Affordable Advice, a blog by Mark Groves CEO

Affordable Advice, a blog by Mark Groves CEO

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Yesterday I attended the launch of a pilot initiative called Affordable Advice initiated by Law for Life in partnership with Resolution.

The concept is to provide people with information so they can legally represent themselves in a number of family law matters but if they need legal advice on the way, they can access this on a fixed price basis. For example if a divorce is being handled by a solicitor the cost could and probably will run into thousands of pounds. But if a person is willing to learn a little by using the excellent online guides that Law or Life have produced much of the work can be done themselves and where some legal advice is required then a deal has been done through Resolution members that will only cost a fixed fee of £120.

Obviously, a solicitor will not work for hours for such a fixed fee but the solicitor can act as a legal resource for the applicant whilst they do most of the work themselves.

The benefits this brings is a huge reduction in costs to help achieve a proper legal resolution to a matter, allowing anyone access to justice at a reasonable cost.

Good luck with the pilot.

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