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Oliver GaddStaffordshire PoliceMany thanks for the update Suzanne and the excellent work you and your colleagues do each day. It does not go unnoticed.516th January 2020
Proud, India, PC3926Nottinghamshire PoliceI think this referral process is so brilliant and quick I'll be using it a lot more with my vulnerable victims of DV. Thanks516th January 2020
Dc Kerry Fosterwiltshire policeVery good service, victim will be pleased with the outcome of NCDVs quick response and actions.514th January 2020
JamesCambridgeshire ConstabularyGreat service. On a couple of occasions the team have provided victims with non-molestation orders when they are not engaging with police56th January 2020
AnonNCDVI cannot thank all the people who I was in contact during a turbulent and difficult time in my life when I survived a physically and emotionally abusive relationship. All the people at NCDV were so supportive, attentive and caring towards me and gave me the strength to stand for my rights. If I didn't get the confidence to make the decision to file a non molestation order against my ex partner from the NCDV, I wouldn't have been safe today. Thank you to everyone who gave me sound legal advice, assisted in writing my legal statement and providing multiple support networks in the difficult time. Everyone is doing such a fantastic job and deserve all the credit and award.527th December 2019
Michael BrewsterStaffordshire PoliceAbsolutely brilliant service from the NCDV and this is the norm. A great tool for police officers on the frontline and gives us the chance to help those who need us the most. The speed with which they try to action referrals is amazing. I can't praise them enough!513th December 2019
PC FentonStaffordshire PoliceFantastic service every time and such a big help to those in need.513th December 2019
Mohammed ChowdreyMPSNon-Mol obtained by NCDV in quick time. The only agency we can recommend knowing they are brilliant.59th December 2019
JSPublicI’ve had to deal with a case & with the support/assistance from “Jazmine” (My apologies if not spelt correctly) was absolutely amazing! The order was granted & far exceeded my expectations. Thank you not only to the NCDV but also the team through the experience Jazmine you are a credit! To NCDV “Thank You!”56th December 2019
DC Bodfield 1944West Yorkshire PoliceContact made will victim very quickly, advised her of her options regarding non molestation order, and successfully obtained one on her behalf.56th December 2019
BenWiltshire PoliceThis has been a really easy process to assist police with supporting a vulnerable victim of domestic abuse. The victim feels so much safer since the help has been put in place for her - thank you for everything that you do.53rd December 2019
LMPNlsAmazing528th November 2019
PC HALL 258suffolk constabularyVery impressed with how quickly the situation was dealt with.518th November 2019
Tom Catescambridgeshirevery quick response and very helpful515th November 2019
Karen HalfordEssex PoliceWhat a brilliant service. This is my first experience of using the app on my phone and I have to say what a breath of fresh air to have a referral that literally takes seconds! Within 2hrs our victim had received a call from your service - brilliant, exactly what we need to be able to reassure people who are in abusive relationships. I know that by the time we had left she felt reassured and secure knowing that everything was being done to support her515th November 2019
Meena NaharVictim Supportthank you for your providing a good service to our clients.415th November 2019
pc 630 emma williamscambs policegood at keeping me up to date. have assisted where police would struggle with512th November 2019
AMyselfManaged to let me have some level of control back over my life. And quickly. Which was very important511th November 2019
Keith YoungThe Maple Project, Dorset PoliceI have been really impressed by the service provided by the NCDV to High Risk DA Victims that I have supported. In most cases my clients receive their initial call within a day of my referring them to you and in several cases an application for an emergency Non-Molestation Order has been activated very soon after that provided them with much needed legal protection at a time when they are very vulnerable or scared..56th November 2019
Ben FosterWiltshire PoliceI made a referral for a victim of domestic abuse who was very worried, she has had poor service from agencies in the past and had little faith that her police interaction would yield any results. She agreed to an NCDV referral and within less than 3 hours the victim had been contacted and lots of support had been put in place for her. Thank you for such great service, for both the victim and for the police!55th November 2019
MariaNoneQuick response and help issued.55th November 2019
Michelle BurfieldMy Sisters HouseThe service at NCDV is amazing. It is easy to refer on line and getting a response and update is great as I can update my client. We recently had some AMAZING Training by Sally.54th November 2019
Pc 22821 KhumaloWest Midlands Policevery good and efficient54th November 2019
Julie HigdonWiltshire PoliceAny referral made to NCDV is dealt with promptly and the service user is contacted within hours of the referral being put in. This is reassuring for victims who are willing to seek a non-molestation order and also reflects on Police that they do want to help and can do something that will be actioned immediately to protect them. The referral is basic and takes seconds to complete. Updates via email are received within a week of the referral being made and can be added to the Police case notes for supervisors or officers dealing with the case to see any progress made.54th November 2019
Chris EllisPoliceEasy and effective to use. Good communication. Great service for victims of DV51st November 2019
Amber GriffithN/AAmazing ! Answered all my questions and the judge granted my order as soon as we walked in b51st November 2019
PC Nick WebberMetropolitan PoliceVery simple process. Excellent service.528th October 2019
Matthew Cunninghamsunflower centre IDVA servicealways very informative, quick and victim focus528th October 2019
Matt EVANSNorthamptonshire policeAbsolutely fantastic service, quick responses back to police and especially the contact being made with domestic victims after the referral has been completed. I have used the referral system for a few years now and always been kept up to date with regards to any referral as has the victim. I have had numerous victims inform me of the awesome work the staff at NCDV to do for them and how this has helped them in the future and prevent further contact being made by suspects or support further arrests when they breach any non-molestation orders that are put in place. Keep up the fantastic work and pray your service continues for many years to come. Without the support of NCDV in domestic cases I feel there would be far less positive results in domestic outcomes517th October 2019
David SladeSussex PoliceVery helpful to be kept updated and that she is getting the support she deserves514th October 2019
Jai EDWARDMerseyside PoliceIn my experience, I have always found the NCDV to be fair, honest and completely helpful. I find the referrals are straightforward and easy to do. This is an excellent service, which I find more and more people are becoming aware of. Thank you for your great work!514th October 2019
PC 2666 RobertsCumbria PoliceIncredible organisation that offers a quick, considered and appropriate services, enabling victims of crime or those in potentially dangerous circumstances to obtain measure to safeguard themselves or to be referred in. Invaluable work done. Thank you.59th October 2019
Lee HarrisGreater Manchester Policeexcellent quick service59th October 2019
KKNcdvThe ncdv was in touch me continuously. I got information what will happen in my case and what they can help me. I got solicitor and she was very professional at the court. Absolutely good job. Thank you so much59th October 2019
Jamie WebbKent PoliceProving timely updates and working well for the victim59th October 2019
Joe Furey.Staffs PoliceAlways a brilliant, quick service. Thanks.53rd October 2019
PC 4229 VAUGHANThames Valley PoliceWorked with my victim to obtain a non-molestation order which will be instrumental in offering them the on-going protection they need. Kept me in the loop the whole way and victim was very satisfied with the result. Much appreciated53rd October 2019
PC 79310 PENMANESSEX POLICEI have spoke to the victim regarding the assistance she was provided and she gave me feedback to pass on to you. She has stated that she had got the result she wanted by obtaining a Non-Mol Order but stated that contact with her case worker and the organisation was difficult and that it would be better if there was a single number to contact. She did state that she was satisfied with the service. Kind regards David33rd October 2019
Donna KayPoliceContacted for further information which was good, quick response and update emails are particularly helpful.53rd October 2019
martyn peattieMet PoliceFantastic service. Sent a request in for a victim and have had 2 follow up emails within 24 hours and all paperwork for Non Mol at court. This is a fantastic service and a way of ensuring our victims receive the fast action that they require.53rd October 2019
Sonia Mattuvalley houseAmazing service, such a fast response, and love the updates it so helpful. thank you526th September 2019
Rob WrightEsssex Policethis is an amazing service the victim was very happy with the service received523rd September 2019
Pc 3512 StokesPolicekept up to date with any referrals I have made, always a quick efficient service.520th September 2019
Sonia AirdHestiaReferral form very straight forward. Quick response to clients.520th September 2019
Woking Citizens AdviceCitizens AdviceVery efficient service. Feedback on outcome of our referral positive for our vulnerable client.517th September 2019
BenWest Midlands PolicePut a referral in at 12:10hrs and by 12:44hrs NCDV had contacted the victim and arranged for a solicitor to present the case for a non-molestation order. What a fantastic organisation! Thank you514th September 2019
Patricia MorrisBirmingham City CouncilThe training was very informative and the trainer was very knowledgeable on the subject matter also. The trainer presented very well and made the course very enjoyable. Thank you514th September 2019
Jordan SaltNorth Yorkshire police.Very quick to make the referral512th September 2019
PC Kate Maloney DM366Sussex PoliceExcellent prompt service.511th September 2019
PC 3053 BRITTONWest Mercia PolicePrompt replies to the initial referral and once the suspects bail restrictions had been lifted, the non molestation process was started.511th September 2019
Simona De SioRadian HousingI always know when I refer to NCDV that I will be informed on my tenants case and updates on the progress. easy referring system and I downloaded the mobile app which is even quicker. keep up the good work!59th September 2019
dorota abratanskaNew EraThank you for quick respond for my email and ASAP contact with DV client.59th September 2019
Jordan SelbyN/aFriendly quick and easy59th September 2019
ClaireLukeyEssex PoliceNCDV provide a very quick and thorough service which supplements the safeguarding of domestic abuse vicitms Essex Police deal with every day. They make my role as an investigator much easier with the services they provide the victims I deal with when they are at a crisis point in their lives.53rd September 2019
Jack CookeCambridge ConstabularyTruly superb work and a fantastic team. On behalf of the Force and Victims, thank you so much and please continue doing everything you do.52nd September 2019
Pc Abs SHAHMetropolitan Police ServiceI have been using NCDV for around two years. I have been so impressed that I contact your training team and arranged for a training day to be delivered to Met officers. This was very successful. I believe all Met officers should be made aware and I am now considering to arrange for this. Keep up the good work!529th August 2019
Emma SmithAction for childrenExcellent, easy to use service, very good at keeping me up dated on the current situation.529th August 2019
PC 20358 CARRINGTONWest Mercia PoliceHi, I would just like to say that I use this service regularly and it is a brilliant tool to look at safeguarding victims who don't really want the hassle of making a formal complaint and don't want to be the reason their partner is arrested or taken to court (usually because the partner will use it against them, telling them its their fault etc.) By obtaining a restraining order, the emphasis is then put back on the suspect, its his actions and decisions after the issuing of the order will get him arrested and sent to court. Being able to tell victims that it is the suspects fault if they get arrested and taken to court and this decision is taken out of the victims hands seems to offer great relief to the victims. Like a heavy weight being lifted off their shoulders. For the many victims of domestic abuse out there, keep up the good work. Kind regards, PC CARRINGTON.529th August 2019
Wahid HussainWPMIt is amazing the help and support you offer to victims, and I would gladly promote NCDV and tell all victims, in order to get them help and protection.529th August 2019
Kim HallSplitz Support ServiceTotally awesome service for very, very frightened victims of domestic abuse. They make the process easy to understand and will get emergency orders in record time. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!527th August 2019
PCSO 6427 SellarsNorthumbria PoliceExcellent service cannot fault very fast very efficient and very helfpul. Highly recommended. Best service I have recieved and I have been in my role for 13 years. Thanks again.527th August 2019
Maxine Martinchildren's servicesA fast, efficient, service. I was kept up to date at all times regarding the referral I made on behalf of a client. Will definitely use this organisation again, thank you.522nd August 2019
Lisa ListerEssex PoliceAs always you have helped this victim very quickly. You provide an excellent service. thank you522nd August 2019
Leigh-Anne McCoolPoliceI submitted a referral for a victim and within an hour the victim had been contacted and all the paperwork had been completed and the suspect has now been served with a non- mol order. The service I felt was very good and supported the victim where the police were unable to do so due to the level of evidence available522nd August 2019
MollyNCDVLovely friendly staff who are very helpful and understanding. Also the process was very quick and speedy which is great. Thanks for all your help522nd August 2019
Joshua ByrnesWest Mercia PoliceExcellent service provided to the victims of DV. Speedy response to both police officers and victims. A very valuable service for all.522nd August 2019
Natasha Curranthe elm foundationQuick and easy to make online referrals. the process is very quick and I was constantly kept in the loop. Thanks522nd August 2019
Jack FosterWest Midlands Policeexcellent victim care, very fast522nd August 2019
PC NorvillLancashire ConstabularyI referred a domestic violence victim to the NCDV as unfortunately there was limited options available to the Police at the time of our attendance. Within 24 hours of making my referral, I received an email informing me that the victim had been allocated a court, solicitor and would be guided through the process of a Non-Molestation Order. I made a follow up call with the victim who was very thankful to Police and the NCDV. The NCDV have allowed me to safeguard a vulnerable victim and provide her access to a legal process I cannot normally provide. Thank you.522nd August 2019
Craig DaviesNorth Yorkshire Policefast efficient service, used the phone app and I did not expect to receive positive news so soon. highly recommend522nd August 2019
ZeinabThe Muslim Women's Network HelplineOur service-user's needs were met right from the start (she couldn't speak on the phone, so texts were made). She was in touch with a solicitor on the same day as the referral was made. She was able to speak to her solicitor regarding any questions she had throughout the whole process. She felt that the court process was uncomfortable and her issues weren't addressed seriously, although this is no fault of NCDV she felt as if her mental health needs weren't met.322nd August 2019
Aliza GurungRushmoor Citizens AdviceI am really impressed by NCDV's prompt reply to referrals. I made the referral at 10.03 and my client was contacted by 10.10. In addition, NCDV keeps front line practitioners like me updated about referrals.522nd August 2019
Pc JONESWest mercia policeBrilliant work. All completed fast and I have been kept updated.422nd August 2019
PC SheldonStaffordshire PoliceHaving an organisation such as NCDV makes it very simple and easy for Police forces and victim to be able to refer within 10 seconds of going to the app and then being able to have the confidence that NCDV will follow the matter up in order to follow the victims wishes of getting a non molestation order. NCDV takes care of it all and makes life very simple for police officers being able to safeguard effectively and offer a very good service to the public from both police and NCDV.522nd August 2019
PhillipMet policeGreat app, very easy to use and the NCDV keep you updated with their progress.531st July 2019
PC 3803 Anthony ALDERSONTVPVery quick response to a referral. Victim was safeguarded to help prevent further harm. I was kept up to date throughout the process.530th July 2019
Emer GarwoodSussex PoliceExcellent, speedy service, regular updates, a fantastic organisation, which I cannot speak highly enough about - thank you!529th July 2019
PC 3389 Chris BurnhamWest Midlands PoliceI have referred 2 individuals to the NCDV in recent weeks. Both referrals lead to the granting on non-molestation orders without issue. I was kept up to date in each case and also had direct contact with solicitors on one matter in order to assist with the locating of the offending party. Personally I was very impressed with the service the NCDV provided in both instances.529th July 2019
Alan ConranEstuary Housing AssociationI had cause to refer one of our tenants who had been the victim of domestic abuse. I had an acknowledgement from one of the advisors who updated me that they were already aware of the victim, having had a referral from the police and were in the process of obtaining an injunction on their behalf. I was able to feed this back to our tenant to give them immediate peace of mind and together with other agencies this tenant was able to feel safe and secure in their home knowing there were people working hard to safeguard them behind the scenes. NCDV do tremendous work and are real asset in our safeguarding arsenal.525th July 2019
Bill SkinnerPoliceExcellent service. Just what is required by victims and just what is needed. I have used this service numerous times and it works well.525th July 2019
Jodie AndersonHarrow Law CentreReferred a very vulnerable and at risk client to NCDV. They made every effort on behalf of the client and within a week the matter had been to court and an order made. Brilliant hardworking team doing all they can to help vulnerable people be better protected and fairly heard.525th July 2019
DC 1244 John WhitworthCambridgeshire PoliceGreat service - I contacted NCDV via the web form on Saturday evening and they had someone contact the victim by Monday. The very next day all the paperwork was sorted and they had a solicitor on board and a court date booked. The form is so easy to fill out and the protection the Non-Mol gives the victim is a genuinely useful piece of kit.525th July 2019
Georgina GetleyBromley and Croydon Women's AidThank you for your speedy work in helping a survivor I have been working with gain a non-molestation order so quickly!522nd July 2019
Jon TetlowCheshire PoliceVery fast and efficient service provided to the victim.522nd July 2019
PC BowlerKent PoliceExcellent service and outcome once again. Referral submitted, and in less than a week, non molestation applied for to protect victim. Thank you.522nd July 2019
PC SHONEMerseyside PoliceThank you for your prompt response in this matter.522nd July 2019
A.P.VictimThe service I received was very professional and understanding. I thank you for helping me with such a delicate and personal situation.522nd July 2019
PC Darren WinstoneAvon and Somerset ConstabularyA fantastic service, quick and easy to use. The Non Molestation Order was granted quickly. The entire process took less than a week. Excellent servive for victims of domestic abuse.522nd July 2019
Mark wrightMetropolitan Police ServicePlease keep providing this excellent service to victims. Incredibly helpful.518th July 2019
Andy MorganWitshire policeExcellent service provided very impressed with your efficiency.518th July 2019
Pc Robertson-CooperNorthamptonshire PoliceAlways assist with speed which assists victims with reassurance418th July 2019
Ruth HanrahanorusReally prompt response. Very reassuring for the client I am helping59th July 2019
Heather LEECHWest Mercia PoliceWithin 30 minutes of submitting the referral, a member of NCDV had contacted the victim and papers had been completed. This was a great support to the victim, who felt that things were now moving along and she was being helped and listened to.58th July 2019
Pc Aftab Somrawest midlands policeexcellent and speedy service to the victim.58th July 2019
PC CS867 Nicky SuddsSussex PoliceI referred a victim and the update was the next day with details about Non Mol Order etc. I always feel very confident and comfortable about referring this service to my victims.54th July 2019
Tracey BurfordNcdvLovely lady rang me. Making me feel not so anxious about everything54th July 2019
Beth LacyBirmingham Children's TrustExcellent service! So fast. Cannot thank you enough for providing outstanding service when it is needed most.54th July 2019
Nusrana rafiqueNone molestahanVery kind very helpful thank you44th July 2019
Julia WebbReferred by policeFantastic people , showed empathy and competence ; it felt as though the Calvary has arrived Thank you51st July 2019
DC Cheryl MillsThames Valley PoliceAmazing service for victims of domestic abuse.526th June 2019
G HortonWest Midlands PoliceExcellent quick service, keeps the person referred up to date and informed at all times.526th June 2019
Graham SmithGloucestershire ConstabularyThank you for providing a streamlined referral process and supporting people who need help.524th June 2019
PC 1409 Jamie DarvillWiltshire PoliceAn excellent service that is undoubtedly a massive asset to any victim that has been a victim of domestic abuse. Their service is second to none and supports the IP to the highest degree.521st June 2019
John CoxCambridgeshire ConstabularyI was only made aware of NCDV 5 weeks ago. I have made two referrals during this period and am so impressed with the level and speed of service provided. I know that both victims are really gratefully for your staffs response and support. Thank you521st June 2019
Thomas PeeDudley District Citizens AdviceThe NCDV acted on the referral swiftly and sent regular updates on the progress of the case. Would definitely use this service again for a client in need of it.521st June 2019
Meena AsgharBradford Women's AidSuch an excellent service. Quick and easy referral process. Very prompt and efficient response. Just what we need. Thanks so much!520th June 2019
DC Tom HersonMetropolitan Police serviceThe NCDV are extremely efficient and professional. I work for the Community Safety Unit and always recommend the NCDV to victims of domestic crimes. Also I have always had good reviews from the victims.520th June 2019
Martin WoodMerseyside PoliceExcellent service, the easiest of referrals to make, with brilliant updates. Also recommend this service.520th June 2019
Diane ExleyBolton at HomeQuick response, swift action & update. Excellent service and advice received. Thank you.520th June 2019
Claire BallAylesbury Women's AidA fantastic service and an extremely helpful and effective referral route. I appreciate the communications regarding process and update. Grateful thanks520th June 2019
Linda EalesBirmingham Children's TrustFollowing my referral regarding a family, I would like to express my thanks for the speedy service that you have provided to the victim.56th June 2019
Adam balcombNorthamptonshire PoliceI referred a victim to the NCDV and within an hour and a half I recieved an update saying the paperwork was with solicitors!!!! Very impressed keep up the good work!56th June 2019
Sharon McAseyThe Zinthiya TrustAs always an extremely professional, efficient and expeditious response to a request for help from a very vulnerable women experiencing very nasty harassment and credible threats to her life. Thank you for everything you do to support our service users.56th June 2019
PC CuttsPoliceGreat to be kept up to date with emails regarding referrals530th May 2019
Nicola BatemanDerbyshire ConstabularyExcellent service. Victim referred on Saturday evening, over a bank holiday weekend. By Tuesday morning I received an email informing me that the paperwork had been submitted for a non molestation order.530th May 2019
LAURA BEASLEYWest Midlands PoliceThis is an amazing service. Thank you for all the good work that you do. You really are invaluable.530th May 2019
nikki adamsAvon and somerset policeQuick and efficient service514th May 2019
KEVIN COOKEPOLICEThe best514th May 2019
sam richardschanging pathwaysAfter referring a resident from refuge for help with a non moll the response was very quick and all dealt with in a professional well. I was so impressed and thank full for the help that my resident received when she needed help.514th May 2019
N.H.HomeThe lady I spoke to was very polite, calm and totally understanding, she was helpful and I would totally recommend anyone who has /or is going throu domestic violence514th May 2019
M.P.NCVDThe staff at NCDV have been invaluable in helping me through what was a very stressful and Scarey time. Every phone call I made was met with sympathy and patience. Although not able to tell me what to do they clearly went through the options with me and what to expect next. Several times in some cases as I tried to make sense of my situation. Thank you so much.514th May 2019
PC NaughtonWarwickshire PoliceThis is the most supportive and outstanding service. You offer such a range of options and are such a tool for the police to work with. I have submitted a referral around 09:00hrs and by 11:30hrs on the same day, solicitors have arranged to represent the victim and have associated a court to hear an application for a Non-Molestation order. It is such a fast and supportive process. Amazing work57th May 2019
Lynn LockhartChildren's Hospital Social Work TeamThank you for providing such an excellent service. The process was quick, straightforward and totally supportive for the victim and her family. The communication with my client and myself was consistent and you have ensured an order is in place with limited stress to the victim and on which the police will be able to act upon when/if the perpetrator makes further threats. Thank you again57th May 2019
Nicholas WhitmoreMerseyside PoliceIn my humble professional opinion I think that NCDV are an invaluable organisation and vital in safeguarding Victims of Domestic related incidents in conjunction with Police actions. I cannot speak highly enough of the service.52nd May 2019
Hilda ThomasLuton Borough Council - MASH TeamNCDV is an excellent, amazing service one of the best I have come across since working for the council. They are quick and efficient in obtaining non molestation orders for victims of domestic abuse.52nd May 2019
Adam CarrDorset PoliceYour services are by far the most useful tool that I utilise when dealing with Domestic-related incidents. When I struggle to take positive action due to a lack of complaint from victim, I often ask their permission to refer them to your service - the majority of whom take up the offer and are able to better protect themselves as a result of any subsequent Court Orders. When such an Order is in place any reports of contact/offences are much easier to deal with, and perpetrators will have consequences. Victim's often feel that getting Orders are incredibly hard and costly, but you make it so much easier for them. I value your service, as do my colleagues. PC 2103 Adam Carr52nd May 2019
Anne-Marie SmithCamden Safety NetAnother vulnerable client has received an amazing response from your service524th April 2019
PC Adam DaymanEssex PoliceAs a student officer I had a fantastic input from NCDV whilst at training school. This has stayed with me since training and now as an officer on shift. I have referred numerous people to the NCDV as I think this is a fantastic service that we are able to recommend and it takes no time at all. I am extremely pleased that you have been able to help the victim in ref: 199747. When we attended this persons address and after speaking with them i felt like the NCDV could really help and be able to provide support. This has been confirmed to me that the NCDV has set the wheels in motion to help this person by the form of a Non-Molestation Order. Thank you on behalf of the victim and myself for helping, this will help this person tremendously. PC DAYMAN524th April 2019
Holly EdwardsAvon and Somerset ConstabularyI have used this service numerous times and I just wanted to say that this is the quickest way I have obtained non-molestation orders for vulnerable people ever! Extremely helpful and very prompt! Thank you NCDV523rd April 2019
LouiseMyselfThank you so much. I am very impressed with how I have been dealt with and extremely grateful. Amazing service515th April 2019
TN/AAfter suffering domestic abuse in all of its forms for over 2 years, I finally left my ex partner after an incident. The NCDV were invaluable in helping me to obtain a non-molestation order and an occupation order to keep him away from me and remove him from our home. I would not have known what to do, and could not have done it without them. When you think your world couldn't possibly get any worse, they are an absolute beacon of light. I cannot praise them highly enough. From the person who initially took a teary phone call, to the kind gentleman who talked me through my options, and the lady who took my statement and prepared my court papers. You are all heroes in my eyes and do not receive nearly enough accolades or praise. Thank you for, literally, saving my life. I will forever be indebted to you.515th April 2019
Pc Robertson-CooperNothants policeQuick efficient and supportive service511th April 2019
Caroline SoutanElham CEP SchoolKept update throughout - thank you.511th April 2019
PC 10784 Ian STUARTKENT PoliceI am always busy at work, but make the time to leave feedback for this organisation as they are simply brilliant in what and how they work with victims. They are quick and effective. Thank you kindly.54th April 2019
nicola jonesFamily supportVery prompt service and helpfull54th April 2019
PC 3355 WRENEssex PoliceI would like to thank you for your continued support and the efforts you always make to contact the victims and identify what services you can assist the with. You always provide feedback as to the status of the ongoing help which I find very helpful. Thank you so much. Dave42nd April 2019
PC SHONEMerseyside PoliceMany Thanks for your recent assistance in obtaining and serving a Non Mol Order, thus protecting a vulnerable victim in the process. This was put in place within a few days of my initial referral. Case PS120418 refers. Thanks again528th March 2019
David WilkinsonMPSReally helpful, allowing the victim to access a non molestation order within 5 days of referral which has helped her dramatically.526th March 2019
PC1142 Lucy BAUMWarwickshire PoliceI spoke to a victim of DV this afternoon and she expressed and desire to obtain a non- mol against her ex-partner. I made the referral online and in little over a hour had a update to say that solicitors had been arranged to assist the female in this application. The efficiency of your process is impressive, and it's heartening to be able to reassure vulnerable victims that help can be arranged so promptly.526th March 2019
PC 10784 Ian STUARTKENT PoliceI cannot praise the people enough who work for this vital organisation. They are extremely quick and efficient in their work. Bloody brilliant girls and guys. Keep up the good work! Kind regards Ian526th March 2019
PC 16425 DixonGreater Manchester PoliceReally great service to assist DV victims in protecting themselves and separating from a perpetrator!526th March 2019
PC 106 WATTSHumberside PoliceVery quick turnaround from my referral to contacting solicitors which is a very positive result for the case I referred for!526th March 2019
PC AungiersPoliceBrilliant service, referrals on the app are easy and quick. NCDV are quick to call the victim and apply for non-molestation orders. Very helpful for all domestic incidents especially those where there is no criminal offences or convictions to help police get an order in place.526th March 2019
Karen KnowlesSafer placesA brilliant and valuable service55th March 2019
AFFamily defence LawI couldn’t be happier with this service. It left me feeling relieved and they are sorting the issues just how I imagined it to turn out. The solicitor I was appointed to was amazing and the person who referred me to Uté and Peter were brilliant. They helped and supported me until the best solution was found for me. I am so greateful528th February 2019
AndreaDorset PoliceThis is such a valuable service to protect those who are in too much fear to talk to Police or people who have been harmed but do not have the evidence to achieve a conviction and obtain a restraining order in a criminal court. As a Police officer I have found this an invaluable service in my "safeguarding toolbox". Thank you for your prompt updates. Within two hours of making a referral I knew that the process was rolling for a non-molestation order to be obtained for a very vulnerable lady and within two days all the paperwork was completed and ready for going ahead. Brilliant work! Keep it up!525th February 2019
Paul REDDINGTONBedfordshire PoliceQuick and easy to use, and produces required result.525th February 2019
Philip LindseyHampshire ConstabularyAbsolutely outstanding. A hugely impactive and powerful tool to help victims with, prompt contact with aggrieved, service delivery exactly as described, and really, I couldn't have asked for much better. Outstanding, and I will be pushing the use of this service (where appropriate) to other members of my team. Thank you very much indeed.519th February 2019
Lucy edmondsonAction for childrenExcellent fast response service Thank you519th February 2019
PC 2581 Ade GRIFFITHSWest Midlands PoliceFantastically fast service. The NCDV is an essential partner of the police. I cannot speak highly enough of the service it provides vulnerable people. Thank you!519th February 2019
alison maynardDVHelpful and quick on occasions514th February 2019
James MalinowskiCambridgeshire Poilicefrom the point of referral I receive a notification within 24 hours that contact is made from NCDV with the victims, this is an amazing response and something that I know the victims appreciate.513th February 2019
PC LongWest Midlands PoliceHaving used this referral portal for the first time on 11/02/2019 I am greatly impressed with the speed of the process and the service that has been offered to the victim. I am also greatly impressed with the updates given to myself. Great service!513th February 2019
PC 24619 PodolakaStaffordshire PoliceAs always a first rate job from the NCDV. At Staffordshire Police we are now fully aware of the efficient service you provide to victims of DV, and are always selling the benefits of referring victims to yourselves. This particular victim was reporting low-level harassment; whereas this would usually be initially resolved by police offering the suspect words of advice regarding future conduct, this has now been achieved via the serving of a non-molestation order on the suspect, protecting the victim against further breaches.513th February 2019
PC SHARIFWest Midlands PoliceExcellent service, very quick, made a referral and NCDV got back to me within an hour with update that the Solicitor have all relevant paperwork to progress. keep up the good work.513th February 2019
Nicola SandersWarwickshire PoliceReferral made which took a maximum of about 30 seconds, I then received an email stating that someone will contact the victim within 5 days. The following day I received 2 emails saying that a solicitor had been appointed. Excellent scheme for victims of domestic abuse and a great tool for police officers. I work on a domestic violence team and think this is a brilliant way of helping victim of DV.57th February 2019
PC 76889 CARRONESSEX POLICEMade a referral on the morning of 29/01/2019. NCDV had already contacted the victim and sent the paperwork to the solicitor by 13:00. Really quick service and offers protection for victims who would not want necessarily want to attend court in a criminal case.51st February 2019
RCNcdvI want to thank all the team who helped me take action against domestic violence I was suffering, worked hard and fast and after only a week the courts issued my ex partner with an injunction. I feel a weight has been lifted of my shoulders and I can finally start rebuilding my life51st February 2019
Alistair HERBERTKent PoliceExcellent service which is a great help to vulnerable victims who are unable to help them themselves, though no fault of themselves. They are unaware or services available to them. NCDV is a great assistance to them.51st February 2019
Ian DawsonHampshire ConstabularyExcellent, efficient service without complications, thankyou524th January 2019
NATASHA STEWARTWiltshire County CouncilI have heard of this service, but have not used it before. I very impressed by the prompt response and action and will certainly recommend the service to my service users and colleagues. Thank you.524th January 2019
Stephanie KeenanMerseyside PoliceFast, efficient and reliable service Excellent organisation to support victims of domestic violence524th January 2019
PC 5487 McLAUGHLINCheshire PoliceI have referred numerous victims to this service down the years and every time it still impresses me how quickly and efficiently they are supported by NCDV. An excellent and valuable service I supporting victims of domestic violence.522nd January 2019
Claire BallWomen's Aid AylesburySuperb. This is an excellent service and very user friendly with regard to the referral process. I have referred a number of clients and have nothing but positive feedback. I very much appreciate the service and would struggle in my role without it, so a huge thank you to everyone involved :>)522nd January 2019
nick hartlandstaffs policegreat news to hear that an order has been granted for the IP, this will give the IP confidence within your service and within the police as it was police that offered the service and IP gave us permission after discussing the benefits of the service. great result and happened fairly quickly also521st January 2019
Erik GaleHerts PoliceVery speedy service!521st January 2019
Nathan SahotaMet PoliceVery fast and effective response from a simple app Keep up the good work517th January 2019
Lorraine MandersGDASSno fuss referral , prompt efficient action, good updates on progress.517th January 2019
Benjamin PowellPoliceGreat service, very helpful and very responsive in helping victims of domestic violence or abuse. Keep us informed as well which is always helpful to know a referral has a positive or negative outcome. Frequently use this service and can say the people at the other end work hard to ensure positive outcomes.515th January 2019
LGHdomestic violencereally good help and veary quick514th January 2019
Ellen MastersPoliceI sent a referral for Sxxxx Sxxxx who raised her initial concerns with me. I did an instant referral to yourselves and had a reply back within 2 hours stating that you had made contact, completed the paperwork and make contact with a solicitor so that a non-molestation order could be gained. I am extremely impressed with your speed in this matter, this is a lady that was very upset and has suffered DV for years and it took her a lot to ring the police in the first instance. Thank you.514th January 2019
PC 19465 Dee McInnesGMPSuperb service.514th January 2019
Liz THINDKent PoliceThis is such a good service available to vulnerable victims of serious offences. Thank you for your quick response and support given.514th January 2019
PC SkinnerAvon and Somerset PoliceGood quick service for our victims adding support and arranging a Non Mol for them. Works well.59th January 2019
Dave MacdonaldCambs PoliceAbsolutely superb service, prompt, dependable and reliable irrespective of any safeguarding that the police may be implementing; NCDV keep you updated with the progression of the case as soon as something significant happens. I will always recommend your services and support given the vulnerability of the circumstances that people find themselves in and this can give people an added level of protection and security.57th January 2019
PC 884 Joseph SWANThames Valley PoliceI would just like to say I was very impressed with the speed in which you responded to the case, and had paperwork prepped and ready for the victim57th January 2019
PC GWILLIAMHAMPSHIRE CONSTABULARYIt is so easy to submit a referral - feedback is provided along the way. A great service.57th January 2019
glynis obrienTorusvery pleased with the timely responce to protect the client.47th January 2019
SARA PARRYbirmingham city councilExcellent all round speedy service every time, advice, communication and feedback. Providing the first vital step to give victims the confidence to rebuild lives and remain in their own homes.52nd January 2019
Andrew MarshallDerbyshire ConstabularyIncredible service yet again from the NCDV. I tell victims of domestic violence how incredible your service is whenever I go to incidents. The victim I referred desperately needed a non molestation order to protect her and you have already competed all the paperwork within 2 days of my referral. Great job! Great service! Yet another victim protected and safeguarded!52nd January 2019
Jennifer NEWMANMET POLICEI think this service is excellent. If the victim is engaged and prepared to assist with the process the speed at which the NCDV operates really impresses me.531st December 2018
James CollinsDurham ConstabularyThank you for a very prompt response in contacting a vulnerable victim who was at a loss how to take practical steps to protect herself. I know this will have helped to set her mind at ease.531st December 2018
PC Dee McInnesGMPSuperb supportive service, thank you. My victim felt really reassured and had already been contacted by your organization.531st December 2018
PCSO MCDONALDhampshire policeI have always found NCDV to be nothing less that very fast and efficient through referrals, admin ordering or on the phone, I can not fault them in anyway.531st December 2018
JOHN EGERTONderbyshire constabularyThere is only one superlative which I could use to describe the service from your company and that would be "OUTSTANDING" I have referred many customers through my work and I have always found the service to be of the highest quality and conducted in a timely manner. Kindest regards John PC 2350531st December 2018
Tessa McRaeSussex PoliceVery easy to make a referral, and contact with the victim was within 12 hours. Very reassuring for the victim to know that there is a support agency who can provide assistance straight away.524th December 2018
DC Andrew StratfordMetropolitan Police ServiceAs always a very good service. Very prompt response and good communication throughout. Thank you520th December 2018
nick hartlandstaffs policeThe quickness that you have replied to my email for the referral submitted and also the swift action that has been taken to help a vulnerable women that quite clearly needed a bit more guidance that she did not understand, multi agency working to a very high standard. a very quick response in getting this to court.520th December 2018
Caroline ArgueWest Midlands PoliceGood communication with person referring, updating on progress very helpful. Prompt and effective always.517th December 2018
Sue BrownEarly Support Servicegreat fast service517th December 2018
Hayley BarnesStoke on Trent City CouncilI completed this referral from a phone call into our access and advice service the quickness of the response im very pleased with this service will be definitely using this again513th December 2018
PC 3216 WOODHEADhampshire constabularlyfast, professional and very effective511th December 2018
lisa curtisnewleaf supportQuick and easy referral process and information is updated very quickly.511th December 2018
DC 2889 HURRENWiltshire Police ForceThe NCDV are extremely quick to respond to any referral I have made and will often have arranged a solicitor and non molestation order within days of my referral. They offer a professional and effective service which assist clients who greatly benefit from their help. Thoroughly impressive.526th November 2018
Charlotte WellsNar Childrens CentreA fantastic service! Contacted victim very quickly. I was impressed at the speed of which the victim was contacted and referral put in.522nd November 2018
sapphire connell-shawpolice adviceI contacted them Monday. Tuesday they rang me back and have really helped me. still can not believe how well and how quick every thing has been dealt with522nd November 2018
LauraStoke VCCPExtremely fast and efficient !!!!!520th November 2018
Nilgun FuatCrisis Intervention TeamGreat and fast service and great updates520th November 2018
Police Constable 4808 ShoneMerseyside PoliceThank you for your prompt and professional assistance. A great service to assist and protect our vulnerable victims.520th November 2018
Nina JohnsonWarwickshire PoliceI am surprised, amazed and delighted at the speed with which my referral was dealt with . Splendid Service.514th November 2018
James McLaughlinCheshire PoliceWithin 3 hours of making a referral on behalf of a vulnerable female I had received confirmation that NCDV had instructed solicitors to act on her behalf and a Non-Molestation order was being applied for. What a fantastic service.513th November 2018
Paula Le-Millieregetset SomersetAmazing service. Quick and accessible to this young woman who was in urgent need of protection with no resources to help. Great contact with the client513th November 2018
Daniel RoseWest Midlands PoliceVery quick.. Thankyou!513th November 2018
MinazEast Surrey Domestic Abuse ServicesYour efficiency and dedication to our clients is absolutely fantastic. You are quick , keep referrers updated and get the job done . So on behalf of ESDAS and the countless vulnerable people we work with , a MASSIVE thank you .513th November 2018
PC WILSON 23138West Midlands PoliceVery quick service, easy for us Officers to use. Keep up the good work!52nd November 2018
Tom FRENCHLeicestershire PoliceMy experience with NCDV has been excellent. It has taken less than 1 week from application to getting a Non Mol order in place which both the client and myself are extremely pleased with. The whole process is very easy indeed.526th October 2018
Karena TaylorOAbsolutely incredible service by Sarah Jane. She explained things perfectly to me and made my nerves sway. We won both orders against my ex partner.510th October 2018
Donna QuintonHertfordshire PoliceI have only ever used NCDV to look up orders already in place and was recently advised about referring victims to NCDV. I referred a victim who has now been granted a Non Mol Order. NCDV is an absolutely amazing service and the timeliness of yourselves putting a Non Mol in place is super quick. Great service provided by yourselves. I will definitely use you again!518th September 2018
PC 78005 DAVISEssex policeBrilliant. I had a victim of domestic abuse, after dealing with the criminal offences we were left with civil offences that I could not assist with, forwarding them onto you and now they can begin to continue their life.518th September 2018
Claire BallAylesbury Women’s AidThank you so much for the communication, what a fantastic service.56th September 2018
Gill OswaldCheshire PoliceThe initial referral was very easy to complete and I have since received regular updates in relation to the progress of the enquiry and implementation of the non molestation order.56th September 2018
Adam WoodsWilsthire PoliceI use this service from the NCDV referral App to assist me dealing with domestic abuse cases at work. NCDV are fantastic, nine times out of ten I will have a reply within a day or two and you have already made contact with the victim, the solicitors and got the ball rolling towards court. This is a quick and efficient way for front line police officers like myself to signpost our victims to quick, reliable and professional service that quickly gets the job done. I recommend your services at every domestic incident I attend. Thanks NCDV.523rd August 2018
Julie Rogersleicestershire county council

This process for simple , easy to access and the action taken to support my service user was extremely swift . I was really impressed with the emails I received as the refer every step along the way to let me know how the case was progressing. I have been praising this service to the rest of my team. Thank you and really well done on a fantastic service!

514th August 2018
PC 21195 Dianne EmptageHampshire ConstabularyThe NCDV provides a vital and superb service to victims of domestic violence. I made a referral at 1100am, to be advised that they had contacted the victim by 1300pm and completed the necessary paperwork for an application to the courts for an order. Two days later the order had been authorised by the courts and the victim was able to feel a sense of security. An exemplary service and something we could not have achieved without them.523rd July 2018
DebraCRC ProbationExcellent quick service. Client is really happy with the help support and advice given and how fast it was all dealt with. Excellent.516th July 2018
S G-SteeleOxfordshire private careThank you for your outstanding service and efficiency in obtaining my clients order on her behalf. Herself and her children now feel safe and after a horrible few years they can now relax knowing they have a court order in place.526th June 2018
Intervention officerHertfordshire ConstabularySuch an easy process to refer, really useful tool for protecting victims.526th June 2018
PC 20461 STONEWest MerciaI just want to say that I use this referral system on many occasions.
I have to say that the response and feedback is 1st class and what you do is in a real quick informative manner.
526th June 2018
Response OfficerHampshire PoliceNCDV have been outstanding. A fast, effective service with a very quick turnaround from notification to court appearance and a non-molestation order being granted. In safeguarding times this has been gold standard. Thank you.524th May 2018
ChrisWiltshire PoliceExcellent service, invaluable tool to protect victims and puts the victims first every step of the way. I don't think the referral process could be any easier524th May 2018
Oliver GMP POliceGMPExcellent service from start to finish! This process of applying for a non mol order really does put the victim first. Highly recommended and so easy to make a referral. Fantastic help and support from really friendly staff.520th May 2018
Response officer, Brierley Hill, W'MidsWest Midlands PoliceFrom all of us from B Unit Response at Brierley Hill Police West Midlands, we thank you for the amazing work you do for the vulnerable and intimidated victims we deal with on a daily basis. Your collective work is making a huge impact on the lives of these victims. Thank you520th May 2018
HelenMet PoliceExcellent efficient service!515th May 2018
Jo GriffithsFoundationExcellent Service, referral very easy to complete.59th May 2018
Emer GarwoodSussex PoliceExcellent, fast service which has been invaluable for victims of domestic abuse53rd May 2018
Miroslava ZeliznakovaVictim SupportVery quick service, the assistance of the solicitors and orders sorted out very quickly. I appreciate the updates by email. Thank you.524th April 2018
Paddy StewartLancashire ConstabularyExcellent service. Prompt, efficient and clearly compassionate. Where a case fell through NCDV had an order granted through court. updates all the way. I cannot recommend enough what a fantastic service this is and what potentially life changing safeguarding they can provide.523rd April 2018
HorneStaffordshire policePrompt service for the applicant and regular updates to keep me informed59th April 2018
Mike WaltersGMPExcellent service.59th April 2018
Matt DalbyEssex PoliceI have been dealing with a victim of malicious communications. I made a referral to the NCDV and within 76 hours they have secured an order against the suspect preventing him contacting the victim. This is brilliant news and the victim is very happy! Excellent service.52nd April 2018
PC Matthew PowellGMPBrilliant service, very easy to use!52nd April 2018
DC 7200Merseyside PoliceAn excellent service which I cannot recommend highly enough. It is an extremely fast, efficient and effective service which I offer to every victim of domestic crime I come across. It offers an alternative solution to those who need additional levels of protection or simply do not feel that the criminal justice system is appropriate for their needs.524th March 2018
HampshireHampshire PoliceThis was the first time I had used the service and within half an hour of referring, contact was made with the victim. An order has now been issued within 5 days of referral. Amazing service524th March 2018
PC 4414 Carly BonserLeicestershire PoliceI was really impressed about the fantastic response received regarding a recent referral made to the NCDV. The process was easy, quick and straight forward and a Non-molestation order was granted within a week. I have promoted this to other colleagues as their service is exceptional.514th March 2018
Pc 1290 PHILLIPSWest Mercia PoliceAn excellent service.514th March 2018
PC PattersonSussex PoliceFirst rate. My latest referral to NCDV was promptly contacted, represented and an order obtained at court. I have been updated at every stage. It is a great shame that no public service is able to offer such an efficient service. Always very impressed514th March 2018
PC LILLICOThames Valley PoliceI have used NCDV a couple of times & they are always prompt & helpful with victims. We've been kept up to date with the process, and an injunction was served on this occasion. Very quick & easy process. Thanks NCDV!514th March 2018
GaryGMPSent a referral through and it was actioned the very next day, kept up to date and an injunction has been served. Very quick process and easy to use system. Wish I knew about this a long time ago.528th February 2018
PC StainerKent PoliceFantastic service. NCDV are quick to respond to referrals and are a great resource for Police Officers. Victim's are very grateful for the services you provide and are amazed with the simplicity.528th February 2018
Pc OakleyWest Mercia PoliceGreat referral tool in incidents of domestic abuse. I spoke with a lady yesterday who wanted some advice on seeking an injunction/order to protect herself and her children from her ex partner, due to a conflict over child contact. Within 2 hours of making the referral I had an update saying the matter had been allocated to one of their staff and they were making contact with the female. By the end of the day I was updated that the paperwork for a Non Molestation order had been completed and they would arrange to meet the victim at court. Very impressed with the service and am sure victim will sleep better knowing things are in hand.522nd February 2018
HollyChildren's Services (West Sussex)Just received a call from a very happy Mum I work with who has a young baby to say she's received a non-molestation order against her ex-partner. I cannot thank and praise this service enough as I only referred her on Wednesday and by Friday she has received the order which is just amazing. Easy, fast, effective and most importantly completely proportionate to the worries I and the Mum had around the ex-partner in question. Will recommend the service at our next group meeting where all the Social Workers meet together. Excellent! Can't recommend enough. Used a couple of times now for different families, and also great for giving advice to those parents I work with who are not quite sure and want to know a bit more about the court processes involved etc.522nd February 2018
gail forsterWest Midlands PoliceExcellent service and prompt updates.512th February 2018
DS 85 SpainEssex PoliceFast,efficient and excellent communication. A great service for victims of domestic violence.56th February 2018
DC Sean KellyMerseyside PoliceThis service is great at getting protection for the victims of domestic violence. The organisation response is very quick and offers great support.56th February 2018
Chris WestonThames Valley policeThis is the first time I have used this service. I referred the victim whilst on scene completing a risk assessment. Within a week she has a non mol in place further safeguarding her. Excellent service.56th February 2018
SeonaidManchester Children's ServicesVery good, patient with the family and were persistent even when struggled to contact the family. Very quick with the process56th February 2018
PC 5792 GlynnStaffordshire PoliceA vulnerable victim makes a report to police about threats from her ex partner. A referral was made to the NCDV and within 12 days of the report an application was placed before the court and a NON molestation order put in place. The conditions of the order are both comprehensive and extremely victim focussed providing real protection for the victim. OUTSTANDING SERVICE..56th February 2018
Michael J PannellEssex PoliceThe NCDV provides a vital and expedient service to those effected by domestic violence. Obtaining court orders quickly affords victims the peace of mind and stability they need . The referral process takes a few seconds and positive impact can last a lifetime.56th February 2018
DC AdamsBedfordshire policeExcellent service, a referral which took 30 seconds to complete, resulted in an order being granted at court. I recommend the service to all victims.46th February 2018
HeatherEarly HelpI used the service for a family where we was unsure what outcome we would get from court, the outcome was positive and a restraining order was put in place, however the advice and support offered was reassuring for the family. Thank you54th January 2018
PC BROWNSussex PoliceThis service is worth its weight in gold. Very quick,and focused on help those who need it.527th December 2017
karenEarly Help Wolverhampton children's serviceFantastic service, Supported my family with obtaining an injunction. The process was quick and easy.527th December 2017
PC WILLIAMSSussex PoliceThe speed of response and effectiveness is outstanding. Being able to make a material difference in such a short time is impressive.527th December 2017
Justine TaylorWest Midlands PoliceExtremely speedy response and it was fantastic to receive an update on the case, and to know that support is now in place for the victim. It was certainly worth referring her to your organisation. I will definitely use you again. Happy Christmas.427th December 2017
Darrian FearnDerbyshire PoliceSuperb and quick response to referral. I have really appreciated being kept up to date with the progress of getting the order in place. It will motivate me to do it more often.518th December 2017
Janet WillisChildren servicesResponded and arranged help within 20 minutes of the referral.518th December 2017
Amanda AbbottDomestic abuse advisor Dorset PoliceVery helpful and quick at sorting out non molestation orders.418th December 2017
PC 4969Avon & Somerset PoliceExcellent service. Prompt and effective response to referral and successfully secured an order safeguarding the victim of ongoing domestic violence518th December 2017
Lambeth Social ServicesLambeth Social ServicesGreat service. Very efficient at supporting clients impacted by domestic violence. Their speedy response is paramount in DV cases and it was brilliant that my client was able to obtain an injunction that she had been attempting to obtain for months. Very grateful for this support!529th November 2017
Julia HarvieEssex PoliceFast, efficient and effective.529th November 2017
Private IndividualPrivate IndividualThanks to the NCDV, I secured an order for myself and the family home which has given stability to me and my children. I cannot thank NCDV enough for their support in securing the orders without which I would have been homeless with two children.514th November 2017
Sharon LEESWest Midlands PoliceExcellent service, for the victim and for this organisation. Two fold should the perpetrator breach the paperwork can be located in quick time to allow a decision to be made without having to bail suspect thus prolonging sentence.514th November 2017
PC 13973 Mike NolanKent PoliceSuperb and quick response to referral. I have really appreciated being kept up to date with the progress of getting the order in place. It will motivate me to do it more often.57th November 2017
Andy DAVIESGMPFantastic service, Order in place within 2 working days!! Cannot recommend enough!57th November 2017
APS 3216 WOODHEADHampshire Police5* response to a high risk victim of DV with timely Non Mol as well as speedy application with great service. Thanks Adrian531st October 2017
pc 12858 haywardkent policeI have used this service several times and have always had a quick and good response531st October 2017
PC Wilby 3060Northumbria PoliceWhat an excellent service, a referral which took 30 seconds to complete, resulted in an injunction being granted at court within eight days of the referral. I would highly recommend the service to any officer or victim.531st October 2017
Roberta RiversTVPI have referred many victims/survivors of DV into this service over the years and find that NCDV is always reliable and professional. Whatever did we do before NCDV?531st October 2017
AdamStaffs PoliceFirst time having used this service, but would highly recommend it to all officers. After the initial referral, I have had nothing else to do but the victim has received a first class service and has had an order granted at court after help from NCDV531st October 2017
AndyHampshire ConstabularyI work on a response and patrol team. Easy and quick to make a referral. Referral is progressed quickly and I was kept updated. Excellent service to the DV victim. If you aren't using this as frontline officer, you need to be. Highly recommended.523rd October 2017
Ed BarkerGMPQuality streamline service that works to protect victims, and doesn't create any additional work for the police. Excellent, can't recommend it highly enough.511th October 2017
P7968 WASHBURNTVPI am on a custody investigation and case progression team and in the last 6mnths have referred in excess of 20 people and some withdraw support, but of the ones that engage with the service, I have had nothing but praise. Also many a successful Non Mol. Thank you for making our jobs easier to support our DV victims.54th October 2017
Sharon TillettPrimary educationAbsolutely fantastic service. Very quick process and excellent communication throughout.54th October 2017
SandersonLancashireI often use this service with fantastic results. They keep me up to date throughout the whole process and often get fantastic results that victims and police are both happy with.54th October 2017
geoffrey hillhampshire constabularynever used the service before but its simplistic, streamlined and does exactly what it says on the tin, excellent service511th September 2017
sarah youngHousing Solutionsamazing services, extremely fast. Mt client felt valid and safe. excellent communication511th September 2017
Paul JamesonSYPFirst time I have referred anyone and absolutely amazed at how quick and excellent the support was for the victim.511th September 2017
Darren SladeWest Midlands PoliceTrue streamlined process, built with and actioned by profesional staff.511th September 2017
Rhyse CrookEssex PoliceQuick, simple and easy. There is now a victim that is being safe guarded and I was kept up to date. Good Work!51st September 2017
PC SQUIRESKent PoliceI referred a victim on Sunday evening and have received updates at every stage. The order was issued on Thursday protecting the victim. Fantastic service51st September 2017
Gavin WorboysSYPExcellent service, highly recommend this organisation. Kept updated throughout and done so quickly.51st September 2017
Luke HAMMONDmet policeFantastic service, quick easy to use for both police and applicant51st September 2017
debHerfordshire Policesteps up to the plate everytime51st September 2017
Pc AndersonMet PoliceBrilliant, fast and efficient51st September 2017
PC BainesSouth Yorkshire PoliceAbsolutely fantastic service. From seeing a vulnerable person on Tuesday to a court order being set in place on Friday.515th August 2017
Philip Henderson-DunkSouth Yorkshire PoliceSubmitted the referral last week and returned to duty to see that the order has been to court and applied in six days time. Very impressive515th August 2017
LauraRefugeVery efficient, effective and quick service. Great result for my client within days of contact. Thanks515th August 2017
GaryLancashire policeExcellent service, keeping all parties involved fully informed. I can't fault the service at all526th July 2017
DC PatersonMetropolitan PoliceBrilliant!526th July 2017
support workerWomen's Aidsimple to refer, excellent service, highly recommend, very fast and efficient,will certainly be using again519th July 2017
Andrew WallerMet PoliceVery efficient and effective service.519th July 2017
Amanda WalkerEnhanced New Beginnings DA ProjectWorks so quickly for our family, referral one day court the next, and dealt with other issues at the same time as the non mol. Thank you.510th July 2017
Eleonora SerafiniVictim SupportEasily accessible, quick and professional service. Thank you510th July 2017
ROBERTA RIVERSTVPI have referred countless victims / survivors of domestic abuse into the NCDV, and remain impressed with their timely and professional support. Whatever did we do before there was NCDV???510th July 2017
PC KILBURNWiltshire PoliceI download the NCDV app onto my work IPhone and this make the referral quick and simple to do. The most recent referral I made resulted in an application been made and which aided the victim greatly. Great work519th June 2017
FranHertfordshire PoliceAlways an excellent service, I refer lots of victims of abuse and many have been granted speedy non molestation orders. A fantastic organisation.519th June 2017
Hawabu GhanchiNcdvVery supportive and prompt service.519th June 2017
PhilMerseyside PoliceI have been thoroughly impressed with the online NCDV service /referral system. Like other reviewers have stated I cannot fault the NCDV, they have kept all parties up to date and within a fortnight of making initial contact a non-molestation order had been granted and issued, they organise everything and this service is really helping to safeguard vulnerable people.519th June 2017
Jessica PearceSouth Yorkshire PoliceBrilliant, efficient service.Kept up to date daily and within a week an order was issued.519th June 2017
Adam HodgkinsonSouth Yorkshire policeOne week from referral to non molestation order being granted at court and papers served. A fast and well managed service that keeps all parties updated.58th June 2017
JaneNorthants PoliceExcellent speedy service on behalf of my client, very understanding of her situation & supportive. Brilliant in terms of assisting with Safeguarding. Would definitely recommend this service.58th June 2017
Manhdip BraichMetropolitan police serviceExcellent Service. Kept me up to date with the progress of the case.58th June 2017
Gail HillSouth Yorkshire PoliceExcellent service, super fast response to obtaining an order from the courts to protect the victim who is very happy with the end result, brilliant.Also kept me up to date with the case so I could liase with the victim.58th June 2017
Jacky RudkinsFamily MattersReferral process quick and easy and feedback is excellent. Very good service58th June 2017
Brooke JordanRising SunQuick and efficient, kept me updated the whole way through.58th June 2017
clare kingHastings Borough CouncilExcellent Service, have used before and could not fault. Kept me up to date with the progress of the case. Client very happy519th May 2017
Mel PalmerSouth Yorkshire PoliceWhat a fantastic service. I cannot recommend this service enough. So impressed with the excellent, speedy service provided to this client. An excellent safe-guarding tool.56th May 2017
Keeley RuffellVictimThis organisation has been invaluable at providing prompt action to help obtain safety for myself and my children. From the day I clicked on the link the police provided me with to the day I went to court was under a week. Thank you.56th May 2017
KellyVictimBeing a victim of domestic violence, ncdv have been a godsend to me in helping to keep myself and my children safe and all within a week.525th April 2017
claire watkinsWest Midlands PoliceExcellence response and assistance with safeguarding highly recommended service521st April 2017
PC COLBURN CC858Sussex PoliceHighly affective. I will always recommend with every case where it is suitable.521st April 2017
DC Mariusz BernatowiczDomestic Abuse Proactive Unit - DAPU I Islington Police I Met Police II cannot stress enough how impressed I am by your effectiveness and assistance. I am very grateful for your help.518th April 2017
Kavita PatelVictim SupportAmazing service. My client was called within 30 minutes of my referral. The referral process is so quick and easy. The regular email updates are also so nice to receive.510th April 2017
Merseyside PoliceMerseyside PoliceAggrieved party was experiencing problems with his ex-partner, which were causing significant trouble but did not constitute any offence. Advice was given and details passed to NCDV who acted promptly and have gained a non-molestation order for the victim. Great service.510th April 2017
Aaron DilleyNorthamptonshire PoliceThis is my 5th or 6th referral in only a few weeks. One of which has gone all the way through for a non-molestation to be granted. Super quick, super easy and great safeguarding results.55th April 2017
PCSO 6715 HYDERWest Mercia PoliceI made an online referral via the downloaded app on my mobile phone whilst with the victim. It took 30 seconds. FAST, EASY, HASSLE FREE - Download the App!!! I was kept informed of the application progress every step of the way and they were successful in getting a court order.53rd April 2017
Charlie SouthernMerseyside Police.Excellent service. Quick and thorough with constant feedback from staff to my email address, all whilst focusing on victims needs. Fantastic.53rd April 2017
Jane SmithRiseFantastic service.529th March 2017
PC 13744 StainerKent PoliceFast response and referral resulting in a non-molestation being served within 2 weeks. A very happy victim.529th March 2017
PC 13161 GalbraithGreater Manchester PoliceReally quick response to my referral and the victim was very happy with the response and support offered.527th March 2017
PC Jonathan FordSussex Police IOM TeamThe Assist database search is easy to use, helping me manage risks around one of my offenders. This information was only held here and not on PNC or our local crime database ! Thank you.523rd March 2017
DC 1886Merseyside PoliceFantastic Service, and one very happy customer. She was amazed at the speed of the process and now has piece of mind and protection.523rd March 2017
Trevor EscottSussex PoliceNCDV offer an extremely impressive service - their responses are speedy and efficient and their referral system is very straightforward to use.514th March 2017
3627Essex PoliceI have made several referrals to NCDV and I am impressed with the speed of the service for the victim. Very good Service528th February 2017
PC 8085 GalerNorthumbria PoliceReferring a victim directly is quick and easy. It ensures that we have took all steps to help the victim as the majority of the time the victims don't follow up on advice given. Applied for the order on Friday morning, non-mol order issued at court by lunchtime Wednesday. Victim was very happy with the service provided. Definitely recommend!523rd February 2017
Emma BrowndwpSo far so good, I called on behalf of a friend who has been putting off applying for an injunction hoping things will just get better, I called as friend was just mentally exhausted with everything, the lady on the phone was fantastic taking majority of details from myself and then calling my friend to do the legal aid assessment. Already looking at a court date to get this in process. I am a domestic violence Lead for a government department and will definitely be recommending your organisation in future THANK YOU SO MUCH523rd February 2017
Claire BennettSunflower CentreI referred a client to NCDV on Thursday and by Monday she had her Non Molestation order.  Fantastic job NCDV - thank you523rd February 2017
KatieDomestic abuse serviceExcellent service from NCDV, I have made many referrals and I receive prompt emails updating me on the referral. The response from NCDV is very quick and a simple way to refer people into the service.523rd February 2017
JulianThames Valley PoliceI have been referring to the NCDV for some time now and I have never been disappointed with the service they have provided to those needing urgent assistance.523rd February 2017
NatalieCustomerFantastic help523rd February 2017
Jamie PALMERHampshire ConstabularyI've been referring to NCDV for a number of years, their sevice has always been excellent. In this case I referred a client on Sunday evening, by Tuesday afternoon she had her injunction. Thank you.51st February 2017
Neil PrescottKPMy organisation involves long, endless amounts of paperwork and it is very refreshing to use a service that has such a simple form to fill in which can have such a big impact. It is quick and easy, just what I need. Only issue is I can never do a referral via the phone app as it always comes up with an error msg. (Neil has been advised to update his app and it all works fine now!)51st February 2017
Nell ShortisKent PoliceThis is the first time I have directly referred to yourselves as I didn't realise how easy it was and I have to say, I'm incredibly impressed with how quickly you guys have got the ball rolling. No doubt you'll see more coming your way from me! Thanks, Nell527th January 2017
Geoff Williamswestn midlands policecompleting the form was very quick and easy, victim had obtained an order within 3 days and i was updated throughout the whole process. very impressed!520th January 2017
Paul SykesNorth Yorkshire PoliceJust over 48 hours from referral to grant of the Non Mol order! Fantastic service, the victim is over the moon that it was done so quickly and she now has some real protection. Thanks to all at NCDV for making this happen .520th January 2017
S KindSussex PoliceA simple referral process for us has led to a rapid and effective response for the victim, many thanks.518th January 2017
Con 1213 EdeyMerseyside PoliceA fantastic service with the updates and efficiency of the process. Very simple and fast also. Other organisations and agencies could learn a lot from the way this one is run.518th January 2017
TomMilton Keynes PoliceFollowing the recent training for the DV non molestation orders I wanted to share some feedback with you. Since the training I have been handing the NCDV card out and putting referrals in which I'm sure most of you have. Last night I attended a DOM NON as her ex-partner was threatening to turn up at the house. There was no offences It was fairly low risk on the DASH and on scene we put a referral in to the NCDV as the victim agreed a NON MOL would be positive action for her but she was worried she could not afford it as she was working. Tonight on returning to work I received this email from NCDV saying they have already gone ahead and instructed solicitors to apply for the NON MOL which is fantastic! And has been actioned within 12 hours of us attending!! So it's clear the service works and I strongly recommend you use them and put the referrals in :-) I'm really pleased with their service and felt it is important to share this with you all. Many thanks Tom511th January 2017
Yvonne LeeHarrow MencapI was very impressed with the support given to my client by the caseworker my client has a learning disability and the case worker was able to explain the process in way that she was able to understand520th December 2016
PC RogersGreater Manchester PoliceSimple, fast and easy to use. Many thanks for your help.520th December 2016
T WinterSocial CareI constantly refer to your service, and was expecting to hit a payment screen when I ordered the cards / leaflets, so I was somewhat shocked when it just went through. This is of course just brilliant, as I will share these with colleagues in the office, and hopefully more people will get protection faster, helping them to get on with their lives. Had I hit a payment section I would have had no ability to make payment, and no budget within my role that I can easily access. Well, no more scribbled notes, printed web-pages, forgetting the NCDV name at crucial times. When I first heard about NCDV on a DV awareness course last year I thought it was too good to be true. I'm very glad to be wrong.520th December 2016
Chris AllwoodEssex police1st class service. I have had victkms contacted within minutes of submitting the request. Always kept upto date on progress as well.512th December 2016
MichelleWycombe Women's AidReally fast and effective service!59th December 2016
Dc HunnsCambridgeshire Constabulary.Cannot fault the service NCDV Provide. very quick and very easy to refer. I now have a victim who feels safer and reassured.59th December 2016
Mandy SURGENORPOLICEThank you for your prompt actions. I had a mother of three children whose partner was refusing to leave her alone but not committing criminal offences. As a continued victim I believe that she was feeling unsupported and as a result reluctant to support any possible police actions. After a short referral from myself a non molestation order is being issued. This will help the police and her as we can now action even the slightest infringement her partner makes. Ensuring her and her children's safety. What a brilliant service.528th November 2016
PC StevensSussex PoliceCan't fault the service NCDV offer. You really make a difference. All dealt with very quickly too!528th November 2016
Stacey BeddowsWest Midlands PoliceExcellent service and communication, invaluable to victims of domestiv violence.528th November 2016
Ruby SlackKnightstone Housing AssociationI made a referral a week ago and already a non-molestation order is in place. The resident is so happy and said the barrister was brilliant. I am really pleased with this and how I have been kept up to date. A great service making a big difference.528th November 2016
Simon AndrewsMetropolitan PoliceAbsolutely fantastic response all the while being kept updated by the NCDV. My Victim was granted a Non Molestation Order within 48 hours of being referred !!! Thank You.528th November 2016
Helen Forddomestic violence victimFor various valid reasons, I had not wanted to proceed through the Criminal Court system. It was the NCDV that played the biggest role in giving me the facts and information about my situation, what could be done, and HOW to do it (through the Family Court system). Eventually (as the professional document servers had terrible difficulty locating my ex for serving the non-molestation injunction), Mark even served it for me. The NCDV team are a kind, empathic, intelligent and practical breath of fresh air for people who are going through the darkest and most confusing of times. When I was falling, they caught me, bore me up and I don't know what would have become of me, if it have not been for their patient assistance.52nd November 2016
Roberta RiversThames Valley PoliceAll I can say is thank goodness for NCDV--whatever did we do before you came along. You have assisted so many of the women I have referred into your fine service!52nd November 2016
Sam TownerKent PoliceAmazing service, providing the help people need at a fast rate so they can lead a normal life52nd November 2016
Martin ButlerSussex PoliceExcellent Service - Many Thanks517th October 2016
C QuinnStoke On Trent City CouncilFantastic service , excellent updates great outcome for the family513th October 2016
Mel PalmerSouth Yorkshire PoliceExtremely efficient service with regular updates received. Very easy service to utilise and would throughly recommend this service.512th October 2016
MichelleDomestic Abuse ServiceGreat service - incredibly accessible, with regular and prompt updates regarding the process from receipt of the referral to outcome at court.55th October 2016
PC HILLSSouth Yorkshire PoliceFantasic service, quick and easy to use, and a very quick result, I recommend all operational officers use it527th September 2016
John GuttridgeWest Midlands PoliceSubmitted a referral online at 1900hrs, informed at 1200hrs the next day that a case had been prepared, excellent service for victims.527th September 2016
tracey johnstoneout there, supporting families of prisonersextremely prompt and efficient response. My client was dealt with on the same day of referral and a solicitor also assigned the same day. Can't praise this organisation enough for the support they have given my client. Updates are really helpful too.Highly recommended!516th September 2016
Ben AnidoEssex policeThe NCDV are an exceptional organisation with a truly victim focussed service, which responds promptly and expeditiously to third party requests for service. The work done by them is making a real difference to the lives of survivors of domestic abuse.57th September 2016
K CaldwellStaffordshire PoliceA very efficient, victim focussed service. The speed of how these referrals and outcomes are achieved is a testament to the high level of service being offered.530th August 2016
Eddie BullenWest Midlands PoliceGreat service - easy quick and provides victims with support/help522nd August 2016
PrivateEssex PoliceSuperb service for victim's of Domestic Abuse, quick and easy referral process and NCDV always give updates on the progress of the case.522nd August 2016
DC 1456 Jackie CleaverMerseyside PoliceA Very quick and professional reaponse for victim522nd August 2016
DC 1456 Jackie CleaverMerseyside PoliceVery quick and good response522nd August 2016
Jan JChuildren's CentresA very efficient service. Excellent communication from NCDV. I knew exactly what was happening with my referral. Thank you for all your support.522nd August 2016
Helen hurstMerseyside policeHaving just had recent training in relation to NCDV colleagues and I have utilised the on line reporting which is quick and easy. This is another excellent tool which we will continue to use. Thank you522nd August 2016
DC 3721 BleazardAn officer in Lancashire ConstabularyA speedy process to help gain a restraining order, giving the victim support and relief that she would feel safe and be protected522nd August 2016
RavenaPrivateI will never forget your help. It was in 2014 and I was deeply traumatized by awful domestic abuse. You helped me to get the non molestation order. I would have never been able to do this on my own. You are all angels.522nd July 2016
Kerry RudgeWest Midlands PoliceI feel that you provide an invaluable service that is easy to access520th July 2016
David WhaleyMetropolitan Police ServiceSo easy and so helpful. NCDV helps manage the risk to victims of domestic crime and with only 30 seconds of time spent to complete the referral this is an incredible tool514th July 2016
Northants Police OfficerNorthants PoliceI often complete referrals for domestic abuse victims that I encounter in my role. I feel it is a great service as having the NCDV contact the victims directly there is a better chance of them engaging with the services. Also, getting updates from NCDV helps with being able to keep up to date on the safeguarding of your victims.57th July 2016
Alex WentYour Housing GroupExcellent quick and efficient service. thank you57th July 2016
Paula BlundellFamily MosaicOne of the most easy and efficient services I have had to use. Essential for helping victims of DV. Outstanding service!!57th July 2016
Jon MowattCambridgeshire ConstabularyVery easy to make referral on work phone using the app. Fast response and great updates. A superb service57th July 2016
Allan BartramCambridgeshire ConstabularyI can't recommend using The National Centre for Domestic Violence enough. Time after time, I make referrals at domestic incidents through my role using the NCDV application on my work phone. They keep you and the victim updated every step of the way. Domestic Abuse Response Team520th June 2016
Meggan RutherfordHarbour Support ServicesBrilliant service for victims of Domestic Abuse. Quick and easy to use520th June 2016
Constable Alan ConranEssex PoliceUnderwent the training input earlier this week and very impressed with the service that is offered. A real eye opener for me and huge addition to my knowledge base which will help my colleagues and I get the right safeguarding in place for the people we're all here for - victims. Keep up the good work!520th June 2016
Tracey MooreChildren's centreI referred an isolated lady who needed support as her partner is abusive and stalking her. She received a fast response and brilliant service - Thanks you!516th June 2016
Fatou CeesayOxfordshire Domestic Abuse ServiceA positive experience with excellent service in speed and communication. I and my client were updated throught out the process. Thank you.516th June 2016
John O'DonnellGreater Manchester Police - Early Intervention Team @ WiganWhat an excellent service NCDV provide for victims of domestic violence. The referral process is extremely easy for both victims and third party agencies. Throughout the procedure I received regular updates and was informed of the final outcome, which was great. I would highly recommend this service in the future to victims and partner agencies. Keep up the good work.516th June 2016
Pc MARTIN 72609Essex policeA Extremely useful tool from a policing point of view. Very good and quick service for the victim and keeping us updated. Many thanks514th June 2016
Karen AgambarRuskin Junior SchoolAbsolutely excellent service from start to finish. Our family felt supported and valued by your team and the end result was complete satisfaction for all involved. We would highly recommend your service.514th June 2016
jonathan fellKirklees DV Team IDATA positive experience with good communication throughout the process.43rd June 2016
Debra OliverRISEOutstanding service in speed, quality of updates, and keeping the client informed. A much safer space for this brave woman to recover525th May 2016
PC PayneWiltshire PoliceExcellent service. Very prompt and swift and with a satisfying result.525th May 2016
PC 7296 HandyWest Midlands PoliceQuick and easy to use . Recommended525th May 2016
PC MorlandWest Midlands PoliceA quick and easy way to help support a victim. Quite often it is a big step for a victim to report domestic abuse, in doing so they feel empowered and the support of NCDV will make sure that they don't stop believing and hold on to that feeling. Great service and one which I will continue to use.511th May 2016
Dean watkinsWest Midlands policeI have dealt with many organisations over the years and all pale in significance compared with the NCDV. The service they deliver is impeccable. keep up the good work.59th May 2016
SionWest Midlands policeWhat a great service. Fast simple and updated every step of the way. I don't think that the service could be improved. Thank you.55th May 2016
PC KILBURNWiltshire PoliceA great service, fast and easy to make a referral. I have great respect for the NCDV. Keep up the good work.529th April 2016
PC 14317 MolloyDerbyshire PoliceI have used the National Centre For Domestic Violence various times and am a huge advocate of their services. The phone application makes the service to easy to use and if the applicant/victim engages the order is usually secured and updated on to PNC within a few days. They are brilliant at keeping officers updated too. An amazing resource for victims of domestic violence and a great help to the Police Force.529th April 2016
Farida allanaTeachingKeep up the good work520th April 2016
L WooldridgeWest Midlands PoliceAn incredibly fast and excellent service that provided a victim of domestic violence with an exit plan and protection from a violent offender that the criminal justice system simply could not offer her in her circumstances.520th April 2016
Laura OlczakWest Mercia PolicePrompt action, really great service518th April 2016
CSUMetropolitan Police ServiceWithin a few days, the NCDV had assisted my victim with getting a Non-Molestation Order out against the suspect.518th April 2016
kevin usherwarwickshire policeprompt and excellent service513th April 2016
TrinMeThis service is excellent and would recommend to anyone needing legal help. 5 stars doesnt do it justice the people you talk to are kind friendly and helpful. Thank you.513th April 2016
PC 3665 FerrisEssex PoliceAbsolutely brilliant result from my first referral, an invaluable support to victims of domestic violence and police. I was also kept updated throughout the process. Thank you.513th April 2016
PC OsborneWest Midlands PoliceI regularly submit referrals to the NCDV and it is nice to hear positive outcomes from them as a result of that.58th April 2016
Service userPolice ServiceA agency that should have been set up years ago. The work you guys do helps the police forces and also the victims who would not know who to turn to. keep it up.58th April 2016
Jess CharlesworthWest Midlands PoliceWhat an amazing service for victims for Domestic Violence! Speedy effcient and extremely helpful. Thank you!58th April 2016
PC SmithEssex PoliceKeep up the brilliant work, very easy to use service, regular updates and all completed very quickly.58th April 2016
Pc Rob KiplingKent PoliceThis service is invaluable. It has changed the lives of DV victims for the better. Keep up the amazing work51st April 2016
Mr Gene EDWARDSWest Mercia PoliceFirst class service for our victims of crime. Keep up the good work.522nd March 2016
PC4260 Mark TraffordStaffordshire PoliceKeep up the good work at the NCDV.... the service you provide is brilliant514th March 2016
Ian LawsonNorthumbria PoliceI have found the service timely, informative and highly professional. I followed up each referral with visits to the victim and they too can’t fault the service. I only wish I had been aware of NCDV before now. Regards, Ian514th March 2016
tawself helpI have been a victim of abuse for most of my life. Its not about the physical abuse more so the mental emotional and psychological that can affect you more long term. I would like to thank staff at the NCDV for there help and support which they have given me. And for listening being there and understanding.57th March 2016
DC Derrick QuarmMetropolitan PoliceVery speedy service that fully delivered a non-molestation order for the complaint in record time.57th March 2016
PC 324GDMet PoliceWonderfully efficient and has made a massive difference to my victim - thank you.57th March 2016
PC 3201 COLLINSDerbyshire PoliceExcellent service for both victims and service users. Very impressed.524th February 2016
Nige Gilbert (PC 245)Wiltshire PoliceVery much appreciated and a great service you provide us with!524th February 2016
PC Fryer-KelseyKent PoliceVictim attended for support, referral to NCDV and Non molestation 7 days later. Very efficient.424th February 2016
Zoe PearsonSheffield Domestic Abuse HelplineI am impressed at how all my referrals are promptly acted upon ad I appreciate being informed at every stage/outcome. thank you.516th February 2016
Kim TaylorLetgo Domestic Violence ServiceAbsolutely brilliant service. Whenever I make a referral I receive an immediate response and I'm updated throughout every step of the process. Thanks for the support you've offered to my clients.516th February 2016
Anne OselandDorset PoliceExcellent service. My referral was followed up very quickly and order issued within 3 days! I was kept up to date throughout the process and I'm sure the client is very grateful.516th February 2016
MCRISEThis application was successful, and the service my client received after the referral was efficient and supportive. I was well informed along the way. Thank you.416th February 2016
Stevewiltshire policeExcellent, very quick and efficient.516th February 2016
Jo JarvisCheshire PoliceBrilliant service, referred via the phone app, contacted victim the following morning and was in court the next working day for a successful injunction application. Brilliant service for victims, and an invaluable tool for police officers516th February 2016
Claire griffithsARCHVery fast service527th January 2016
Andrew BinghamWest Yorkshire PoliceCan I just feedback this is my first referral following some training at Calderdale from Julia. It's really great that as frontline responders we get feedback and are kept in the loop. If we see what happens after we 'click the button' it gives us confidence in your organisation which means more referrals!527th January 2016
louiseEast Surrey Domestic Abuse ServicesExcellent service527th January 2016
FarzanaIDVAI have used NCDV for many years !! fantastic as always.521st January 2016
PC DURSTONAvon and Somerset ConstabularyI have used this service on two occasions and cannot speak more highly of the service. Quick, effective and ultimately protecting the victim from offender. Great work!54th January 2016
PoliceNorthamptonshire PoliceI want to say Thank you to the team for all that they do. I referred a victim of domestic violence. It was easy, quick and simple and returned excellent results. Within a week the victim had a restraining order against her ex partner who was harassing her. It was a fantastic system that really works and does the best for the victim.54th January 2016
Jason TaylorSus PolWhat a great service for those suffering abuse. First class and well done Jason Taylor . Response Investigations. Sussex Police.54th January 2016
PC JosephPark Side, CambridgePC Joseph would like to send his personal thanks to all the team for all the great work that you do. He stated that you always respond quickly and he is very impressed with your service522nd December 2015
Victoria BrayNew Forest District CouncilWe have received some of your cards and posters from our Housing Needs Team and have recommended a lady to your service – the response and action was fantastic, thank you. Would you be kind enough to send me some more literature so that I can send it out to our local offices? Many thanks59th December 2015
Pc 2462 PAINTERBolsover Police StationJust to let you know I'm really impressed with how you help us with DV incidents, having spoken with several officers they've had some great results.... Would love some more Pens and mugs if at all possible??51st December 2015
Sapphire UnitMetropolitan PoliceThanks for your assistance. Excellent service and a great resource for police. Assists victims to safely take that first step away from perpetrators, knowing they are being seriously listened to by the authorities and their wishes are being taken into consideration and respected.527th November 2015
Poile, RobertWiltshire PoliceThanks, great resources. Great idea, seems to be working well and makes referrals so much easier for the victim.523rd November 2015
Anna M. BaczkowskaNext LinkGreat service. Staff is very friendly and updated my client and myself on the progress of the case very quickly, which was much appreciated. Thank you.52nd November 2015
Karen HeyesSussex PoliceJust wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday the training was fantastic and I have had really positive feedback. You and your team do some amazing work and it is very much appreciated526th October 2015
debra worthsandwell womens aidthe service you provide and the support that is offered is invaluable - thank you for helping me to support clients in making them safer and to enable to move on with their lives for a brighter future526th October 2015
JosephCambridgeshire PoliceI am using your IPhone app in regular basis and I am very impressed with your quick response to the victims and myself. Keep up the good work. Well done!526th October 2015
SMITHWest MidlandsVery quick response and kept up to date with how the cases are progressing.59th October 2015
PC COLLINSDERBYSHIRE POLICEWhat a brilliant and worthwhile service. Great for agencies and victims alike. Staff seem fast, friendly and are efficient and always give feedback on the referral. Very impressed.59th October 2015
Eric FrempongWILTSHIRE POLICEI was very impress with the service my DV victim received when I referred her to NCDV and it only takes a few minutes to make the referral. Non molestation order with a couple of days. Thanks to all the staff at NCDV528th September 2015
PC WILLIAMSGMPReferred via the simple and quick app. Kept informed throughout and the order was granted within a week. Excellent service for both police and more importantly the victim.524th September 2015
Jo JohnsonCheshire PoliceAmazing service. Within a week they had contacted the victim and got her to court for a court order to be granted. Efficient excellent service.524th September 2015
AndyMet PoliceOutstanding service. Extremely efficient with regular updates. A great tool524th September 2015
Paul KensettVictim SupportVery good response time from an on line refferal and great to be kept in touch with what was happening for the Victim524th September 2015
Ewa WilcockPolish Domestic Violence HelplineExcellent service. Very efficient, easy to use. The only service I know that sends regular updates which is very helpful when you have to manage many cases at the same time.54th September 2015
Clare CromptonHertfordshire PoliceFantastic service and vulnerable person given added protection. Thank you528th August 2015
PC 14230 BASHIRDerbyshire ConstabularyHaving made a referral via the mobile phone app with the consent of the victim on evening of 17/08/15, I was surprised to recieve an email the following day informing me that NCDV has completed all the necessary paperwork to apply for a Non-Molestation order and the papers have been sent to the solicitor.

This far exceeded my expectations in terms of the turn around time. Very pleased with the service as organisation working in harmony with NCDV in safeguarding victims of Domestic violence.

Although I make many referrals, in the following days many victims decide not to pursue the matter with NCDV however always a positive when one victim follows through thier intentions.

Keep up to excellent work!!

Kind regards

525th August 2015
Charlie GibbsWorth ServicesReally excellent fast service. Victims of domestic abuse would be at a loss without this expertise and help.524th August 2015
Nicola WilsonLet GoQuick and informative service. I referred one of my clients and I was pleased with the speedy response and the outcome in general.520th August 2015
Scott HOWARDWest Midlands PoliceAnother great service from NCDV. Quick service supporting the victim and officers in safeguarding.519th August 2015
PC DanielWest Midlands PoliceAnother 5 star review. One of the best ways to help victims and prevent further crime and disorder.511th August 2015
PC DOYLEWest Mids PoliceReferral is quick and easy to use. Injunction was taken out within a day or so for the female who had been suffering ongoing harassment from her son. NCDV always keep you informed and updated re the case you refer.49th August 2015
PC WhiteWest Midlands Police5 star rating as usual for a first class, efficient speedy service.527th July 2015
Pc BeardWest Mids PoliceExcellent follow up from a quick, easy referral via the on-line site525th July 2015
Elaine CarrolllKent PoliceQuick and easy referral that has helped many of of the victims I have dealt with who did not think they had any other choice but to put up with the abuse they were suffering525th July 2015
Kerry DuffSunflower Centre, Northamptonshire PoliceVery quick service and vital for clients who need immediate intervention.515th July 2015
PC WarfordWest Midlands PoliceAn essential and important service. Very easy to use.59th July 2015
Peter MatthewmanDerbyshire ConstabularyVery easy to make a referral, the mobile phone app is very convenient too.
It is also good that we get a result of any application with easy to follow instructions on how to get a copy of the order.
56th July 2015
David ParishMetropolitan Police ServiceThis is a brilliant service which is quick, and efficient. NCDV really do help make a difference to all of our vicitms.

Thank You
55th July 2015
Domestic Abuse OfficerNorth Yorkshire PoliceFantastic Service, I cannot recommend NCDV enough. Recent success story, order agreed by courts within 3 days of speaking to victim. Fast, efficient service. I use the smart phone app for ease.524th June 2015
oliver BousteadSussex PoliceVictim would not talk to Police or admit anything had taken place.
Made referral using the App, (with victims permission)

The service NCDV gave to this victim resulted in them being able to talk to NCDV and get a non Molestation Order put in place.

Regular updates made us feel like we hadn't just left a victim to suffer without being able to help, and the Help they received has made them realise they were not alone, even if they didn't want to tell the Police.
513th June 2015
ZainThames PHNCDV are truly saints. I would like to thank you all with my heart and wish I could support you somehow.

Thank you for making a difference.
58th June 2015
Charlotte PrestonOrbit South HousingI was very impressed with the level of dedication and service received by myself and my customer. My customer had been left feeling isolated with no where to turn and within 48 hours, it was like speaking to a different person who was empowered and confident to move on. Thank you for making my job rewarding!!!!58th June 2015
Regina AtsuWestminster Duty and Access TeamGreat service! Fast efficient excellent professional work.

Thank you.
52nd June 2015
Tracy MayThe John Wesley Primary SchoolI was very impressed with the service, very quick and efficient. Appreciated the regular updates. Felt confident my referral was being taken care of in the absence of myself over half term. Thank you.51st June 2015
N WitteridgeHerts policeA brilliant service, speedy and successful. Highly recommend this service.531st May 2015
kirstyVery fast, professional service from all involved with my case.
The County Court Judge asked who prepared the paperwork. I explained it was the NCDV and he commented, ''It is VERY professional''.
Outstanding service. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
530th May 2015
Natalie KingShelterA brilliant service. Fast and efficient. I was amazed at the speed of the response and was impressed by the regular updates.526th May 2015
Emer GarwoodSussex PoliceAn excellent service which my victims really appreciate, it is always a relief for some victims when, although matters have been reported to the police, they cannot face supporting a prosecution or attending court, o have such an organisation as the NCDV whom are able to assist them with the longer term protection of civil orders in order to ensure their safety - invaluable, thank you515th May 2015
Matt EVANSNorthants policeFantastic service, quick responses, referals are quick and easy to complete. Keeping both the victim and referer updated regularly regardless of whether you can provide assistance or not. The latest referal i completed on behalf of a domestic violence victim was a success and completed on her behalf extremely quick57th May 2015
Claire GiddingsIDAS, North YorkshireAbsolutely brilliant service! Thank you.523rd April 2015
Sarah NewboundRefugeI have had several clients achieve non molestation orders extremely quickly, thanks to NCDV.
The only downside for me is as an independent organisation requesting the service we cannot access the documentation online and have to rely on the goodwill of the police protection unit to see the terms and length of the orders granted.
522nd April 2015
Tiffany LockibyMETROPOLITAN POLICEVery quick response. Order in place. Victim happy.513th April 2015
Lillian AndreasenWorldShapersI have now used your site twice and am very very impressed with the support you have given. It has happened very swiftly, and the impact of this on the victims have been amazing. One guy-victim was overwhelmed that the call from you happened even before I had left his house.
Both now have non-molestations orders in place.

I just had one query as the last one I did was not able to be served when seeing the perpetrator as he refused it. However it did come through when back in court - is it the case that a perp has to 'agree' to the order before it is able to protect the women.

Thank you sooo much for this amazing service

513th April 2015
michelle ruseSurviveI find the NCDV an indispensible asset to my idva service as frewuently I have women who cannot get to solicitors quickly and so rely on your UK wide telephone support and applications for orders57th April 2015
LisaStudent social workkerNever knew this existed, what a great idea staff do a brill job well done525th March 2015
MacallaBromley Children's Social CareI am so impressed with this service! I have made many referrals the NCDV and not only have they been able to assist many of my clients, they do it with incredible efficiency and keep me updated every step of the way. 100% recommended.519th March 2015
Victoria GibsonFamily ActionNCDV is a brilliant and valuable service for those who are vulnerable and at risk of DV. The service my client received was compassionate, extremely efficient, and effective. It has empowered her to take control and feel more confident with dealing with domestic violence. I would like to thank and commend Stewart Henderson and Mark Chapman for dealing with my clients issue so promptly you really made a difference and thank you for keeping me informed.517th March 2015
PCSO Callander 31328West Midlands PoliceExcellent service and support for victims. The promptness of processing the referrals and continual updates is outstanding. Very simple and easy to make a referral, the mobile phone app is very convenient especially for officers when on the go!511th March 2015
Charlotte LenchWorth ServicesExcellent and very efficient service.53rd March 2015
PC 5607 TellwrightStaffordshire PoliceExcellent Service, speedy and successful with great service for the victims of domestic abuse. The updates are great aswell. Thank you53rd March 2015
Jamie FarrellDerbyshire PoliceThank you for the timely updates; I must say that I was sceptical of this system but I'm incredibly impressed at the speed and simplicity of this process!

Many thanks
516th February 2015
Sue GroombridgeKent PoliceReferral was quick and easy to make. The service provided was excellent.512th February 2015
PC 2548 REPTONDerbyshire PoliceExcellent service, received updates at every stage of the process when an injunction was granted, which was all completed within days. Very good service for the victim in my opinion.56th February 2015
lisa curtisSatedaEasy referral process. Quick up to date information.
54th February 2015
PC 21182 NealeWest Midlans PoliceSuperb service for Victim and a brilliant piece of kit for Officers. I personally utilise the mobile app for referrals, excellent app. The progress updates are a real help for Officers. Excellent service, cannot fault.520th January 2015
Naomi RoseWest Midlands PoliceI was unaware of this service. Thank you West Midlands Police.517th January 2015
Sarah LingardThurrock MASHExcellent service, received updates at every stage of the process when an injunction was granted, which was all completed within 1 day.516th January 2015
Tom WallerKent PoliceCriminal action against offenders and referrals to charities can seem slightly hit and miss in terms of safe guarding of victims. This service is very reassuring. If the victim is cooperative it ensures effective measures are quickly and easily put in place.510th January 2015
Tracey AntoniaEarly HelpA big "thank you" for yet another success for my client. I know i can always rely on good advice and prompt action from the NCDV.
Your service is invaluable and your correspondence is second to none.
523rd December 2014
Andy Sweeney 2704Herts PoliceThank you so much for your help in relation to this incident. To be completely honest, I wasn't expecting a great deal (rightly or wrongly). I have a great deal of experience with large organisations and referrals and calls 'falling through the gaps' but the updates you have provided, and the feedback I have had from Mrs B has been really positive. It is really good to know that just simply putting someone's name and contact details into an app on my phone, has led to a really outstanding leap forward for someone. Outstanding job!520th November 2014
Pc 20138 Jayne DeeleyWest Midlands PoliceVery reliable service, prompt and efficient.A valuable tool to combat domestic violence520th November 2014
Arthur TsangBirmingham City CouncilExtremely fast and efficient service529th October 2014
Anita ConnellWest Midlands PoliceExcellent tool for helping victims of Domestice Abuse, quick service provided and you always update the Police with progress. It is great to see that all Domestic Abuse victims are supported irrespective of sex.58th October 2014
Emer GarwoodSussex PoliceAs usual, excellent service and support obtained for my victim. Good updates, I cannot praise NCDV enough - invaluable protection for victims of domestic abuse. Thank you56th October 2014
Suzanna B.Children Social ServicesVery good service, they completed everything easely and in timescales. I am strongly recommending it to any Service which works with victims of dv53rd October 2014
Paul EdwardsPolicethe first time I had made a referral and the service provided and the feedback from female victim is excellent. This was a none urgent case, yet the order was granted and served within 4 working days.527th September 2014
claire watkinsWest midlands policethe service ncdv offer and the quickness of the referal and the fact they keep you posted as a officer is second to none528th July 2014
DC 9139 Ann MagenisKent PoliceI have been using this service since the beginning of this year. I have to say it is one of the best on line services that I use in my role as a DV officer. it is quick and easy to complete and I am always kept informed of progress even if the NCDV are not able to help at the time of application. I have spoken to some of my victims and they have appreciated your advice and support. Thank you.510th July 2014