rating: 5
    Quick response from professionals this has been a great relief and reassurance for my resident and myself who is supporting her and her Children. Thank you so much.
    19th October 2022
    Sarah HarstonIDAS
    Sarah Harston Rating: 5
    We always are kept updated by your service. You provide great support for our clients.
    19th October 2022
    Yvonne WinstanleyCitizens Advice, Gosport
    Yvonne Winstanley Rating: 5
    Excellent service and one I have used on more than one occasion. Speedy results for vulnerable clients.
    13th October 2022
    Michelle CliffeMerseyside Police
    Michelle Cliffe Rating: 5
    Referral made over the telephone. Took 5 minutes. Call taker (Glen) was excellent in manner and assistance. I have had an update already (less than 24 hours) Due to the busy workplaces all partners have, this is just the service required to speed up the process for protecting the vulnerable people we are all here to help. Thank you
    13th October 2022
    Mike HEWETTPolice
    Mike HEWETT Rating: 5
    Very quick call back and clear communication of the process for the victim and others involved. Very good service
    13th October 2022
    James ProwseDorset Police
    James Prowse Rating: 5
    Always fast efficient and victim care is second to none. Every victim I refer always speaks highly of the staff they deal with.
    13th October 2022
    Martin PepperHumberside Police
    Martin Pepper Rating: 5
    I have used the NCDV referral (and advised colleagues to do so) on a number of occasions since completing an input with Julie GATIE. Since this time I have had nothing but positive responses and being able to know that once the referral goes in the staff who receive the referral make that early engagement with the victim and offer the support right when they need it most is brilliant and a vital part of supporting victims of domestic abuse.
    13th October 2022
    PC LANGDONEssex Police
    PC LANGDON Rating: 5
    Through my work, I have referred and recommended many people to the NCDV. Without fail I have received prompt responses and updates from the organisation. Victims have told me of their swift and compassionate help in obtaining non-molestation orders and useful legal advice. A Non-Molestation Order is a vital tool in safeguarding victims of violent and controlling relationships. However, without the NCDVs work, it is a tool that would be unobtainable for many of the vulnerable people it is designed to protect. I am incredibly grateful that this charity exists to guide and assist women and men in taking back control from their abusers.
    13th October 2022
    Angie CorryEarly Help Key Worker
    Angie Corry Rating: 5
    Very helpful, great at acting quickly, which is really reassuring for the families I work with. Really useful that I am copied in on everything, so I can keep track of what's happening, when it's happening
    27th September 2022
    PC 2529 Kerry FARWELL Rating: 5
    This service will undoubtedly have made a huge and positive change to my worried and frightened victim of domestic abuse. The service was really quick to pick up the case on referral to them which was literally just basic contact details and within a really short space of time a non-molestation order was applied for and granted by the courts. An amazing life changing service for the vulnerable which helps enable them to start living again.
    27th September 2022
    george quinwakefield council
    george quin Rating: 5
    Excellent service. incredibly responsive, very easy to refer/ communicate with.
    23rd September 2022
    Celine TownsendNDADA
    Celine Townsend Rating: 5
    Wonderful work. Thank you!
    23rd September 2022
    richard BramhillEssex Police
    richard Bramhill Rating: 5
    Excellent service as always. Very quick service
    15th September 2022
    Irina HodkinsonWaveney Domestic Violence and Abuse Forum
    Irina Hodkinson Rating: 5
    Excellent prompt service, sensitive to the needs of our clients.
    15th September 2022
    Yvette TreeWoking Borough Council
    Yvette Tree Rating: 5
    NCDV have been amazing. The support they have given the family I am working with has been 1st class. The lady now feels safe in the knowledge that the law will protect her, thanks to NCDV engaging a solicitor on her behalf and securing an NMO for her preventing her ex partner from getting close to her and hurt her again
    14th September 2022
    Hayley AllanMK Children's services
    Hayley Allan Rating: 5
    Excellent service, very prompt and supportive of clients
    14th September 2022
    Tori CorryLincolnshire Rape Crisis
    Tori Corry Rating: 5
    Excellent and speedy response - will definitely refer my clients in the future.
    14th September 2022
    Aggie FisherCambridgeshire and Peterborough IDVA Service
    Aggie Fisher Rating: 5
    Great service, quick in contacting the clients and providing support and great at providing feedback to referrers. No faults, thank you
    14th September 2022
    Jordan LaneBCWA
    Jordan Lane Rating: 5
    Thanks NCDV for the amazing work you do. Referrals are processed so quickly and this is really helpful for victims to get injunctions so that they can stay safe. Success rate is high and many lives have been changed because of it so thank you for your hard work and support, it is certainly appreciated
    14th September 2022
    Catherine LadbrookeDaisy Programme
    Catherine Ladbrooke Rating: 5
    Your prompt action has really reassured my client and she is so grateful for your support. Thank you.
    14th September 2022
    Keira DurhamNorthumbria Police
    Keira Durham Rating: 5
    I am really pleased with the level of service I have received from yourselves. I have been updated regularly
    13th September 2022
    Alex LynchOasis
    Alex Lynch Rating: 5
    Fabulous service as always.
    22nd August 2022
    Bally KaurCoventry Haven
    Bally Kaur Rating: 5
    I feel NCDV very helpful and efficient.
    22nd August 2022
    Christopher SimmonsMerseyside Police
    Christopher Simmons Rating: 5
    Amazing service, I only submitted a referral at 0857hrs and I had an email at 1133 telling me that solicitors have been arranged to represent the victim and a court to hear their application for a Non-Molestation order has been associated. Thank you
    22nd August 2022
    Lisa curtisNew leaf support
    Lisa curtis Rating: 5
    Quick feedback easy and referral process
    22nd August 2022
    Jason TurnerHumberside Police
    Jason Turner Rating: 5
    Excellent service. Referral submitted and order obtained within 2 weeks. Really impressed and great tool for us in Law enforcement to help safeguard victims of DA.
    11th August 2022
    Nathan RobinsonHumberside police
    Nathan Robinson Rating: 5
    Great training! Very informative and previous has told victims about if a and was very useful
    9th August 2022
    Andrew WatsonHumberside police
    Andrew Watson Rating: 4
    Well presented and easy to understand
    9th August 2022
    Donna CobbPlymouth Domestic Abuse Services
    Donna Cobb Rating: 5
    Extremely fast and responsive service, which has been invaluable to help safeguard and support my client who was at high risk.
    9th August 2022
    Eddie BullenWest Midlands police
    Eddie Bullen Rating: 5
    Brilliant service fo rpolice and the victims we refer
    9th August 2022
    PC2349 TAITDorset Police
    PC2349 TAIT Rating: 5
    I regularly make referrals to the NCDV team and always receive excellent service. If I have a query then they are always helpful in getting back to me and assisting. This is probably one of the best services available to vulnerable people in helping them to receive further protection, through the Non Molestation service. This is a vital service and may it continue. Thank you.
    8th August 2022
    Jo BrownCASW
    Jo Brown Rating: 5
    Quick, helpful and do an amazing Job
    8th August 2022
    AC Rating: 5
    NCDV has saved my life and changed the life of my daughter for the better. I referred myself and they responded the same day. Within 2 weeks their team took my statement. They helped me by preparing my statement and application for non-molestation order. Within 2 weeks of my application, my life was transformed as the Judge granted me both the non-molestation order and occupation order. No one has done more for me than NCDV. I will be grateful to them forever.
    8th August 2022
    carol lioneSEDAH Basildon Council
    carol lione Rating: 5
    always excellant- very quick to respond - thank you
    3rd August 2022
    PC 26255 Kloe Fenton Rating: 5
    Fantastic service with fantastic results every single time!
    3rd August 2022
    Stephen HoltCranstoun DA Services
    Stephen Holt Rating: 5
    Fast and efficient service. Can not fault them.
    3rd August 2022
    Joanna OutramNorth Yorkshire Police
    Joanna Outram Rating: 5
    I find this service very efficient and a fantastic service for domestic violence victims
    3rd August 2022
    Michelle PetrucciSafe in Sussex (Worthing Women's Aid) -Chichester refuge
    Michelle Petrucci Rating: 5
    Quick and very satisfactory response and easy to refer using the App
    3rd August 2022
    Jennifer ThompsonGalton Valley Primary School
    Jennifer Thompson Rating: 5
    I have done referrals to NCDV and I can say that they are efficient in supporting the person you refer. Also quick responses and updates, so you can rest a sure that the support has been put in place and that they will be there when needed. Thanks for all your support that you provide to people in need as well as professionals.
    3rd August 2022
    Becky CurwenSafe2Speak
    Becky Curwen Rating: 5
    Really fast response and I've really appreciated being kept updated with progress.
    3rd August 2022
    KatLocal Authority Children's Social Worker
    Kat Rating: 5
    The service that NCDV offer is invaluable to our parents fleeing or trying to flee domestic abuse. It means they are able to feel safer and more confident in what can be an incredibly difficult and scary decision. Once I have referred a parent in, NCDV keep me up to date with where the process is up to. I share the NCDV details throughout the office so we can support as many parents as we can to keep them and their children safe.
    19th July 2022
    Pc John GrahamNorthumbira Police
    Pc John Graham Rating: 5
    The new process for support Domestic Violence Victims has greatly improved due to this referral system. The previous system would be a long process with paperwork and be evidence detailed. It is now just inputting a few details and consent from the victim has made it much easier to protect people and help them get on living their daily lives.
    19th July 2022
    Julie LewisNewport City Council
    Julie Lewis Rating: 5
    Excellent service NCDV kept both myself and my client updated at regular intervals. My client reported that the person they spoke to was very efficient and made them feel at ease. I found the referral process easy to use and response time was very swift. Thank you.
    15th July 2022
    Lynne KempShropshire Domestic Abuse Service
    Lynne Kemp Rating: 5
    This is only my second referral to NCDV so have not yet had a client reach an outcome. From the two referrals i have made so far the response from NCDV has been extremely swift and efficient so far. The referral process could not have been easier! I am looking forward to an outcome so i can leave further positive feedback.
    15th July 2022
    Michelle PetrucciSafe in Sussex (Worthing Women's Aid) -
    Michelle Petrucci Rating: 5
    Very prompt, professional service
    12th July 2022
    Sophie HighP3 Charity
    Sophie High Rating: 5
    I am very pleased with the service provided and updates. It has been great to know what is happening prior to specking with the person I am supporting. Received training from yourselves a few months ago and it has been the first time i have used the service. It has been easy and so nice to know where to reach out for help. Thank you
    12th July 2022
    Clare WarrinerFamilies In Need Team, Targeted Intervention Service, Blackpool Council
    Clare Warriner Rating: 5
    An amazing service; at a time of crisis, where as a worker/ as a parent you are discussing several safeguarding options and talking about reducing risk, the NCDV are a proactive service, offering an almost immediate response and reassurance to anyone who feels unsafe. Both myself as a professional and the client I support are incredibly grateful. What a difference this has made to everything that happens next. Many thanks.
    12th July 2022
    A LewisHousing Options, Mendip District Council
    A Lewis Rating: 5
    Referrals are simple and quick to complete. Result in this instance has been to support my client to obtain a non-molestation order to ensure she doesn't lose her home due to DV from her partner.
    12th July 2022
    jess leemansouthwark council
    jess leeman Rating: 5
    Incredibly fast response to the DV survivor and myself as referrer (within a few hours). Regular and clear updates to referrer. Thankyou!
    12th July 2022
    Isabel RoweNorfolk Police MASH
    Isabel Rowe Rating: 5
    Every time I have referred someone in to your team for support you have processed my referral extremely quickly and professionally. You also provide timely and detailed updates which make my role of safeguarding even easier. Fantastic service helping some of the most vulnerable people.
    15th June 2022
    Hilary HammersleyLancashire children's social care
    Hilary Hammersley Rating: 5
    Very fast response. Victim felt re assured that support was gained quickly
    15th June 2022
    Joe SlaterHumberside Police
    Joe Slater Rating: 5
    Always quick and efficient, such a great service.
    13th June 2022
    Rebecca PearceSolihull MBC
    Rebecca Pearce Rating: 5
    I made a referral for a non-molestation order for someone I worked with. I am so impressed by how quickly contact was made to get things moving and how quickly they were allocated to be provided with legal support to obtain the order. The order has now been successfully granted, offering a further layer of support, safety and security to the family. As the referrer, there was good communication throughout, keeping me informed of progress being made and the order being granted. I am grateful for the ease of getting the support, not having to fill out lengthy and cumbersome referrals.
    7th June 2022
    Nomusa MachilaBrent Council - Housing Options
    Nomusa Machila Rating: 5
    I just wanted to say keep up the good work - I love how promptly your respond to referrals - I am so glad that your service exists.
    6th June 2022
    Andy Rating: 5
    The most trouble free efficient organisation I deal with within the Police.
    1st June 2022
    Jo HuntSafer Futures Cornwall
    Jo Hunt Rating: 5
    Excellent and 'rapid!!' service in obtaining a Non-Molestation Order for my client - easy referral process, swift action = risk reduced.
    1st June 2022
    PC ElliottNotts Police
    PC Elliott Rating: 5
    Your work is incredible and vital to the work that we do.
    1st June 2022
    PC ROBINSON 5114 Rating: 5
    Really great service!
    26th May 2022
    Mick TrainerNorthumbria police
    Mick Trainer Rating: 5
    Very fast, great victim service. My victim was not keen on the police route but wanted the order so this was a great way of putting some safeguarding in place for her.
    26th May 2022
    SarahFirst Light
    Sarah Rating: 5
    All members of staff at NCDV are very friendly , helpful and understanding. They really take the time to explain to services and clients what they can do to support them. The service received is excellent and very quick and efficient.
    26th May 2022
    Rob MackayCheshire Constabulary
    Rob Mackay Rating: 5
    Excellent Service. The person who was referred was contacted within 24 hours and the N-M Order was in place within 2 weeks, after a short delay due to the other party requesting additional time to respond. This has massively increased the victim's confidence in the police and judicial system and I feel that the victim is more likely to remain engaged due to the good service from NCDV.
    26th May 2022
    Katie AshcroftCheshire police
    Katie Ashcroft Rating: 5
    Wonderful, prompt service with regular updates to police which is extremely useful
    20th May 2022
    Jasmin HillerbyChildren's Social Work Services
    Jasmin Hillerby Rating: 5
    NCDV provided support for a person I referred extremely quickly and she has reported that they have been really helpful.
    19th May 2022
    PC SHABIRBedfordshire Police
    PC SHABIR Rating: 5
    I have always used the app to refer victims and although we were told it can take up to 24 hours for the victim to receive contact, I have noticed that victims have been contacted within hours of being referred, I think this is an incredibly quick turnaround and great service, I recommend the NCDV to all domestic violence victims due to their level of service.
    19th May 2022
    OliMerseyside Police
    Oli Rating: 5
    A brilliant service and always really helpful
    9th May 2022
    SIMON LOWEHumberside Police
    SIMON LOWE Rating: 5
    A great and invaluable service to people who cannot afford to get the protection they need.
    9th May 2022
    AJ Rating: 5
    Absolutely fantastic service! I could not recommend Your organisation enough! Everytime I have referred a client the case has been dealt with extremely quickly and efficiently! Thank you!
    9th May 2022
    Zain MahmoodGMP
    Zain Mahmood Rating: 5
    By far an efficient service which ensures safeguarding for vulnerable people from the first contact they have with them. The process to make a referral could not be any easier. The organisation get to work on the referral very quickly and push for protection on behalf of the vulnerable person
    28th April 2022
    PC 1228 BUTTERYHUmberside Police
    PC 1228 BUTTERY Rating: 5
    NCDV picked up my referral for a vulnerable DA victim in good time. They have kept me up to date and are representing this victim in an application for a non-molestation order. This victim did not want to engage with police but your team has gotten through to her which I am pleased about. Many thanks for your work. It is good to know that many are being supported by yourselves independent from the police.
    28th April 2022
    KatyWarwickshire County Council
    Katy Rating: 5
    Really impressed with NCDV. The referral process using their app is so simple, quick, and straightforward, I received an email update within 2 hours of sending a referral. NCDV keep you updated throughout the process. I would recommend NCDV. Thank you
    25th April 2022
    Andy Rating: 5
    Great service from NCDV who sent all the paperwork to a solicitor within 24 hours of first contact. Many Thanks.
    25th April 2022
    Naazma AkhtarBirmingham Solihull Womens Aid
    Naazma Akhtar Rating: 5
    Excellent prompt service. Really supportive for women who have many challenges exiting a DA relationship and need a fast reactive service. Love the fact you keep referrers in the loop. Godsend. Keep up the great work!!!
    22nd April 2022
    James KingPolice
    James King Rating: 5
    Amazing as always. A very good option to help safeguard the vulnerable people in our communities.
    11th April 2022
    Pc 74885 EdwardsEssex Police
    Pc 74885 Edwards Rating: 5
    I made a simple referal and was kept up to date with the next process and what was happening. Very helpful and easy to use. Thank you
    11th April 2022
    Jane PearsonDMBC
    Jane Pearson Rating: 5
    I referred a lady who I am supporting and requested updates as things moved along. I am so pleased with the quality service that has been provided for both the lady involved and keeping myself as a professional updated.
    11th April 2022
    JenniferVictim Support
    Jennifer Rating: 5
    Thank you so much, it really helpful service for victims who are a risk. And I appreciate being informed.
    5th April 2022
    carol LioneBasildon Council
    carol Lione Rating: 5
    exceptional service-
    5th April 2022
    PC KERRY AUGEREssex Police
    PC KERRY AUGER Rating: 5
    Always a very good service from NCDV ensuring that prompt contact is made with clients referred, really good feed back too which keeps me updated as to the process of the application. Fantastic service .
    5th April 2022
    Jordan MirelesNorthumbria Police
    Jordan Mireles Rating: 5
    This is a fantastic service for domestic violence victims. They are supportive, quick and concise in the service that they offer.
    28th March 2022
    Ann JonesWest Childrens Services
    Ann Jones Rating: 5
    I want to say how helpful every one has been, we have had regular training on what NCDV offer and they are supporting a family where culture plays a big part, of whether this woman wanted to obtain a non mol order, and i am pleased that the workers have worked hard to explain matters to her and that the non mol order will be heard at court soon, This will provide some protection for her and her children who have been through a lot.
    28th March 2022
    dClarion Housing Group
    d Rating: 5
    Thank you for acting so promptly.
    28th March 2022
    Sian HodgkissLancashire County Council
    Sian Hodgkiss Rating: 5
    I've not used NCDV before but the referral was quick and easy - SU details, my details, and consent - literally took a minute and within half an hour, I've had acknowledgement of my referral, an explanation of their next steps and they have contacted SU.
    25th March 2022
    Mumtaz AliPennine Domestic Abuse Partnership
    Mumtaz Ali Rating: 5
    I am very impressed with the update provided regularly and the the quick response from the point of referral. Well done to a good service being provided.
    25th March 2022
    deborah coatenChoice Support
    deborah coaten Rating: 5
    I found the service very efficient and quick to respond to a client that is support.
    25th March 2022
    Jack AndersonDorset Police
    Jack Anderson Rating: 5
    Quick and easy to use, use it regularly to support vulnerable survivors of domestic abuse.
    25th March 2022
    Scott CarkPolice
    Scott Cark Rating: 5
    You offer a great service and I have had numerous good results from your service I regards to safeguarding victims.
    11th March 2022
    GillOsmondNYCC -Early Help service
    GillOsmond Rating: 5
    Thank you NCDV- I have one very grateful client and a huge weight taken from my shoulders, knowing that there is a court date and solicitor for a non mol. I was astounded by the speedy service, we had the first notification that your service had accepted my client for an injunction, within an hour of my referral. So very grateful for your service. Thank you.
    11th March 2022
    james reedKent Police
    james reed Rating: 5
    Always first a first service.
    11th March 2022
    Nicola CNext Chapter
    Nicola C Rating: 5
    NCDV are a truly exceptional organisation who go the extra mile to help vulnerable people in need of help. I can't thank them enough for the support they have given, and continue to give, to the victims of domestic abuse that I work with.
    4th March 2022
    Kim StevensSurrey Police
    Kim Stevens Rating: 5
    Always deal with things incredibly efficiently. Thank you so much for helping with all my referrals 🙂
    4th March 2022
    Dan MarfleetThames Valley Police
    Dan Marfleet Rating: 5
    I have used NCDV on a number of occasions, making referrals for victims, and I never fail to be impressed by the service provided. A very, very good organisation.
    4th March 2022
    PC GurneyMetropolitan Police Service
    PC Gurney Rating: 5
    I genuinely cannot say enough good things about NCDV, Knowing that I can refer some of society's most vulnerable people to be supported in what can be a very daunting process to help safeguard them is beyond words. Thank you so much for everything you do and for always taking the time to provide updates.
    23rd February 2022
    H Rating: 5
    Fantastic support network providing a lifeline to those who need it.
    23rd February 2022
    EllieImpact Family services
    Ellie Rating: 5
    Excellent service, highly recommended by clients. Updates are quick.
    17th February 2022
    Bev SymeMK Citizens Advice
    Bev Syme Rating: 5
    Dream organisation - friendly, efficient, professional. So easy to refer - love them
    16th February 2022
    Connie HunterCoventry Haven
    Connie Hunter Rating: 5
    Quick to reply, quick to contact clients - great service!
    14th February 2022
    A Rating: 5
    Excellent service. So quick and efficient. Kept me in the loop at all times.
    10th February 2022
    Elliot PennDorset Police
    Elliot Penn Rating: 5
    I have never had a bad experience. I sometimes will make 3 referrals today and can see how quickly you get the orders granted.
    7th February 2022
    H Rating: 4
    The lady I spoke to this morning was so helpful, caring and supportive couldn't help me out more and putting things in place for me. I would highly recommend ncdv for help with getting orders to protect victims of domestic violence
    7th February 2022
    Hayley DorrellVolunteer
    Hayley Dorrell Rating: 5
    This service is A1. The level of professionalism and care from the advisors is amazing and really helpful to the victims who are facing a very stressful time.
    4th February 2022
    Belinda EllisWellWomen Wakefield
    Belinda Ellis Rating: 5
    Absolutely fantastic service! Thankyou so much for responding so quickly to my referral and already putting a protective Order in place to make sure that my client can feel safe - all within 24 hours. Your service is so simple to refer into, and your swift response is excellent. Myself, along with my client cannot thank you enough.
    4th February 2022
    DC Laura BarwoodWiltshire Police
    DC Laura Barwood Rating: 5
    Very fast response and the victim is extremely happy. Thank you
    4th February 2022
    Daren Rosamond Rating: 5
    I have attended at several DV incidents of late and on each time i have made a referrla into the NCDV. The service that you provide appears to be by far one of the best support agencies available for victims of DV. On each occasion proceedings have been made in order to gain a NON MOL order for the victim and has involved the absolute minimum of fuss or administration.
    4th February 2022
    Hayley DorrellVolunteer
    Hayley Dorrell Rating: 5
    This service is A1. The level of professionalism and care from the advisors is amazing and really helpful to the victims who are facing a very stressful time.
    4th February 2022
    HelenChanging Pathways
    Helen Rating: 5
    Excellent service. Always kept up to date with progress of referral and the outcome. Very efficient and such an important agency to work alongside to ensure safeguarding of victims
    4th February 2022
    ChristianHumberside Police
    Christian Rating: 5
    NCDV provide their services in an exceptional time frame and do so consistently. I feel NCDV are head & shoulders above any other services for progressing towards an outcome for the victim. The referral form is simple and takes second's to, however the updates received are often and inform the referring officer as each stage progresses. NCDV form a critical part of my long term safegaurding plans for victims.
    26th January 2022
    Tracey QuintonSuffolk Police
    Tracey Quinton Rating: 5
    Excellent Service. I referred a victim of Domestic Abuse to yourselves at 15:00 and by 16:50 I received an email confirming that my client had been contacted, the paperwork had been completed and had already been sent to the Solicitor so they could apply for the Non Mol. Extremely quick efficient service. Thank you
    26th January 2022
    warren beardalllincs police
    warren beardall Rating: 5
    I referred a lady to you service late at night while on duty, she had been having issues with an ex on and off for a long time and wasn't getting much support. I referred her to you guys and by 12pm the next day i have an email saying your applying for a court order she's been appointed a solicitor and thing are moving forward. The response for yourselves has been superb and rapid. On behalf of the police thank you very much for offering the victims much needed support quickly and efficiently.
    26th January 2022
    HarrietSouthwark Wellbeing Hub
    Harriet Rating: 5
    Fantastic level of support, very quick response rate and regular, clear updates to keep professionals in the loop with cases they've referred.
    26th January 2022
    Andrew PayneNHS - Health IDVA
    Andrew Payne Rating: 5
    I visited a lady who was very scared and in fear, we had a Police alarm fitted and used the app to do a referral to NCDV by the end of my shift, she had a call, the solicitors sorted and the non-molestation order was one step closer. This service is so fantastic and has such a positive affect for victims and myself. I cannot thank you enough for the amazing service.
    26th January 2022
    Shirley RickettsPlias Resettlement
    Shirley Ricketts Rating: 4
    I made a referral to NCDV and they contacted the client on the same day. When this did not happen, due to an incorrect number being given, they were apologetic and ensured that they would get in contact with the client immediately. The advisor that I spoke to was very professional and made me feel reassured that my client would be contacted and helped. I have been kept updated about the progress of the case. I am planning to refer more clients in the very near future.
    26th January 2022
    Sarah HarveyChildren and Young Peoples Service
    Sarah Harvey Rating: 5
    Absolutely fantastic! Referred in and heard back in the same day. Amazing service and communication, couldn't recommend enough! Thank you so much.
    11th January 2022
    Ellen DaviesMet Police
    Ellen Davies Rating: 5
    Very impressed with how quickly NCDV got in contact with the victim after referral and how quickly they implemented an order to safeguard her and her child. The process was very simple and I was kept informed throughout.
    29th December 2021
    Kelly RobertsClarion Housing Group
    Kelly Roberts Rating: 5
    Always prompt replies and prompt response when asked for feedback
    23rd December 2021
    S Rating: 5
    Without your support I would still be in my toxic marriage. You are incredible and have given me back my freedom with my children. I can’t thank you enough after years of misery I have a future. The process was discreet, speedy and accurate to obtain a non mol order within 2 days. Myself and my kids can now look to the future
    23rd December 2021
    TinaAnglia Care Trust - Domestic Abuse Outreach Services
    Tina Rating: 5
    Very quick and efficient service.
    23rd December 2021
    Dale LowesOasis DA Service
    Dale Lowes Rating: 5
    Very good. Very quickly helped my client. Very impressed.
    23rd December 2021
    sean mctiernanHull strength for change /DAP
    sean mctiernan Rating: 5
    absolutely amazing and essential service thankyou so much for all the hard work you do!
    23rd December 2021
    Ellie CrateImpact Family Services
    Ellie Crate Rating: 5
    Fantastic service, I have referred people to this service. Will continue to do so, very professional and people I have referred have all give me great feedback on how helpful and patient they have been with them.
    23rd December 2021
    PK Rating: 5
    The staff have been so helpful and very kind. I actually felt so comfortable speaking with the staff and they explained everything to me. Made me feel at ease. Thank you so much and thank you for being there for me
    8th December 2021
    Jessica RaineEssex Police
    Jessica Raine Rating: 5
    Great service, easy to use and the frequent updates when action is taken is really encouraging for future referrals.
    26th November 2021
    Jackie Rating: 5
    Responded very quickly to our referral, speaking to the parent within 12 hours and submitting the paperwork for a non molestation order within 36 hours. At every step of the way we were kept informed. Fast, efficient and would recommend to others.
    8th November 2021
    Jackie Rating: 5
    Responded very quickly to our referral, speaking to the parent within 12 hours and submitting the paperwork for a non molestation order within 36 hours. At every step of the way we were kept informed. Fast, efficient and would recommend to others.
    8th November 2021
    Andy PayneNHS - Health IDVA
    Andy Payne Rating: 5
    I work as an IDVA for the NHS, working alongside the Police. The service that NCDV offer is so good, easy to complete, fast service, we are always kept up to date. The most important of victims get a first class service, that for many has taken them a while to get to this point. I can only praise the service as it actually has a positive affect on victims and can literally save life's
    8th November 2021
    Stephanie HarperFortalice Ltd
    Stephanie Harper Rating: 5
    Absolutely fantastic, as always.
    8th November 2021
    PC 6105 HOOPERwest midlands police
    PC 6105 HOOPER Rating: 5
    This service is fantastic and helped to keep many vulnerable victims safe, all credit to the amazing staff.
    3rd November 2021
    LouiseSouth West Surrey Domestic Abuse - Guildford/Waverley
    Louise Rating: 5
    Always have an excellent service from NCDV team, thank you for all your hard work to make our clients journey a little smoother.
    27th October 2021
    DC 703 LEWIN Rating: 5
    I've always found the NCDV to be a fantastic service. Very efficient and a huge help to victims of crime, particularly when they don't want to engage with the criminal justice system. The efficiency of how the NCDV works is really impressive and they play a really important part in keeping vulnerable people safe.
    27th October 2021
    Sakira IntrabalNia
    Sakira Intrabal Rating: 5
    Really positive engagement and updates from staff. All queries were answered and my client was given multiple options to suit her needs.
    27th October 2021
    L Rating: 5
    Thank you so much NCDV, for all your help and advice which positively changed my life and wellbeing. I was originally referred to you by the police, and further supported by a local organisation which helps women affected by domestic abuse and violence. You helped me to obtain a Non-Molestation Order. So much of domestic violence happens away from anyone else due to the nature of the perpetrators intentions. Therefore, its incredibly difficult to cope with, describe in words to others or to prove and the court to take seriously, however I had gathered evidence, with more if required, to substantiate my case. The Non-Molestation Order made a positive difference to make me feel safe. I cannot describe how your help, support and the services you provide were and still are appreciated. I can't thank you enough for being there at a time of desperate need. I realise the importance of your services during the Covid 19 pandemic whilst isolating through lockdown, where events by perpetrators would significantly impact an increase on the demand and need for your amazing support.
    27th October 2021
    VICKI OUHTIT Rating: 5
    27th October 2021
    Leah PawlLiaison and diversion
    Leah Pawl Rating: 5
    I had only recently heard of NCDV and when I was supporting a service user who fitted the requirements to request a non-molestation order, I was so impressed with the speed and diligence in which this referral was handled by yourselves. I have highly recommended your organization with in my team and the other organisations that I work with. Thank you all so much for the work you do
    13th October 2021
    S HortonWest Yorkshire Police
    S Horton Rating: 5
    Thank you for your hard work, you provide a service which I have come to rely on when dealing with victims/suspects of domestic abuse. The speed and quality of your work is something that provides victims with a significant amount of re-assurance and confidence in being open with us and other safeguarding organisations about their experiences. Your hard work does not go un-noticed and certainly does not go un-appreciated. Mine is a common opinion held by all the officer's within my department!
    5th October 2021
    Adele CopperLook ahead
    Adele Copper Rating: 5
    Very easy and quick referral. Updates given and client feels supported.
    24th September 2021
    Becky GoffinEarly Childhood and Family Service
    Becky Goffin Rating: 5
    Thank you so much for helping a family that i am supporting to obtain a non-molestation order. I have been very impressed with your service. Your communication has been excellent as you have updated me throughout. I will definitely be using your service again. Thank you so much!
    14th September 2021
    Onagh O'HaganHestia
    Onagh O'Hagan Rating: 5
    Client was contacted shortly after initial referral, the service received by client was professional, supportive and timely, as the referrer I was kept informed throughout the process which supported Hestia in exploring clients experiences, thus adding further robustness to their essential safety planning - I would highly recommend this service to all service users;
    31st August 2021
    Jazz BansilFamily Solutions
    Jazz Bansil Rating: 5
    Really grateful for the service provided, it was quick and easy. Within a week an order was granted really impressed with how efficient the service is and the communication has been amazing Thank you for all your help
    25th August 2021
    Jen HowThames Valley Police
    Jen How Rating: 5
    Contacted victim quickly, clarifiesd information with me, kept me updated and worked expeditiously with the victim - excellent service for the victim
    23rd August 2021
    Aidan QuarrieMerseyside Police
    Aidan Quarrie Rating: 5
    NCDV offer an outstanding Service. They have helped and continue to help victims of domestic abuse and act quickly and efficiently on any referrals made.
    23rd August 2021
    Rebecca ParrNorthamptonshire Office of the Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner
    Rebecca Parr Rating: 5
    very helpful service, great feedback regarding referrals. Fantastic help for victims of domestic abuse!
    20th August 2021
    Teresa AlfordThe Next Chapter
    Teresa Alford Rating: 5
    Always a prompt , very good service.
    20th August 2021
    PC FAIRLEYWiltshire Police
    PC FAIRLEY Rating: 5
    Incredible service - fast acting, discrete and always go above and beyond. Within 12hrs of a referral they had made contact, started the process of a non-mol, an occupancy order and arranged for a family solicitor to make contact the following day.
    20th August 2021
    Mrs FNCODV
    Mrs F Rating: 5
    Absolutely lovely people, non judgmental and you really helped me. I truly thank you 🙏
    20th August 2021
    Rebecca ParrNorthamptonshire Office of the Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner
    Rebecca Parr Rating: 5
    great service, quick response and kept up to date with proceedings at all times.
    20th August 2021
    DA Rating: 5
    I thought there was no 1 out there who could help me and I was alone but ncdv helped me they are professional and are there to help I don't know what I would of done if they where not there I thank them so much
    5th August 2021
    DS Rating: 5
    Knowing me and my child/ren are safer now means alot thank you so much I am 100% happy with the support you have given me and my family.x
    3rd August 2021
    Matthew BAKERWiltshire Police
    Matthew BAKER Rating: 5
    Impartial of the Police but invaluable to victims of abuse.
    28th July 2021
    PC 77211 MACNAMARAEssex Police
    PC 77211 MACNAMARA Rating: 5
    As always, outstanding. Kept up to date with progress of applications applied for or third party referrals.
    28th July 2021
    samantha howsonSYP
    samantha howson Rating: 5
    Fantastic that the young female has had some sort of outcome despite being unable to go through a police investigation at this time
    28th July 2021
    Laura WalkerBolton Children's Services
    Laura Walker Rating: 5
    Extremely quick professional response, referral took seconds to complete and I was updated regularly. Would highly recommend.
    28th July 2021
    Louise MorganHome-Start North East Worcestershire
    Louise Morgan Rating: 5
    Very efficient service. I have been kept up to date with the progress of the application made for the family I am working with. We completed the free training offered that explained their service and how to make a referral - Highly recommend.
    28th July 2021
    Fatima ChopdatChildren and Family Wellbeing Service
    Fatima Chopdat Rating: 5
    Great service, family was contacted straightway and support provided. Mother feels safe at home and in community.
    19th July 2021
    NatalieNoa girls
    Natalie Rating: 5
    The staff is very friendly, sensitive and helpful! Thank you for your help and support
    13th July 2021
    N.WitteridgeHerts Police
    N.Witteridge Rating: 5
    Quick, efficient, invaluable. Always a call 1 service. Thank you for what you do.
    13th July 2021
    sharon InsullDerby Health visiting team - Chellaston/ sinfin
    sharon Insull Rating: 5
    The work of NCDV is incredible . The referral system is quick and so simple and follow up for the victim is fast. Communication excellent - The update emails are appreciated so records can be updated and follow up with the victim if needed to ensure the support is continued . The victim supported following my referral has been so grateful and reassured that she can protect herself and children. Thank you fro your incredible work . I will continue to promote your work to other professionals and victims
    13th July 2021
    SSelf Referral
    S Rating: 5
    Thank you so much NCDV, for all your recent help and advice. I was originally referred to you by an organisation which helps women affected by domestic abuse and violence. You helped me to obtain a Non-Molestation Order. You also gave me prompt and effective help and advice on obtaining an extension in the Non-Molestation Order. So much of domestic violence happens away from any witnesses and can be difficult to cope with, describe in words to others or to prove.... The Non-Molestation Order has really made a positive difference to me and to my children, helping us to feel safe. Your help, support and the services you provide are really appreciated. I can't thank you enough for being there at a time of need.
    13th July 2021
    PC1525 HILLNorthamptonshire Police
    PC1525 HILL Rating: 5
    I was extremely pleased by the service provided by the NCDV concerning a victim I have been dealing with. Upon submitting the referral for the Victim, the NCDV had made quick contact and arranged a meeting with a Solicitor. This particular case has resulted in a court hearing that has now taken place where the provision of an order has been agreed. This will further safeguard the victim and provide further reassurance to them.
    13th July 2021
    HReferred a family member
    H Rating: 5
    NCDV were very helpful, understanding, empathetic and knowledgable. They listened and were quick to act.
    13th July 2021
    jenniferVictim Support
    jennifer Rating: 5
    Thank you for your work. 🙂
    13th July 2021
    Chloe HardwickCambridgeshire County Council
    Chloe Hardwick Rating: 5
    Really fast response and great at keeping the referrer updated on the progress. Non-mol was granted within the week.
    13th July 2021
    PC Adam RobertsCumbria Police
    PC Adam Roberts Rating: 5
    We continue to be amazed at the services offered by the NCDV. As per usual victims of crime who are unwilling to enter the criminal justice system are engaged with the civil courts in a timely and professional manner. The work undertaken by the staff and volunteers of the NCDV is crucial in protecting some for the most vulnerable people we work with. The NCDV is a fantastic resource that ensures those people who need it most are protected and must be credited with the speed in which their interventions can be facilitated.
    11th June 2021
    PC HAYER Rating: 5
    Amazing service to support victims of domestic violence. Very quick in processing applications.
    8th June 2021
    BenWiltshire Police
    Ben Rating: 5
    As always, absolutely brilliant. An amazing organization, without we would struggle to safeguard so many victims.
    8th June 2021
    SGT TURNERdorset police
    SGT TURNER Rating: 5
    really simple application to refer someone to. I was kept up to date with progression (which was quick)- including the result which provided peace of mind. thank you great service.
    8th June 2021
    PC James RichardsKENT POLICE
    PC James Richards Rating: 5
    Very good, fast response and kept updated in a lot of depth. I don't think a victim could ask for more.
    8th June 2021
    Amy Rating: 5
    Brilliant service and really helpful thanks
    24th May 2021
    RSelf Referral
    R Rating: 5
    The help I received from NCDV has changed my life. When I thought no-one could protect me they helped me get a Non-Molestation order which was granted quicker than I could ever have hoped for. Me and my children are finally so much safer and I couldn’t be more grateful. I don’t know what I would’ve done without NCDV and I hope other women in my position can find them for help, they’re angels.
    17th May 2021
    Moreblessings MawemaCambridgeshire County Council
    Moreblessings Mawema Rating: 5
    Been brilliant being updated as the case progresses. Thank you!
    17th May 2021
    Suna ParlakAsian Women's Resource Centre
    Suna Parlak Rating: 5
    Thank you for excepting my clients' referrals and act on them so quickly. I have been working with you for the last 4 years and cannot thank you enough for the support you showed towards my clients when they were in their most vulnerable position.
    17th May 2021
    Nicola RichardsonWigan Borough Domestic Abuse Service
    Nicola Richardson Rating: 5
    Excellent Service AGAIN, always extremely reliable and excellent customer service. We were kept updated throughout the process, really professional and extremely helpful, definitely recommend. Thank you
    17th May 2021
    0084 Ben BrownWiltshire Police
    0084 Ben Brown Rating: 5
    Always a great service, amazed how quickly you respond and action the non mols and every victim who uses you has nothing but nice things to say. We are so fortunate to have an organization like you, the work safeguards so many victims when we cannot.
    17th May 2021
    AS Rating: 5
    Thank God there’s people like you help me with people like you thank you
    17th May 2021
    Nicky RodbourneSouth Yorkshire Police
    Nicky Rodbourne Rating: 5
    Very happy with the quick reply. The most important part is that the victim will be more at ease knowing she will be protected which is what she wanted thank you
    30th April 2021
    Grant SnowEssex Police
    Grant Snow Rating: 5
    Yet again, the support and advice offered to my victims by NCDV is excellent, it adds additional safe guards and protection. Not only that, but it helps victims to regain some confidence and begin the road to recovery.
    27th April 2021
    KJWirral Council
    KJ Rating: 5
    Thank you so much for supporting a family that I have recently referred. Your response has been fantastic and mum and her children will greatly benefit from this. The process has been simple and very effective. Thank you Katherine
    19th April 2021
    Sarah WillisRising Sun Domestic Abuse Charity
    Sarah Willis Rating: 5
    NCDV are quick in responding to my applications for clients. They are professional and keep myself and my clients updated at all times. I am extremely happy with their service.
    15th April 2021
    Pc Toby WELLSEssex Police
    Pc Toby WELLS Rating: 5
    Within a few hours of submitting a referral, contact has been made with a victim of a domestic incident and a non-mol application is being progressed. Fantastic service, as usual.
    8th April 2021
    Nicola RichardsonWigan Borough Domestic Abuse Service
    Nicola Richardson Rating: 5
    Excellent Service. Extremely Helpful, knowledgeable and Great Communication always. Thank you
    8th April 2021
    PC 737 LEWISSuffolk Police
    PC 737 LEWIS Rating: 5
    I use the NCDV referral scheme regularly for work and it has always been superb and the people are very keen to help and make it very easy to help victims with support for Non-molestation orders. Very good organisation and I will continue to use the service.
    6th April 2021
    Pc HolmesPolice
    Pc Holmes Rating: 5
    This is a fantastic app that is simple to use and provides plenty of updates throughout the process once the victim has been referred.
    1st April 2021
    O. Rating: 5
    Thank you I had my non moleststion order approved and done on New Year’s Eve. I cannot thank the team enough and have helped me though the whole process thank you
    26th March 2021
    jennifer EldredDomestic Abuse support Officer
    jennifer Eldred Rating: 5
    thank you to all of you for the extremely hard work you do and your quick responses without your service we would all be at a loss.
    25th March 2021
    Teresa AlfordThe Next Chapter
    Teresa Alford Rating: 5
    Excellent , prompt service as always. They keep you and client updated throughout & provide essential , great support.
    22nd March 2021
    Dilek OnganIMECE Women's Centre
    Dilek Ongan Rating: 5
    I am working with women who experienced violence and request legal support from NCDV for the women who are struggling to find a solicitor, especially in No Recourse to Public Fund cases. NCDV is making a huge impact on their life by supporting them in legal matters. While they are starting a new violence-free life NCDV's support is empowering them. Thank you very much for all your hard work. Kind regards
    22nd March 2021
    Rebekah Palmer-JonesDevon & Cornwall police
    Rebekah Palmer-Jones Rating: 5
    Very quick and efficient service. I was kept updated throughout and NCDV have helped me provide excellent victim service
    15th March 2021
    IzzieLiving without abuse
    Izzie Rating: 5
    Amazing service really fast to act
    12th March 2021
    Robin Morgandorset police
    Robin Morgan Rating: 5
    very quick and efficient. Two days from contact with victim to having a court date.
    12th March 2021
    Ruth FairbairnCambridgeshire County Council
    Ruth Fairbairn Rating: 5
    I referred one of my clients online for an application for a Non Molestation Order. The team worked extremely fast and have been super efficient at keeping me in touch with the application, and my client feels really well supported. Thanks!
    10th March 2021
    Emily ColdwellWest Yorkshire Police
    Emily Coldwell Rating: 5
    The response to a referral I made was absolutely brilliant. You made contact very quickly and I am being kept up to date with each step that's taken. Fantastic service from a referral point of view.
    5th March 2021
    Louise DobbsNextlink housing domestic abuse services
    Louise Dobbs Rating: 5
    Easy referral process, referral acted upon promptly
    5th March 2021
    D Rating: 5
    In contacting these people I felt so much relief is the knowledge of their safegurding and guidance to help anyone who has been at the hands of DV... fast effective undestanding and very professional...
    25th February 2021
    Nicola RichardsonWigan Borough Domestic Abuse Service
    Nicola Richardson Rating: 5
    Fantastic Service, always extremely helpful and informative. Communication is excellent at all times.
    25th February 2021
    Tracey WoodFamily Support Service Hampshire County Council
    Tracey Wood Rating: 5
    Almost instant support for a woman who has been significantly traumatised due to systematic verbal, emotional and physical abuse during her relationship and for 9 years after leaving her partner. 2 days after my referral to this service she feels strong and empowered to finally stand up to the perpetrator and put and end to this ongoing abuse towards her and her family.
    18th February 2021
    EO Rating: 5
    Brilliant service from start to finish the whole process was made quick, easy and hassle free. Constant communication and updates throughout the process, thanks for all your help
    16th February 2021
    P Rating: 5
    Thank you so much. I really can't thank you enough, I want to hug you. You helped me with my non molestation order, after I lost all hope, because of the amount I had to pay towards Legal Aid. The amount of £498 per month, would of meant me going bankrupt, and I wouldn't of been able to protect my 7 year old daughter. You contacted me, and helpef me with the form and witness statement. My non molestation order was granted, and has now been served. I really can't thank you enough. You are wonderful, amazing people, going out of your way to protect us. I hope one day, to be able to help people, like you have. So thank you so much. No words, can express how I feel.
    16th February 2021
    Josh LindleyEssex Police
    Josh Lindley Rating: 5
    A super organisation that unlike most external agencies actually delivers. In 3 days a non-molestation order has been placed on a suspect which is extremely useful as in this specific incident a prosecution was highly unlikely due to a lack of evidence.
    16th February 2021
    Linda PoverLocal Authority
    Linda Pover Rating: 5
    Fantastic service. Really quick response and support provided the same day. Thank you very much!
    16th February 2021
    Rani Kaur - IDVAChurches Housing Association of Dudley and District - CHADD
    Rani Kaur - IDVA Rating: 5
    Excellent response to referrals I have made, I am kept updated about the referrals made for my clients. During Covid-19 I have relied on your service a lot more for my clients for an quick response in regards to Non-Molestation Orders.
    12th February 2021
    Jayne MClarion Housing Association
    Jayne M Rating: 5
    This is such an amazing service. After undergoing the training I was keen to make referrals where appropriate to help those in need. I made my first referral just a few weeks ago and the case has already been to court with a successful outcome. The service is so efficient and quick. Updates are sent throughout and this has been of such great comfort and assistance to a very vulnerable and at risk resident who commented that they did not where to begin with what they'd been advised they needed to do. I cannot praise the service highly enough. Thank you
    10th February 2021
    Nicola RichardsonWigan Borough Domestic Abuse Service
    Nicola Richardson Rating: 5
    Amazing Service, always extremely helpful and informative. Excellent Communication, with an update as soon as the referral has been received and ongoing updates throughout. Even in some cases where a Non Molestation order has not been the best option the advice then given to the client and other options made available was fantastic. Very Friendly staff over the phone also. Thank you
    5th February 2021
    Claire BallAylesbury Women's Aid
    Claire Ball Rating: 5
    An invaluable service and so incredibly easy to refer to, I have always experienced excellent communication and all referrals have been dealt with professionally and promptly.
    4th February 2021
    Michaela KohlsSussex Police
    Michaela Kohls Rating: 5
    Such a quick response to advise that all paperwork has already been sent to the solicitor.
    4th February 2021
    Deana YoungWomen's Aid
    Deana Young Rating: 4
    This is the first time i have used this service, very quick and efficient with regular updates. Thank you
    4th February 2021
    Charlie HallSuffolk Police
    Charlie Hall Rating: 5
    So happy to know that this service is there to help and support vulnerable victims. I recently put in a referral for a woman who's ex partner had contacted her (only once) but in terms of offences there wasn't much I was able to do, despite her telling me his DV history (including breaching a non mol for previous partner). I'm so pleased that there's an option to help safeguard her further when we're limited as to what we can do. I got an email less than 24 hours later saying that a solicitor had been assigned to the case.
    4th February 2021
    JamesCambridgeshire Constabulary
    James Rating: 5
    Anybody that works for the police knows that very rarely hard work is appreciated and noticed. The work that your organisation puts in is above and beyond and saves us a police future work with parties that either don't want to engage, or can't pursue a criminal case. Ensuring that adequate safeguarding measures can be implemented and followed up/acted on. Thank you for all of your hard work
    28th January 2021
    Michelle BeckettYWCA
    Michelle Beckett Rating: 5
    I am astonished at how quick this service is. The referral form is 30 seconds. The staff are polite and helpful. They do not give up after a missed phone call. This service should be more widely known. I had no idea that NCDV existed until my company signed me up for the training. When protecting, men and women who are abused, getting protection in place quickly is essential. This service does that and it is so reassuring that this service exists. Keep up the good work, you are essential.
    26th January 2021
    Becky NewtonSplitz
    Becky Newton Rating: 5
    The quickest ,easiest & most efficient service I have ever come across !Thank you for making my life as an IDVA so much easier
    25th January 2021
    Sharon PayneHestia Domestic Abuse Services
    Sharon Payne Rating: 5
    Excellent service, so quick to respond and action the application for my client for a Non - Molestation Order: Have been kept updated will the case development by email at each stage: Will most defiantly recommend and will use this service more often
    18th January 2021
    Pc 3730 NorrisAvon and Somerset Constabulary
    Pc 3730 Norris Rating: 5
    14th January 2021
    Jai EdwardMerseyside Police
    Jai Edward Rating: 5
    I cannot fault the NCDV. They are so helpful and many victims I have dealt with have engaged solely because of NCDV involvement. Their response is quick and effective, and I have no doubt they have saved countless lives as a result. Thank you, and please continue the great work you are doing.
    12th January 2021
    Katrina BurgeNext Link
    Katrina Burge Rating: 5
    Fantastic service - I referred via Refer Direct online, and within 30 minutes my client had been contacted and an update on the referral was in my inbox. Client is very happy with the communication they have had, and pleased with how quickly things are moving. Would recommend NCDV 100%.
    11th January 2021
    R Rating: 5
    As I sit here crying thinking of what you have done for me I can’t thank you enough xxx
    11th January 2021
    Adepeju OtufoworaLondon Black Women's Project
    Adepeju Otufowora Rating: 5
    I am very pleased with your service, for the service user that I am supporting. Thanks a lot.
    7th January 2021
    EllaWomen's aid in Luton
    Ella Rating: 5
    I couldn't reccomend this service more. I refer all my clients who are interested in getting injunctions. I have also made calls to get advice. The workers are always knowledgeable and easy to talk to. They deal with everything in great time and keep me updated as the referrer. A great service that is making a difference to many survivors of domestic abuse!
    7th January 2021
    Beverley MartinLancashire Women
    Beverley Martin Rating: 5
    Prompt, professional service. The App is so easy to use. Good to know NCDV are there at the touch of a button.
    4th January 2021
    Nick hartlandStaffordshire police
    Nick hartland Rating: 5
    Brilliant service within a few hours of making the referral I had an email stating that a solicitor had been appointed to the ip and forwarding the process to gain the non molestation order wanted. Very efficient
    29th December 2020
    PC Jamie Holland 750Suffolk Constabulary
    PC Jamie Holland 750 Rating: 5
    Sometimes during police work it is fustrating where no crimes has been committed however previously there has been, especially when it comes to domestics. I contacted NCDV and within 5 hours I had an email back stating a solicitor has been allocated the victim for one specific job. Long story short a non-mol was issued on the suspect and awaiting this to go to court to get this all confirmed. Brilliant service and have advised colleagues to use NCDV in future and will look to use more often to help victims.
    22nd December 2020
    Sara ReaderWest Midlands Police
    Sara Reader Rating: 5
    Very quick and professional service.
    22nd December 2020
    Andrew ClarkeSandwell Council
    Andrew Clarke Rating: 5
    Absolutely excellent service provided. I referred a case that had been considered (but was unsuitable) for ASB Tools and Powers late on a Friday afternoon, and by Monday Morning an update was provided showing excellent progress on the matter.
    22nd December 2020
    Adepeju OtufoworaLondon Black Women's Project
    Adepeju Otufowora Rating: 5
    I am very pleased with your prompt response.
    22nd December 2020
    Urooj ibrarSaif homes
    Urooj ibrar Rating: 5
    The team at NCDV have been so amazingly helpful. a support worker, this gives me confidence about reassuring clients about your service and it is also refreshing for clients to work with a support agency that responds so quickly and without having to go through a long referral process. Thanks alot for helping my clint in her diffivult time and updaiting me on every stage.
    22nd December 2020
    J Rating: 5
    The team at NCDV have been so amazingly helpful during a particularly difficult time. I was feeling lost and did not know where to turn next but they gave me genuinely useful advice and guided me through the process of taking legal action when it all felt so overwhelming. Every team member I've spoken to seems to really care and whenever they have said they would do something it has been done with the highest level of professionalism and urgency. I'm so very grateful.
    16th December 2020
    Jon AblittElim Housing
    Jon Ablitt Rating: 5
    It's reassuring how quickly and efficiently you respond after the initial referral. As a support worker, this gives me confidence about reassuring clients about your service and it is also refreshing for clients to work with a support agency that responds so quickly and without having to go through a long referral process.
    16th December 2020
    Jake AshallTrafford Strategic Safeguarding Partnership
    Jake Ashall Rating: 4
    Tony ran 4 workshops for us over a period of about 4 weeks to over 200 practitioners working with children, adults and families across Trafford. These workshops were really well received and I had had a number of positive reviews from staff afterwards stating they feel far better equipped to support those affected by domestic abuse with seeking orders or other general support.
    10th December 2020
    PC Aaron Harvey 1884Dorset Police
    PC Aaron Harvey 1884 Rating: 5
    Fast, easy service to request on behalf of victims of DA.
    4th December 2020
    James LabibDevon and Cornwall Police
    James Labib Rating: 5
    Thanks for getting in touch with victim so quickly after the referral. Received an update to say with the help of a solicitor a Non Mol was successfully applied for which should hopefully help give her some protection and peace of mind
    2nd December 2020
    Julie MorganClarion Housing
    Julie Morgan Rating: 5
    Very quick response within hrs, after making referral for a client of mine. NCDV rang client and all information gone over to solicitor. Thank you
    2nd December 2020
    shahid razaMet Police
    shahid raza Rating: 5
    Contacted NCDV via app, quick responses from all concerned and updated on a regular basis. Fantastic that as organisations we have acted to assist our mutual client achieve a positive outcome. Keep up the good work
    2nd December 2020
    Bel CooperSplitz Devon Domestic Support Service.
    Bel Cooper Rating: 5
    Excellent service. It was so good to be kept informed along the way with the progress of the application as it meant we were able to guide our most vulnerable clients appropriately. I will most definitely be using the Service again and recommending to others.
    26th November 2020
    Agnes BaidenToynbee Hall
    Agnes Baiden Rating: 5
    Had a quick response for my client, even though we are in lockdown and people are working from home. Well done.
    19th November 2020
    Ali BurgeEarly Help:Rural Selby Team, North Yorks County Council
    Ali Burge Rating: 5
    NCDV have acted swiftly for the client and have kept me, as the referrer, informed of progress. Such an important and helpful service for those in need of support and protection
    18th November 2020
    anonnymousanonymous company
    anonnymous Rating: 5
    I have had a fantastic experience, all of my families referred have been able to apply for orders helping them to feel empowered and listened too. Thank you so much for all your help and support. I have to remain annonymous due to the nature of my role.
    16th November 2020
    Ceri Halsted-FusseyGloucestershire County Council - Early Help
    Ceri Halsted-Fussey Rating: 5
    Outstanding service. Easy referral for professionals and victims and such a quick response. Our department only ever have positives to say about this support service. You make a huge difference to peoples lives.
    16th November 2020
    Nicola RichardsonDomestic Abuse Team Wigan
    Nicola Richardson Rating: 5
    I have used your service quite a few times for my clients and each and every time the service has been excellent. Extremely efficient and fast to make contact. Also really helpful and friendly. Thank you
    16th November 2020
    Muhammed MiahMetropolitan Police
    Muhammed Miah Rating: 5
    Fast, easy, no fuss process for referral. I was extremely surprised at how fast everything was done. All paperwork already sent to the solicitor so they can apply for a Non-Molestation order, completed just a day after referral was made. Very impressed.
    9th November 2020
    zina hanajikovaStop Domestic Abuse
    zina hanajikova Rating: 5
    Service from NCDV is very reliable with personal approach. Many of my client's were supported through your services to obtain protective order and the process was fast and tailored to their personal needs.
    9th November 2020
    Steph HarperFortalice
    Steph Harper Rating: 5
    5 star service! Easy to refer and great communication.
    6th November 2020
    Gemma EvansMerseyside
    Gemma Evans Rating: 5
    I have recently referred a victim to yourselves for support and assistance with a non molestation order. The service that the victim received was very fast, professional and effective which the victim greatly appreciated at a very stressful and emotional time. Thank You
    5th November 2020
    PC22721 FarrantHampshire Constabulary
    PC22721 Farrant Rating: 5
    These guys are absolutely fantastic. They are so helpful and supportive to the referrals sent through. They keep you up to date on how things are going which is nice as you know the victims are being supported. Well done NCDV fantastic service, thank you.
    4th November 2020
    david wallaceSuffolk Constabulary
    david wallace Rating: 5
    I think this is an exceptional tool in safeguarding victims of domestic abuse. The NCDV act very quickly to referrals that are made with a positive outcome on many occasions
    4th November 2020
    Becky FenemoreGCC
    Becky Fenemore Rating: 5
    Brilliant Service. Quick responses to referrals & always kept updated on progress.
    29th October 2020
    PC HILTONWarwickshire Police
    PC HILTON Rating: 5
    I have now used this service multiple times and each time I receive a fantastic, efficient service. NCDV contact the victim either the same day or at the latest the next day. Vicitm's feel reassured and safeguarded by the excellent service in getting a non-molestation order so fast and as a police officer this is amazing to hear from victims. Thank you NCDV for all the amazing work you all do, it honestly makes such a positive difference to victims of DV.
    27th October 2020

    Every review has a story to tell


    At NCDV we take every client seriously which is why your feedback is so important to us. It means we can continue to serve you as best we can. Please leave us a review.

    By Fiona Bawden, Times Online (8th May 2007)

    “Steve Connor, a student at City Law School, is a man on a mission. Six years ago he was a fairly directionless 27-year-old. Today, as well as taking the Bar Vocational Course, he is chairman of the National Centre for Domestic Violence, a ground-breaking organisation that he dragged into existence after a friend could not get legal help to protect her from an abusive partner.

    Connor’s route to the Bar has been circuitous. In 2001 he returned from a year in Australia (he says that he would not dignify describing it as a gap year), and took a job as a process server in South London. The job (“I just saw it advertised in the paper”) was not quite as dull as it sounds. On one occasion he was threatened with a machete, on another, he was nearly stabbed by a man he had arranged to meet on Clapham Common to serve with a non-molestation order: “He’d seemed really friendly on the phone…”

    The turning point in his life came when a friend, who was being abused by her partner, turned to him for support. Connor went with her to the police. She did not want to press criminal charges so the police suggested that she visit a solicitor to take out a civil injunction. “We must have seen 12 solicitors in a morning. We just went from one to the next to the next to the next. Everyone was very eager to help until we sat down to fill in the forms for the legal aid means test,” he says. The woman, who had a small child, did not qualify for public funding. But, Connor says, her financial situation as it appeared on paper did not bear any relation to her financial situation in reality. “She had a part-time job and she and her partner owned their home. Yet she didn’t have any money. Her boyfriend was very controlling and controlled all the money; he kept the chequebooks and didn’t let her have access to the bank account.”

    The injustice of the situation got under Connor’s skin. “I just couldn’t believe that there was no help available to people who did not qualify for public funds but could not afford to pay.

    I just kept feeling that this must be able to be sorted if only someone would address it.”That “someone” turned out to be him.

    In 2002, thanks entirely to Connor’s doggedness, the London Centre for Domestic Violence was formed. It started out with him and a friend, but is now a national organisation, covering 27 counties, and has helped approximately 10,000 victims last year to take out injunctions against their partners.

    NCDV now has nine full-time staff, 12 permanent volunteers and has trained over 5000 law and other students as McKenzie Friends to accompany unrepresented victims into court. We have also trained over 8000 police officers in civil remedies available regarding domestic violence. The National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) has branches in London, Guildford and Manchester and is on track to have branches in 16 areas within the next two years.

    NCDV specialises exclusively in domestic violence work and could be characterised as a cross between McDonald’s and Claims Direct. The high degree of specialisation means that its processes are streamlined: clients can be seen quickly and the work is done speedily and cheaply. “Sometimes, we will have one of our trained McKenzie Friends at a court doing 10 applications in one day,” Connor says.

    Clients are not charged for the service. NCDV staff take an initial statement: clients who qualify for legal aid are referred to a local firm; those that don’t get free help from the centre itself. It runs on a shoestring, heavily reliant on volunteers and capping staff salaries at £18,000 a year.

    Steve expects to qualify as a barrister this summer and hopes that having a formal legal qualification will give the centre added clout. “We are already acknowledged as experts and consulted at a high level, so I thought it would be helpful if I could back that up by being able to say I’m a barrister,” he says. He is just about to complete a one-year full-time BVC course at the City Law School (formerly the Inns of Court Law School) and, all being well, should be called to the Bar in July. Although Connor sees his long-term future as a barrister, he says that he has no immediate plans to practise. “I want to get NCDV running on a fully national level. Then I may take a step back and have a career at the Bar.”