NCDV trial voice recognition software


The National Centre for Domestic violence has won many awards for the service they give to victims of domestic violence and abuse and in particular the speed of the service they offer.

Mark Groves, Head of Operations at NCDV said, “We are totally committed to offering the best but also the fastest protection to victims and we can only do this with dedicated staff and by utilizing innovative technology.”

NCDV has made considerable investments into software and hardware over the past 8 years and last year won awards for its app and online referral system. In keeping with their Protection through Innovation investment plan they are about to trial voice recognition software to help reduce the time spent typing statements from victims.

Mr Groves said “With the volume of cases we are handling even a 1% time saving allows us to help an additional 80 victims each year and we would hope that we can save between 5% and 8% with this new software.”