Legal Profession

NCDV is thankful to have the kind support of the Legal Profession. Some of those Patrons & Supporters are shown here.


Yasmin_Waljee Yasmin Waljee, Pro Bono Manager, Lovells LLP. “International law firm Lovells is a committed supporter of the National Centre for Domestic Violence.  The partnership started in May 2006.  Volunteer solicitors supplement the service to victims of domestic violence in London by providing pro bono or free legal help to victims where the victim is ineligible for state legal help. The firm is also a financial supporter of the service. This is an important service which helps to restore the dignity of those that feel vulnerable and frightened. Lovells pro bono is proud to be able to support and be involved with such a vital service.”

Peter_Mitchell Peter Mitchell, Barrister, 29 Bedford Chambers. “The Centre is a phenomenal development; it provides, for the first time, a truly fast and flexible, source of real and informed legal advice and assistance, from point of first contact to the securing of a final injunction (and on, through any subsequent enforcement proceedings, should such be necessary) regardless of means.  But its achievements are so much more than that; their service is available to all, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.  At last a domestic violence service that has nothing else on its agenda other than to rid everybody of the scourge of domestic violence.”

Awaiting_Image Hemma Ramratten, Parliamentary Counsel. “Finally, courageous victims of domestic violence are vindicated on their first contact with the legal system. The National Centre for Domestic Violence has redressed the balance of power and provided concrete support and dignity for victims regardless of gender, sexual orientation or race. What an incredible opportunity for law students to apply their cradr to obtain immediate results in partnership with the NCDV to provide the McKenzie Friend service in London. The Centre has my full support and I shall endeavour to continue to help them keep up their great work for many years to come.”