Make a referral for a Non Molestation Order

The NCDV service is aimed towards the police and other agency workers as much as it is towards survivors of domestic violence. To this end, please ensure anyone you refer to NCDV has your contact details. This will allow us to keep you updated and ensure the best possible service is delivered.

How to make a referral » 4 options

1. Complete our referral form

Complete the referral form opposite →→→


2. Complete and return the NCDV Referral Form

Download the NCDV Referral Form

Send a completed referral form to us by either:

Fax:         020 7160 9383



3.  Telephone referral

Call NCDV:     0207 186 8270


4. Advise the client to call us directly on 0800 970 2070

The most important thing to remember is we are here to help you. So, if you have a question please call us.