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Highest use of app
Highest use of app

June saw the highest number of Refer Direct referrals from agencies and the police via the online website and the app to NCDV.

Since the Refer Direct process was instigated it has rapidly become the preferred method of referral for victims of domestic violence and abuse especially with the police.

referdirect graph

Mark Groves, Head of Operations said ” Our referral process has been developed to provide referrers with a quick simple process that not only feeds back information but allows us to instantly respond to the needs of victims.” he further said ” We are committed in developing technical solutions to help speed up the process of helping victims of domestic violence achieve the legal protection they deserve.”

Some of the many police forces have commented on the Refer Direct referral process;

Sussex police…

Victim would not talk to Police or admit anything had taken place.

Made referral using the App, (with victims permission)

The service NCDV gave to this victim resulted in them being able to talk to NCDV and get a non Molestation Order put in place.

Regular updates made us feel like we hadn’t just left a victim to suffer without being able to help, and the Help they received has made them realise they were not alone, even if they didn’t want to tell the Police.

West Midlands police…

Superb service for Victim and a brilliant piece of kit for Officers. I personally utilise the mobile app for referrals, excellent app. The progress updates are a real help for Officers. Excellent service, cannot fault.

Derbyshire police…

Very easy to make a referral, the mobile phone app is very convenient too.

It is also good that we get a result of any application with easy to follow instructions on how to get a copy of the order.