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MET distribute app
MET distribute app

The London MET have authorised for NCDV’s referral app to be distributed across the entire force. Over 600 officers are now able to download the APP to their MET issued devices. The app works across ipads. iphones, Android and Windows devices and provides an easy solution to refer victims of domestic violence to NCDV to obtain a Non Molestation Order.

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NCDV have been working with the MET to enable this for the last 6 months, Mark Groves Head of Operations said ” Sometimes the effort is well worth the result, the hard work from the team to produce an app that meets the MET’s requirements was difficult but worth persevering. Our app is now the preferred way for officers to refer victims throughout England and accounts for over 50% of the referrals we receive.”

An officer from Hertfordshire police recently left a comment on NCDV’s web site ” Thank you so much for your help in relation to this incident. To be completely honest, I wasn\’t expecting a great deal (rightly or wrongly). I have a great deal of experience with large organisations and referrals and calls \’falling through the gaps\’ but the updates you have provided, and the feedback I have had from Mrs B has been really positive. It is really good to know that just simply putting someone\’s name and contact details into an app on my phone, has led to a really outstanding leap forward for someone. Outstanding job!”