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NCDV commits to 0800 freephone number
NCDV commits to 0800 freephone number

Changes to Ofcom regulations that recently came into force have  completely confused NCDV’s callers.

NCDV’s incoming number is a very memorable 0844 8044999 and the caller was charged 5p, now Ofcom have specified that the callers service provider can charge whatever they like on top the 5p for calls made from mobile handsets and they are.

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The situation is now so complicated for people to establish what the call charge would be it is almost impossible to find out the costs.

EE have produced a 324 page booklet to help http://ee.co.uk/content/dam/ee-help/Help-PDFs/EE-PAYM-0809-Calling-010715.pdf  however there is a different 93 page booklet of you are on PAYG.

Mark Groves, Head of Operations said ” It’s completely ridiculous, Ofcom have created a charging structure that is almost impossible to navigate in a timely fashion, I use Vodafone and I tried to establish the cost to call NCDV, 15 minutes later I gave up.”

NCDV have decided to scrap their 0844 number and will now market is free phone number 0800 970 2070, Mark said ” We have always had our 0800 number but the costs of running this service are quite high nevertheless we have decided to bite the bullet because Ofcom have managed to make matters so difficult we don’t want to put any barrier in the way of a victim of domestic abuse or violence from calling us.”

Mark said “I called Ofcom  and spoke to Patrick Perriam who advised me that they had had many complaints, I asked him how much it would be to call our 0844 number and despite having the information from Vodafone in front of him he could not find the answer.” he further told Mark that the service providers have not acted how they thought they were going to.

Mark went on to say “Although Ofcom have taken many years to roll out this regulation they have not fully considered the consequences or liaised with service providers to ensure a consistent pricing structure for the public.”

Calling NCDV’s freephone number is free from all mobiles and landlines.