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2009 Charity Black Tie Ball
2009 Charity Black Tie Ball
On the 9th December 2009 the NCDV Black Tie Ball was held at the Hilton Hotel in Cobham. The night was attended by profiles such as John Humphrys from Mastermind, Charlie Brooks from EastEnders, Lady Coulsen, Chief Constables, law firms such as Lovells along with staff and volunteers.

The Centre held the Ball in order to try and maintain its working relationships with law firms, police and volunteers. It was also a chance for the charity to raise money to enhance the Center’s level of service. To raise funds a silent auction was held by Fun Raising during dinner. There was also planned a raffle along with other activities aiming to raise funds.

Black Tie Ball
Another reason for the Ball was to introduce some new initiatives that are set to benefit Domestic Violence Survivors. One initiative is to have the respondent book the return hearing. At present 50% of respondents do not appear in court for the return hearing meaning a waste of time for the courts and unnecessary stress for the applicant.

The poster which can be seen in the background of the picture is the second initiative introduced. The NCDV will be placing focus on the fact that men also experience Domestic Violence and hopefully with this campaign we will be able to encourage more men to seek help.

There were several guest speakers who spoke highly of the work the Centre does. On the left is Steve Mould from the CPS and on the right is Lady Coulson who is our main contact at City Law School. These two, along with many others have helped the Centre throughout the years and the Centre is forever grateful.
One of the main events during the night was the silent auction which was held by Fun Raising. Several items were provided and with the help of Rodger Dakins, from Fun Raising, the Centre was able to raise some funds. Among the guests were Chalie Brooks from EastEnders, who is a firm believer in stopping Domestic Violence and the work we do at the Centre.


Another famous face was John Humpfrys who provided the evenings after dinner entertainment with funny and enlightening anecdotes from his life as a journalist and now the host of BBC’s Mastermind. The picture on the right shows the two with NCDV’s CEO Steve Connor