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NCDV offers a specialist legal service to survivors of domestic violence irrespective of their financial circumstances. We achieve this by working alongside existing firms of local solicitors and training volunteers to act as McKenzie Friend. We are looking for enthusiastic, legally trained, dedicated individuals to join our team. The scheme allows you to:

  • Act as a litigant assistant for domestic violence survivors
  • Prepare & assist emergency injunction applications
  • Courtroom advocacy in real litigation
  • Practice real case management
  • Develop client relation skills

Applications for the McKenzie Friend scheme should be made using the online application form. Sadly due to high demand and service standards, NCDV cannot accept all applications and only from degree law students.

Learn more » Who can be a McKenzie Friend?

The term ‘McKenzie Friend’ has been adopted in family law to describe an individual who provides assistance to a litigant in person (somebody not represented by either a solicitor or barrister). This support is needed for those litigants that neither qualify for public funding nor has the financial means to pay for qualified representation. The McKenzie Friend role is undoubtedly focused towards law students, trainee or qualified lawyers, though a legal background is not necessarily requisite for anyone else interested in this role. All we ask of you is that you treat the role as a professional engagement. This means taking on a professional standard of punctuality, maturity and commitment.