NCDV is thankful to have the kind support of many police forces and officers.

Some of those supporters from past and present are shown here.


Brian_Moore Brian Moore, ACPO Lead on Domestic Violence, Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police. “I very much welcome the launch of the National Centre for Domestic Violence. We want to get to the position where domestic violence victims are at all times under the active protection of the Law – whether civil or criminal. The National Centre for Domestic Violence is a big step towards that goal, particularly for people with no access to public funds”. 

Mike_Craik Mike Craik, Chief Constable of Northumbria Police. “This scheme is of real value to victims, another tool to assist with a highly emotive problem. The link with the NCDV means police officers are investigating crime and giving victims information about agencies which can give access to civil remedies. When all the agencies work together towards the same goal, we make a very powerful team.”

Dorset_Crest Chris Lee, Deputy Chief Constable of Dorset Police. “The launch of the NCDV in Dorset has been welcomed as a significant step towards protecting some of societies most vulnerable people, it has provided an opportunity to coordinate the use of both the civil and criminal justice systems not only to make people safer but to make them feel safer.”

London_Met_Crest Detective Superintendent Simon Letchford, London, Metropolitan Police 

Surrey_Crest DC Graham Edgley, PPU, Surrey Police. “We have not looked back since first using the NCDV service. Our victims now have a fast response injunction service which is a first step to them being able to reclaim their lives, and is of huge assistance to us as investigators of domestic abuse. The number of injunctions in existence just on our division has quadrupled in the time we have been using them. The use of NCDV is now identified within Surrey Police procedures as best practice. There is no catch”.

Cheshire_crest Detective Inspector Mark Tasker, Cheshire Police. “Our top priority is the protection of victims. The NCDV has a lot to offer in terms of achieving that. ‘There are already a great number of excellent services supporting domestic abuse victims throughout Cheshire. The centre adds another string to the bow. We’ll continue to support all agencies which help protect the victim and strive to bring abusers to justice.”

Thames_Valley_Crest Chief Superintendent Brian Langton, Thames Valley Police. “Thames Valley Police welcomes the partnership of NCDV in helping victims to escape the trauma of domestic abuse. Would-be perpetrators need to understand that we treat all complaints seriously and that they should expect to end up in a police cell if we receive a call for help from an abused victim.”

Cambridgeshire_Crest Detective Inspector Steve Selves, Cambridgeshire Police. “It used to take three, four, five days and upwards – now it will take less than 24 hours to get a person before the courts with a solicitor which the person has been referred to by the National Centre for Domestic Violence and that injunction will instantly be put in place within 24 hours.”

Hertforshire_Crest Chief Superintendent, John Chapman, Herts Constabulary. “This new infrastructure and support increases the safety of victims and their families – and ultimately gives them the chance to take back control of their lives.”

Kent_Crest Chief Superintendant Lee Caitling, Kent Police. “The partnership with the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) will help police officers in protecting victims and their families from abusers. Officers of Kent Police and in particular the public protection units will be able to refer victims to the NCDV for advice, which will help them start to rebuild their lives free from violence and abuse. The partnership means that police officers will be able to help victims seek free legal advice quickly.’

Essex_Crest Inspector Nick Burston, Essex Police. “We are very excited to be launching this partnership with the National Centre for Domestic Violence, the ability to be able to offer victims quick and easy access to legal advice and support in obtaining injunctions is a great step forwards in the way in which they are able to take steps to protect themselves and their dependents. The fact it is free of charge to the victim ensures the barriers to obtaining security based on ability to pay have been lifted. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.”

Sussex_Crest Detective Chief Inspector Steve Biglands, Sussex Police. “Our primary concern remains the protection of victims and we think the NCDV has a great deal to offer in this regard. Taking positive action to arrest and prosecute defenders, we will be using the services of the Centre and encourage victims to do the same.”

Staffordshire_Crest Assistant Chief Constable Mark Beale, Staffordshire Police. “Protecting victims is of paramount importance to us. NCDV can do a lot to help us achieve this. Working with the NCDV and our partners means that we will be able to provide an even more supportive service.”