Academic, DV Agencies and Other

NCDV is thankful to have the kind support of numerous individuals and organisations. Some of those supporters are shown here.

                 Lee Markwick – Welfare & Representation lead for the Referees’ Association
“Our evidence reveals that football referees regularly suffer physical, verbal and mental abuse at their games in front of other children and adults, and yet very few people challenge this abusive and unacceptable behaviour due to the culture in football. Worryingly some of these perpetrators might be taking their abusive behaviour into their home, and yet no one questions or challenges them at a football match. When Domestic Abuse is identified people then come forward stating ‘they should have seen the warning signs’.
 We do not want our young officials growing up thinking the abuse they suffer at a football match is acceptable. We are also aware some of our referees might be witnessing Domestic Abuse at home, but due to the treatment they suffer at games become desensitised to abusive behaviour. The Referees’ Association champion the work of the National Centre for Domestic Violence and believes everyone at a football match needs to understand the Safeguarding issues that apply to our officials young and old.”

    UOL logo University of Law. NCDV is extremely proud of its close relationship with ULaw, many of their students will work as volunteers with us and most of our full time staff have successfully completed their LPC with them. 2016 also brings us closer as NCDV has embarked on a sponsorship process supported by The University of Law helping students progress their career.

University_of_Surrey Dr Matthew Humphrews, Director of Education, School of Law, University of Surrey.“The Law School at the University of Surrey fully supports the McKenzie Friend training scheme and all the work being done by NCDV. Many of our students have worked with the scheme and project, gaining valuable skills and at the same time helping victims of domestic violence.”

Corp_Alliance Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence. “The work that the National Centre for Domestic Violence is doing is tremendous, particularly as it is addressing a huge need , namely the support of Domestic Violence Victims who cannot support themselves financially and providing a fast and effective solution, for people in severe need.  Just another amazing piece of the DV jigsaw which is slowly forming a more organised, cohesive solution to this massive social problem.”To find out more, go to their website.

Surrey_Womens_Aid Surrey Women’s Aid. “We at Surrey Women’s Aid have worked with the Centre for some time now and the relationship has proved invaluable both to us and our clients. We enclose NCDV cards in all our information packs which are given to every new outreach client as well as promoting the service via our 24 hour domestic abuse helpline. As a result, our clients now have immediate access to free legal advice and many have gone on to be granted desperately needed injunctions within 24 hours. As far as we are concerned, the NCDV is absolutely vital and we congratulate them on providing such an excellent service.”

Alan_Sawyer2 Call Navigator. Call Navigator helped NCDV design and build our current switchboard. This bespoke system allows us to have access to detailed call statistics 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.To find out more, go to their website.

Victim_Support Waverley Victim Support. “Throughout our association with NCDV, the clients we have referred to them have invariably received speedy, efficient and helpful service, which in many cases has empowered the victims of Domestic Abuse and enabled them to move on with their and their children’s lives. As a Domestic Abuse worker, I have always been able to contact NCDV and obtain clear and accurate answers to any queries regarding our clients’ cases and other related matters. We are grateful that NCDV has taken on the vital role of assisting victims of DA to secure civil injunctions with a minimum of delay and expense to clients and hope that the service will continue to develop and expand.”

CAB Citizens Advice Bureau 

Channel_4 Siobhan Sinnerton, Director and Producer of Channel 4 Dispatches documentary (“When did you last beat your wife?”). “From the moment we met I knew that you were 100% committed to victims of domestic violence, and I saw with my own eyes the amazing service that you provide to them. Others may sit around complaining but you and your team actually do something concrete to help people in dire straits. I was incredibly impressed by your work.”