Volunteering Opportunities

Joining the NCDV Team

NCDV offers various volunteer opportunities for anyone who wishes to join our team and contribute to the service. The most popular and consistently available opportunity is the McKenzie Friend role, though other roles open from time to time.

All applications are welcome. Due to high demand and service standards however NCDV cannot accept all applications.

Please use the below contact details for all further enquiries.



Contact NCDV

We anticipate many questions can be answered by reading the information available in the volunteering opportunities section of this website and therefore ask that you first use the above links to access this information before contacting NCDV. Please make sure that you do not use the NCDV emergency 0800 number to make enquiries about volunteering as this line need to be free for emergency inquiries.

To enquire please email to the details below.

Many thanks.

Contact:   volunteer@ncdv.org.uk