NCDV sit on award panel for London MET DA award

This will be the second year that NCDV has sat on the panel to judge the MPS Domestic Abuse Achievement Awards.

Mark Groves, Head of Operations at NCDV said “Although its hard work it is an honor to be asked onto this panel.”


Jo Keogh MBE Crisis & Risk Manager TP Capability and Support Service – Public Protection, is managing the awards this year and has spent considerable time shortlisting the nominations for the judging panel to review.

Mark Groves said “This is such an important award for the MET police, it recognizes the dedication and hard work that officers put into helping victims of domestic abuse and violence  but who do this mostly without the appreciation they deserve. This area of policing is extremely challenging but has none of the glamour of other areas of policing even though hundreds of murders every year stem from domestic abuse and violence.”

He further said ” All of the nominations provided a fantastic insight into the dedication these officers have, many using their own time working on their own initiative to provide help to vulnerable victims. It was very difficult to choose only a few winners”

The awards ceremony will be on the 5th October.