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Free Training
Free Training

NCDV completes over 2000 free training sessions across the country every year to all agencies and police forces.

Training sessions have traditionally been given at the agencies offices to audiences of 3 or more. Over the last year NCDV have hosted a number of large training events that allow the smaller agencies to meet with other agencies and these have been a great success.

As demand for training has increased NCDV has invested in their training department but it has become very difficult to provide this service across such a vast area so NCDV is pleased to announce they will increase the number of hosted events.

Mark Groves Head of Operations said ” It has been difficult to service all the smaller agencies as NCDV has grown, more demand has been put on us to train more agencies so we trialed hosted events and they have been extremely successful.”

NCDV will host 16 events across the country each year to which all agencies will be invited. Mr Groves said ” This will allow us to concentrate on our police, IDVA and national organisation training, bringing them better support but giving the smaller agencies more of our time and a more productive 45 minutes”.

To ensure you get an invitation to an event please sign up to NCDVs newsletter at the bottom of the home screen.