How to Apply

To become a McKenzie Friend follow the steps below.

Any other volunteer applications should be submitted via the Volunteer Form.


4 Steps to becoming a McKenzie Friend

1 » Contact NCDV

Send an email to stating your name and contact information along with a brief on your background in law (Law studies, previous experience in case work etc.). You will then receive information on future training sessions which you can then request to attend.


2 » Attend and complete McKenzie Friend training

You will undergo training for all aspects of the McKenzie Friend role. Everyone will be given the NCDV volunteering guide to be used throughout your McKenzie Friend experience.


3 » Complete the online volunteer information form

Complete the form oppposite which will allow you to start volunteering. Please make sure you complete all the fields correctly.


4 » Start working as a McKenzie Friend

We encourage everyone to begin volunteering as a McKenzie Friend immediately after completing training. We already have your registered details so we can start working with you straight away!